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3 Ways to Blend SEO with User Experience in Web Design

There are some websites that are to be found on page one of a relevant-keyword Google search. This means that they are doing very well on the SEO front. However, when you try to see these websites you get a headache for days.

5 Link Building Techniques To Avoid Like The Plague (And What To Do Instead)

Many years ago there were a range of easy link building tactics that could rapidly blast your site to the top of the search engines. Sadly, many of these link building strategies are no longer effective; infact some of them can even have a negative impact on your rankings and - as a result -

Why is Great Content Important for SEO?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, content is known as the king. This is a very common belief to almost every internet marketer. Well, this proved to be true especially during the time when there were a lot of changes in the Google algorithm. Many were shocked and devastated as their business sites were

6 Tricks for Attracting More Mobile Visitors to Your Site

This is a guest article by Anna Robeson. Want to become a regular contributor? Check out our guest blogging guidelines. Internet users nowadays access websites from a multitude of devices, not just PC’s and laptops, but also tablets and mobile phones and this leaves website designers with a delicate issue that needs solving: making sure