Create An Image With Reflection

Today i came across a really good website which has a free tool to convert a normal image to an image with reflection. It is very simple. What You have To Do? 1. Visit Reflection Maker You will see a Display as shown below: 2. Upload your image either by putting the url of the


According to blogger “some of the best insight into Blogger comes from you guys, the millions of users who use it every day”. And that is why they are asking for your product ideas which can help improve blogger blogs. This is a great platform for all the bloggers to choose features that they want

Awesome Rss Feed Icons

I have seen a lot of cool rss feed icons, but some of them caught my attention. Each icon is unique in its own way and still looks pretty. Here is a collection of beautifully designed rss feed icons that i like. I have a googled a lot about it, while i was searching for

How to speed up your blog

Why is your site slow? Major reason behind the site being slow is the page size. Obviously, if your site contains large chunks of data, it will take finite time to load each and every part of it. I have seen many amateur bloggers adding pictures, videos and gadgets in large numbers. They think they