Must Know Mistakes That Destroy The Image Of Your Landing page

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Landing page is the face of your website that promotes customers to take a desirable action. Whether it’s all about purchasing through a site, registering for a magazine or downloading an eBook, landing pages play an important role in conversions.

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There are a number of factors by which your page will surely get affected. Also, these factors are responsible for decreasing conversions. Here we will discuss some of the common mistakes while designing landing pages, have a look at the following:

  • First and foremost, pop-ups are highly annoying for the visitors. Most of the times, they just close them quickly without reading the given information. So, it’s better to avoid using pop-ups in your landing page because it may give a cheesy and spammy look to the visitors.
  • Another biggest mistake is using ineffective headlines. A poor headline will not only discourage them to continue reading but also, it will kill the curiosity of your offer. If you lose them, then you may lose your business forever.
  • Multiple offers on just one page create confusions among visitors. It shows as if you are competing with your own products. Keep a clear objective of your business and settle a single conversion goal for proper functioning.
  • Content is the soul of your webpage. Poor and irrelevant content conveys a non- professional image of your business. Obviously, when people find nothing of their interest, they start searching for other options.
  • Your landing page can’t ignore the basic aesthetics. Pages with inappropriate fonts, colors, clip art and highlighted copy restrict the visitors to take any further action. All these factors contribute a lot in damaging your business image, so pay attention on such things.
  • Inappropriate format is another mistake which should be avoided in any case. If you clutter too much textual information in long paragraphs, then it must be boring for the visitors to read with interest. Text without bullets and sub-headings looks less interesting and less valuable; hence, fix these problems as soon as possible.
  • Too much call to action buttons are the sources of confusions. They affect the usability of your landing page as most of the visitors remain confuse to choose the most beneficial option.
  • Bad stock of images is the most damaging thing for your landing page. Sometimes the images are visually appealing but they don’t have any relevance with the page. Stop decreasing the quality of your page because it won’t help you to improve conversion rate.

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So, the above are some great mistakes that should be avoided while designing your landing page. Rectify your mistakes immediately in order to practice smooth business functioning.

  • Yeah, have one type of CTA and don’t paste it all over the place. However I have seen numerous posts that suggest that they should be everywhere so the user doesn’t miss it.


    Nice tips and info i have learnt much from this post i must say thanks to you dear

  • Great suggestions. Paying attention to the details is huge! I always try to capture the very basic essence of what you’re trying to sell through your snappy headlines.

  • When you use images on your site, add a lightbox so we can see the full
    size version. It was hard to follow your point about the baby because
    the numbers in the image are to small.

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    I have seen varied posts that counsel that they ought to be all over therefore the user does not miss it.Nice tips and information I actually have learnt abundant from this post.

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  • Interesting thoughts. I agree that the quality of your content is VERY important to the effectiveness of any landing page, regardless how large or small your client might. Keep it accessible at all times!

  • Nice post. I agree that “content is the soul of your webpage” or shall we shall that “Content is the king” 😉

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    Its been long time since this article was published but still i found these points as valid ones. However we should also try to avoid using lengthy registration/sign-up forms as it plays a role in driving away your visitors. In place of forms we can always use social login which helps in increasing user engagement, conversion etc.

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  • Its a great article and i have learnt much from this post i must say thanks to you .

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    Interesting thoughts. I agree that the quality of your content is VERY important to the effectiveness of any landing page, regardless how large or small your client might. Keep it accessible at all times!thanks for share this article.

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