5 Tips on Driving Traffic through Quora

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A lot of people are using Quora nowadays to drive traffic to their websites. It amazing how merely the act of engaging an audience through a series of questions and answer can promote thought leadership, and ultimately convince bands of followers to know more about you (or what you have to offer).

Quora Social Marketing Tips

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While there are many arguments on why this is not the best way to bring traffic to your blog, we fail to see why it’s not worth a try when you’re doing pretty much the same thing through other social media networks—or even the blog of your own website.

Furthermore, it is undeniable that engaging an audience and being labeled an “authority” on a subject lures many with like interests and refers them your passions, activities, and offerings. So, what are some credible and actionable strategies to compel your audience and drive traffic to your blog? Quora experts have revealed the following tips:

1. Create a Traffic Optimized Profile

The first, most obvious thing to do is to find a way to create traffic on your Quora profile. The larger the audience on your Quora profile, the better the chances of spiking those numbers on your blog. Make sure you have filled out your profile completely and correctly. Include a killer headline, bio, and profile summary. Next, make sure you add topics relevant to your niche and provide a bio for each one. The more you build on each topic, the higher your credibility in each.

2. Go for the most followed Questions and Answers

Randomly asking and answering questions on topics that don’t have a large audience is not going to yield a large amount of traffic. What you should be looking for is questions that have 1,000+ views in the topics that interest you. Another way to start is to sift through the list of most followed topics on Quora. When you find something relevant, hop in and answer the question. Make sure you provide a long and thoughtful answer!

3. Answer with a link back

One of the cleverest ways to drive traffic to your blog is to answer your question with a link back to your website. However, make sure you aren’t just attaching a random link that is in no way relevant to your answer. Provide something that enhances and supports your answer, perhaps gives more examples or advice on what you had just answered. However, use this with caution! You don’t want to appear sales and drive traffic away from your Quora profile.

4. Make it more than just an answer

Try to make your answers as engaging as possible. As a marketer, you should be familiar with several tactics on how to entice customers. Telling stories instead of simply stating an answer or explanation is a great way to create a hook. Another way to make your answer more compelling is to add a visual. Since humans naturally love visuals, their eyes are instinctively directed towards images placed in an ocean of text. In other words, it’s the easiest way to make your answer stand out from the rest.

5. Don’t give it all away

Here’s a trick only few will tell you. While you want to answer your questions, you don’t want to fully answer your questions. You’ll get up votes and views and the readers’ interest will have been piqued.  But since you’ve left out a bit of the information they’ll be compelled to get a hold of the rest through the link you have provided.


Quora is a great opportunity to get noticed and bring in new traffic. The best part is that since you’re already a blogger, all you really need is your blogging and writing skills to be a big hit on Quora. The rest, as always, comes with practice.

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