Dos and Don’ts of Twitter

Twitter once used to be the place where people used to share what they fancied. Now, with more than 100 million daily active users, things have changed. You can no longer tweet every shit that comes out of your mind. With a frequency of more than 5000 tweets per second, the audience is flooded with

Social Media Strategy From Scratch. The Why, What and How?

Social media has become a key ingredient of business marketing. And it’s growing every day. No business, small or big, can afford not to be on it. It doesn't cost much – either by way of money, time or staff. So don’t think twice if you have not yet made your presence be felt on

How Can Affiliate Marketers Spot Fake Money-Making Websites

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, but you have to be aware of scams that'll rob you of your money. Heed these warning signs!

7 Worthwhile Celebrity Blogs

This is a guest article by David Rounick. Want to become a regular contributor? Check out our guest blogging guidelines. Sometimes, so-called celebrities are under the assumption that everything they think, say, write is interesting to other people. Sometimes, they’re right. Here are 7 celebrity blogs worth checking out. Mara Wilson – Mara Wilson isn’t a