Why is Great Content Important for SEO?

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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, content is known as the king. This is a very common belief to almost every internet marketer. Well, this proved to be true especially during the time when there were a lot of changes in the Google algorithm. Many were shocked and devastated as their business sites were being affected with this online phenomenon. But whatever changes Google may have, nothing can beat the importance of content. But why is great content important for SEO?

Take note the word “great” content, means outstanding, excellent, unique, original, well-structured, informative, interesting and high quality content.Thus it can move the spirit of the readers and also Google’s search engine. As information is the most important thing when it comes to surfing online, then good content should make a lot of sense. After that, an online business will surely take off.

Well, this might be the general idea about content and SEO. However, there are more specific details that will definitely answer why great content is important for SEO. And the following will break down some important points and details about this issue.


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1. Search engines are made for human readers not for robots.

This is very self explanatory because human readers are after real and useful information, then the content of different sites should give what the readers are after. Therefore there must be high quality of content so that search engines especially Google will rank the site well where the right content is located.

2. Great content can beat a keyword rich content after Google Panda.

This is pretty much related to number one. Three years ago, there were lots of internet marketers who were great players in the keyword rich content. And why that scenario looked very bad for Google is that, there were a lot of scams or nonsense content on different sites. These things happened because many knew how Google ranks pages according to keywords. So, even when the content was so nonsense, as there were relevant keyword around the content; Google picked it up. But this time, everything has changed with Google. Search engines are now smarter and so are the people behind them. Anyway, that change was a very wise decision to make things right and fair.

3. Great content can attract more organic links

Google hates suspicious links and they may penalize the site if they find these kinds of links. Thus, solid content invites organic links because of its relevance and usefulness to other sites. The more organic links there are, the more trust will Google have towards the site. So, the ranking will really go up.

4. It should have original content in the sense that there wont be any duplicates online.

Originality is still a big deal even after panda. Ofcourse, the uniqueness makes the site become independent on its own to mold its own identity from the search engines. Thus, the more unique the content is; the higher the ranking the site will have.

5. It can attract more quality traffic form the web.

Though there are still other traffic techniques that involves SEO on the web, but content with quality makes the human readers go back to the site over and over again as they find it useful and sensible. So far, this is the most favorable traffic which is sometime called organic traffic. Thus, more quality content; means more quality traffic that diverts very well. This kind of traffic must be the aim and the target of every internet marketer or online entrepreneur.

6. It can guarantee long term success in the online business.

This is the best answer of the question why is great content important for SEO. It is because as time goes by; search engines can creep on the site and will know and trust it better because it is rich in content. Thus, it can offer long term success which is very promising for every online entrepreneur. It can also add more traffic as the time goes by.

All these things can paint a clear picture about great content for SEO. There might be other important techniques on how to optimize websites; however the content is the main factor that keeps the online world alive and functioning. And this offers a win-win solution for both readers and online entrepreneurs. Thus, it makes a lot of sense to everyone.

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