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Five Tips to Creating a Strong Online Brand Using Social Media

This is a guest article by Lorna Li. of green business marketing. You too can be part of this great knowledge sharing community. Take a look at our guest blogging guidelines. Social media is a powerful way to increase your online brand awareness and the relative low cost of engagement makes social media is the cornerstone of

10 Refreshing and Beautiful WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes For Blogs

When you upgrade your wordpress installation, you have to ensure that the theme is compatible with the newly installed version. Otherwise, the themes may misbehave and totally ruin the web design of the blog. This list showcases 10 refreshing and beautiful wordpress 3.0 ready themes (compatible with wordpress 3.0) which have a refreshing and beautiful

Premium SEO Smart Links Plugin has been Launched

SEO Smart links plugin is one of those plugins that almost every wordpress blogger uses for automatic interlinking. It has proven to increase the search engine rankings for many blogs. The automation of interlinking reduces the effort to link to each and every article and boosts the seo of the blog. The author of this

WordPress Plugins to Share your Green Community Blog

Blogging is an integral part of businesses these days and you can make the most of your online business with proper use of plugins and social networking through your blog- you might be setup properly with cloud computing and VOIP phones, but without the down and dirty tools to reach your target audience, you may not