Blog Godown provides the following services:

  • Marketing services
  • Setting up a wordpress blog.
  • Blogger to WordPress Migration

Marketing Services

I have been very successful on marketing my blog and I can market your websites. In these marketing services I will advice you in your marketing strategy and I will also help promote it. The package would include:

  • SEO Tips
  • Marketing Tips
  • Social Media Strategy

Blogger to WordPress Migration

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Converting to WordPress gives immense functionality and customizability. I can say this because I too have converted my blogger blog to wordpress. And I have seen in the spike in traffic due to this conversion.

This service will include:

  1. Set up of a new wordpress blog
  2. Transfer of posts and comments
  3. The permalink structure will remain intact.
  4. Addition of some basic wordpress plugins
  5. 301 redirection so that you don’t lose any traffic

We will help you through the process and also give free advice on search engine optimization of your blog. And we will make sure that you don’t a single visitor after the conversion.

If you still have doubts in conversion take at look at this article,  Why you should convert your Blogger Blog to Self Hosted WordPress.

Creating a WordPress Blog

Why you need to use self hosted wordpress as a blog platform?

  • Total control over the look of the blog
  • No coding required as all features can be added with the help of plugins.
  • Great SEO features, so you get a lot of organic traffic

I know it can be difficult to start a blog if you don’t have a technical background, so we will do the technical part for you.

The service will include:

  • Finding a hosting solution from the list of reliable web hosts
  • Setting up a wordpress blog
  • Setting a new theme and basic wordpress plugins
  • Basic Search engines optimization

If you are interested in our services, contact us vis the form below. You can also contact me via twitter @virtuosoblogger

I wholeheartedly recommend the services at
I recently hired them to migrate my blog at to my new
hosting account because I wanted to start using WordPress.  It was
a pleasure working with Gautam.  He did a great job and I’m loving
my new WordPress blog.  Thanks Gautam!
Barb Melloh