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What to do When You’re Blogged Out

A few weeks ago I had a SEO, that I’ve got mad respect for (and you all should follow this guy), tell me he was supposed to write a blog post for his company, but he really didn’t feel like writing what he said he would write about. So I thought for a minute and

5 Types of Blog Moderators

No two blogs are the same, or at least they shouldn’t be. While topics and content can be similar, the major differences are below the fold. For me, at least, it’s about how the blog owner/author moderates the comments. We’ve already read pieces on different types of commenters, but how about the different types of

How to get any Job you want using Social Media

Let’s face it. Job-hunting today is tougher than it’s ever been before. Not to mention just getting an interview can be a chore once you’ve found a job of semi-interest. So how do you find a job? How do you get an interview once a potential job is found? Believe it or not you can