Top 3 Newly Released WordPress Plugins to Benefit from

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The WordPress plugin directory is updated very quickly and you can see new plugins popping up every day. Well, this is great in terms of getting more opportunities for functionality enhancement of our websites. But it also makes it difficult for us to find the right plugins to best fit our website and our needs. The more choices we have, the more difficult it is to pick one.

I’m sure no one downloads a plugin without reviewing it properly, looking for user ratings, download stats and the updated versions. While this is, of course, the right thing to do before you make a final choice, let’s not overlook the fact that the new plugins can also have great features and add valuable functionalities to your website. With this in mind, I did a research to find out relatively newly released plugins which you will greatly benefit from using. Below you can find top 3 new WordPress plugins which would add value to your website and help you stand out from others.

Event Calendar WD

As organizing events has become popular among both website owners and online users, the number of event plugins grew up respectively. While the number of event plugins increases, it is still difficult to find a plugin which will have all the necessary functions to provide a thorough information about an event you are going to organize. Well, the good news is that such a plugin already exists.

Event Calendar WD is a highly responsive and user friendly plugin which is there to help you to showcase the event you organize within your website in the best way possible. You will be able to provide detailed information to your website visitors about the events and they can get to know about them without any difficulty. It gives you four mode options to display your events in the calendar: Month, Week, Day, and List.

You can create event categories and insert event tags, and your website visitors have the possibility to search for the events on the calendar. They can also spread a word about any event by using social sharing buttons. Don’t forget to mention the venue of the event and the ones who organized it. With Google Maps integration feature you can mark up the venue of the event on Google maps so that the attendees could easily find it.

What sets this event calendar plugin apart is that it is also SEO-friendly and supports structured event markup, which means your events are likely to find their way to the event listings in Google search.  I would strongly recommend you checking the Demo link to find out other great features and Add-ons the Event Calendar WD offers.

Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment Hacks

I know it’s pretty much difficult to have your readers commenting under your posts but, as long as they start doing that, it’s even more difficult to manage the comments they leave. If you want to increase engagement on your website and show your readers that you actually care about their opinion, do not ever ignore any comment they leave. It may be hard to manage them all, especially if your readers are active enough to leave you a hill of comments every day, but this is where Yoast Comment Hacks plugin will come to help. It’s a new comment management plugin which will help you handle the comments on your website with ease.
Clean comment notification emails will notify you about the new comments and you can set a minimum length for the comments, which will disable the readers submit shorter comments. The readers who add a comment for the first time will be redirected to a “thank you” page, which is a nice way to show them that you value their opinion. There is also an option, which will enable you to send emails to individual commenters or to all the commenters of the post. This is a great way to manage the comments on your website and keep in touch with your readers.


If your website is specialized in fundraising or accepting donations then Give WordPress donation plugin is all you’d need. It’s newly released but at the same time the most efficient plugin which is developed to work especially for donations. It has all the features to help you make the process as simple and easy as possible.

You have full control over your donation data and you can accept single, custom or multi-level donations. It has quick reporting features and customizable emails. Give accepts PayPal standard and offline payments as well. All its features and functions are customizable. This is a great plugin for the ones who were searching for an efficient and convenient way to raise funds online.

This was the list of the newly released plugins which are not widely popular but are worth checking out if your website needs enhancement in the mentioned areas. If you also find them useful, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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