Ad Code Converter For Blogger

Ad codes from sites like google adsense, adbrite and other ad companies are in javascript format and when you try to embed these codes in your layout through Edit Html in Blogger. This code doesn’t work and usually get an error or if no appears you do not see the ads on the site. This

Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud

It looks great if instead of keywords you have a tag cloud, it is more graphical and looks quite better. Tag clouds are available in other Blog sites but it was not available for Blogger blogs, but now there is a pretty decent tag cloud for Blogger. This blogger hack is available at this Link

Embedded Comment Form Below Blogger Post

Blogger has recently added the embedded comment form which is placed below the blogger post. I have added to the idea posted by tandtu-blog To add this form to your Blogger blog First go to Settings>Comments and then check the radiobutton as shown in the figure. After Checking this button you will see a form

5 Blogger Widgets

Blogger Widgets enhance the look and feel and functionality of the blog. 5 Recommended Blogger Widgets: 1. Headline Animator This animated widget displays recent post titles in form of headlines and plus it enhances the look of the blog. This widget can be added by joining Click the publicize tab and you will see