How to Create a Competitive Edge for your Blog?

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Every blog should commit itself to create a sustainable edge or advantage in order to stay competitive in their chosen market. In the blogging industry, blogs in similar niches are inter-connected to each other which forms a “community” that only intends one purpose – to share relevant and useful information. This can be in the form of content, whether its videos, images or any types of media.

But blogs are not equally created and each have their own branding that sets them all apart from each other. This is where the competition kicks-in. If you really think that blogging is a fair “community”, your blog won’t reach a mile and will be left behind. As a blogger, you have to continuously innovate yourself in any aspects of this business as much as possible. So how can you innovate further to keep ahead of the competition and sustain a competitive edge?

Create a competitive edge for your blog

First off, understanding every angle in the blogging business could require industry research. As you continuously studying your market, you will be able to find some questions as well its corresponding answers which can highly help you to beat and standout among your competition.

Uniqueness is the most basic branding strategy that every blogging guru could ever teach you. If you look at traditional business products like Apple, Sony or perhaps a car brand like Toyota, what makes them successful in their own field are their unique concepts, product trendsetters, service competitiveness and the quality of their products. The same goes in blogging, whether you are in the most competitive market, bringing out the best in you will completely present a unique kind of blog which can really catapult you into the next level of popularity.

Content is king! You may often see this particular phrase in SEO forums and various posts from “make money online” niche blogs. Being unique can be justified through the quality of content that a blog serves for its readers. Striving to give the best information to your readers will not only give actual fresh content, but it can give more popularity to you and to your blog. This will make a big difference that leads most blog lovers to prefer your site over other competitors.

Next is to look after the benefits of your readers and followers. Aside from asserting serious effort in sharing content, you must be able to identify other things that can tickle your readers interest. This can be achieved in different forms depending on your capabilities. If you can manage to offer freebies like e-books, coaching services and other free programs, it will certainly give you a competitive blogging edge.

People will always patronize products that are made of quality and of course, affordable pricing. Same goes in blogging, people will visit a site which offers more features rather than a regular blog that only offer articles. Remember, people visits your blog because they are expecting something new from your site. If you failed to satisfy your visitors, it could greatly affect your blogs’ readership counts and most importantly, it will position your site at the tail-end of the competition.

Once you were able to satisfy your readers, you only need to sustain the same formula to stay on top. Keep your style as trending as possible. You must also be able to adapt every changes in the Internet industry to keep your blog up to date and difficult to copy. Once done perfectly in regular basis, profit will surely follow. Only then that you can guarantee your blog with competitive edge over the others.

  • Thanks a lot for this really inspiring post. I’m (with my buddies) working on a new project and we’re striving to make it unique and really cool. Your post gave me some ideas which way to go. Thanks 🙂

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       Hello Kenneth,

      I’m glad that my article had inspired you in many ways. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.


  • Content is king, paired with marketing. Your blog is going nowhere no matter how you strive to give quality content, but when nobody is reading them, that would be useless.

    • bestonlinebusiness


      That is exactly correct. Blogging and marketing is a perfect couple for a perfect online business.

      However, we must remember why blogging was made in the first place. 10 years ago, blogging was intended for self-expression like an online diary. Since more CMS platforms arises, more and more business potentials arises for blogging including money making opportunities. This how blogging became more commercial instead of personal use.

      So if you blog just for your own, you basically don’t need marketing as content itself will help you earn visitors. But if you want to make money and turn your blog into a business, then you need to incorporate marketing to your blog’s content to succeed.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • A good branding and quality content would be it, when we say good branding, one name that is easily remembered by your readers and that entices them to know more about what your blog is.

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       hello, that is true.

      thanks for sharing your thoughts

  •  I am new to blogging and I have found this article to be very educative to say the leaset. Thank you for the sound advise. Let me work to create a top blog.

    • bestonlinebusiness

      Hello Emmanuel,

      Thank you for your compliment.


  • Great post. I’ve been blogging for sometimes and couldn’t find what you’ve mentioned here yet. I think that would be my next goal to find unique content and quality content and build a brand around it. 

    Glad I found this through twitter!

  • I believe blogging is all about creating quality content and
    using right tools for marketing. It is about finding a right balance, where you
    need to put efforts to make people find a quality article that you just post on
    your blog. Some people only write content and believe it will find the readers
    on its own, but this is not right!! if you are writing quality content, and
    only few people are reading it, than what is the point? The content is king but
    only when people are reading it!! 

  • Hey Noah,

    Thanks for the great tips, I have noticed that everybody says content is king, but that is all in theory, how would Google know the quality content from the rubbish content? I see alot of sites provide content that is unreadable but they are still rewarded for that.

    Do you think Google will have a mechanism to figure it out?

  • Great tips, Noah. Just like you have said, quality content is still the main ingredient for a blog.

  • Hey Noah,

    Thanks for the sharing an awesome blog tips, I have noticed that everybody
    says content is king now I have accept after join your blog. Please can you
    suggest me how many times post single blog content online?  

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  • Hi, Noah Great post published by you i think the strategies that you described through your blog is really helpful in effective blog creation.

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    Thanks for giving us very important information.
    Content is king really because Google give the preference to the content or text.  

  • Hi Noah, I agree that this is the best forward to make your Blog stand out from the others, it takes time to implement but It can work so thanks for the advice!

  • Nice post, Noah! I’ve read your work at FUEL and really enjoy your stuff. 

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    Nice post. Obviously content is the king of a blog or any SEO work for that matter. Though this has been overly underlined not many people really follow this. The ones that take efforts on creating unique informative content are the ones who succeed!

  • Whatever the cause, a business should be able to show it’s competitors that it is something to fear. By being able to go beyond the line and have the power to compete with the big names in your niche, you would be able to generate a lot more traffic because your competitor’s visitors would be interested to see if you really are worth the fight.

  • Yeah, I agree. Writing what will invoke some kind of emotion from your readers will also make you stand out.

  • Nuper.Really informative and it gives me how to write a clear cut blog.Thanks:)