7 Amazing things that bloggers should learn from spammers

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The words ‘spam’ and ‘spammers’ are always viewed with apprehension. However, it is wrong to think that everything about spammers is bad. The truth is bloggers can actually take a cue from spammers on certain things. It can be of big help. Yes, bloggers hate spam but learning a few things will definitely not hurt.


Copywriting is what helps the spammers sell their products. Spammers are not always proficient in English but they use handy copywriting techniques always. Bloggers need to understand a well written copy that looks good will definitely sell.

Know your fish

Spammers always know their niche fish or target audience and so should the bloggers. The spammers mark out their target audience in order to enhance their sale and if bloggers want their post to become popular, they need to determine their target audience as well.

Charm Offensive

Spammers are always trying to charm their target audience. Spammers compliment their audience and make them look good. Bloggers should follow the same path and choose the right words while conversing with audiences through their blogs. Making the readers happy is a great way to ensure the popularity of blogs.

Discipline is the key

Nothing much can be achieved sans discipline and most spammers seem to know this too well. The spammers put in multiple hours of efforts in order to grab the attention of their target audience. Bloggers need to do the same as well. A lot of bloggers might argue that spammers are conmen who need to put in that extra effort to woo their audience but bloggers need to put in some amount of effort as well. Lazy and undisciplined bloggers will not be able to make a mark.

Automated Tools come in handy

It is not that spammers do not sleep and are always working away on their computers. No spammer actually works 24×7 but they seem to be everywhere, always with the help of their automated tools and systems. Bloggers can get some help from technology as well. Being driven by the system can enable bloggers to duplicate their efforts and be everywhere, always.

List the subscribers

Most spammers adhere to email campaigning and email newsletters to woo their audience. Bloggers can do the same. If spammers can undertake email campaigning, so can bloggers. Bloggers need to understand that email campaigning is a wonderful way to garner money and it is also a great way to build up relationship with the audience. Bloggers can lose out on a lot if they do not undertake email campaigning. A list of permission-based subscribers can be an asset for bloggers.

More subscribers, more business

Spammers know that numbers matter. The spammers do not usually enjoy great conversion rate but even a 0.1% conversion rate of maybe ten million means a lot. Bloggers need to understand this; more subscribers increase the chances of increasing the earning of the bloggers.

Sending out vivid messages and pursuing big spenders is also something that bloggers can learn from spammers. In fact, a few lessons from the spammers can definitely help the bloggers become a name of reckon with in the field of blogging.


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    • Good observation. Spammers are always looking for the key how they can get more audience, increase traffic, increase sales. They will do everything by hook or by crook. 

  • There are actually bloggers who falls to the category of just like being a spammer, but there are also spammers who are really good not just in spamming but sharing their ideas as well. 

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  • Spammers are always trying to charm their target audience. Spammers compliment their audience and make them look good. But I really really hate spammers!!!

  • Meh. Spam is a normal thing these days. A lot of people make their living from it. There are ways to avoid it and it is anoying but i wouldnt go as far as saying i hate them they are still just people trying to survive how they can. I asure you non of them love spaming.

  • Certainly we can learn a lot from spammer these days. And as I read more and more, I was convince that after all these years, I was right about learning from anybody even from spammer. I am not saying spamming is a good thing but no doubt provides lot of knowledge and living for others.

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  • A good read. All great tips however I think there is a limit – as long as we keep within it, our blogging skills will increase greatly.

  • I don’t think you can argue that spammers try to charm their audience. Unless you count their using my first name in the title of the spam email. 

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  • Being charm offensive – you can’t take that away from spammers.  They try to lure you to buy their services or
    products or just to click that link.  I
    agree that they do a whole lot of email campaigning and email newsletters, but for
    an average Net user, you would simply know right away that it is spam.  I certainly have no idea how they get my
    personal email addresses and bombard it with annoying spam.  In my opinion, they’re very resourceful, but
    in a bad and annoying way.

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  • What I am finding the most amusing about this blog on learning from spammers are that there are so many spam comment left here! While I found your information helpful, I still don’t like spam!!

  • I guess we could learn something from all people, the key to knowledge is to be open to receive it from different sources.

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  • Why people who work really hard for getting some traffic are called spammers? I don’t think everyone of them are spammers. What is wrong in promoting their site?

    •  I agree with you, not everyone are spammers, but I guess there are those who do not follow the commenting rules or just post “Nice article” or something like that.  It’s still up to the blog owner to moderate the comments they get in their blogs.

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  • Hi Alyssa,
    Couldn’t agree more on the fact for spammers even 0.1% conversion would be gold treasure. A blogger should have post where there are witty contents, great pics and infographic (if poss) and marketing it like a spammer would definitely help the blogger to dig gold.

  • Yes, there are certain tools and products which spammers use which can be helpful for most bloggers without actually spamming their websites. 

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  • the word spam truly attacts apprehension. but looking at your points, especially about making the reader look good, spending significant time, and aiming for high numbers, i can make the connection. blogs would do a lot better with some of the skills spammers use.

  • I was thinking that spammers are actually obvious because they always sugar coat everything they say to their audience. 

    •  That’s what they always do. Also, spammers typically just include only Keywords in their “name”. No name of a person actually.  They tend to sugar coat on their comments, but it still depends.

  • Spamming is bad and it is not difficult to find spammer but they are not always bad if they read your blog carefully.      

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    their stuff. If spam ever could be complimented it should be on their marketing
    efforts and the way they Aggressively target people. 

  • Actually Sylvia, you are right, the only difference between real people and spammers is the the rules and policy which the spammers try to bypass. I also want to promote my site but only if it is not creating problem for anyone else. I have few my own blog sites and I can understand what problems a blog owner can face. 

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  • There are also other tools that spammers use. There are spell checkers and grammar checkers that help make their copies of an article look good. The article spinner software that these people use rarely produce an article with perfect grammar. But after spinning an article, and checking and revising the grammar, they now have a brand new article that they can sell. Thanks for the post.

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