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6 Reasons Why your Articles Do Not Reach the Top

Suddenly, an idea struck your mind, and you think it is so good that it might be able to help in the growth of your blog. You decided to write about it. You came up with 5 or 7 points after a few minutes of brainstorming. After completion of a few hours, you drafted an article,

Why and How to Create a Thank You Page for Commenters

I am a firm believer that a blog should dwell around the community and the community consists of its readers – the ones who share it, comment on it and also, link to it. Without the community, the blog has no existence. In order to build good relationships with my commenters, I thank them when they

How to choose the best domain for your website

Domain is the name of the website, which is entered in the address bar by the user who wants to view it. Right domain for the website is of paramount importance and it should be able to fulfill the following two requirements Easy to remember – A domain should be easy for the reader to

Blog (and Domain) Auctioning – 5 Days – Start Your Bid

I’m holding a 5-day bidding event with Codrut Turcanu to help sell his two domains (he explained to me that he is too busy working with clients on other projects and rarely finds time to blog or handle his own projects) Here’s what we have in store for you (deal expires in five days, so