Why is Free Email Marketing a Good Option for Small Businesses in a Struggling Economy?

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To say that business conditions these days are less than ideal across the board would be a great understatement. Because of these conditions, companies must tread carefully when it comes to funding the marketing initiatives necessary for their very survival. Email marketing is already affordable, but it just doesn’t get any more economical than free. In this article, we will take a look at why free email marketing is such a good option for the small business operating in an ailing economy.

Email is Still Cool

Consumers these days use a broad array of devices and mediums to communicate. Social media, instant message, and SMS text are just a few of many that instantly come to mind. While several channels have come along over the last couple of years, email remains as common and useful as ever. Consumers around the world have an email account they use on a regular basis, and if you run a small business, you can rest assured that the members of your target audience are among the bunch. What does all this mean? That free email marketing can give you a reliable way to get in touch with the people you need to reach.

Its Measurable

Today, it takes a number of different key ingredients to make up a successful business strategy. Due to our global economy, it’s exciting to have worldwide options when choosing how to cultivate and build your business. You might find working with a Phoenix ad agency but a financial advisor in New York is the best path for your business. With so many moving parts in different places, keeping track of your performance relies on the importance of a defined system. Knowing how your campaigns are truly fairing can be difficult with traditional media, but it is a breeze thanks to the measurability of email. With the inclusion of a simple HTML image tag, email allows you to track just about every vital aspect of your campaigns. This includes the number and percentage of opens, clicks, forwards, and much more. Although robust tracking capabilities may appear to be a luxury limited to paying customers, it is very possible to find it in free email marketing.

Free = Huge Cost Savings

It is no wonder that the rugged economy has hit small businesses so hard when considering that they have fewer resources than their larger counterparts. Unfortunately, this usually means they are harder with smaller budgets as well. When money is tight, even methods that are generally affordable can be prohibitive. This is what makes a solution like free email marketing so ideal in these tough times. The cost savings it delivers can give a small business the opportunity to keep the budget intact, and boost their profit margin in the process. Spending less is always going to produce a better looking return in the long run.


Email marketing is a great fit for organizations of all sizes. In today’s sluggish economic climate, you could say a free service is perfectly suited for small businesses. It literally lays off the budget while providing all the powerful tools that many companies around the world gladly pay for. We can’t really think of any reason for a small business not to at least consider free email marketing.

  • E-mail marketing still leaves me with a ‘spam’ connotation. I still have to take my hat off to you though for encouraging it due to today’s economy.

    • It is true that email spamming has become a synonymous with email marketing. But, as we say, there are two side to each coin: There are many examples which have proved their mettle in email marketing by sharing meaningful information and not, spamming it’s subscribers.

  • comparing with social media, instant messages & SMS, e-mail remains as common & stable. As consumers around the world using an e-mail account regular basis. Since it is an affordable way of communicating, all business sectors are benefited with free e-mail marketing. Very useful topic. Thanks!

  • I also believe that email still rocks. I will still prefer getting information on my mail box rather than mobile or facebook profile

  • Email marketing is rather tricky these days to me, as the commenter before me stated a lot of them are tossed aside as they come across as spam. But if done correctly it can really help and be quite affordable. That is one reason why it is important to build an email list form your websites and or blogs. So that the people you are reaching have already accepted and acknowledge that they want more info from you.

    • It is true that spammers have made it difficult for the good guys to put their point forward. But, there are always ways and means to market through email in a non spammy way

  • Great guest post Aidan. I have yet to give free email marketing a try, but I think there is a lot of people out there making good money from it. I also agree that it is time to try new things in marketing because of the current economic situation.

  • very nice share Aidan Hijleh , i’m also planning to start a free email newsletter using mailchip free package 🙂 so many bloggers got success in email marketing .. its time for me

  • Having good list of emails is a real holy grail but these days many people are just spamming every email they can find and can’t cell anything. Of course it’s not possible to sell anything this way.

    But like I mentioned good list is worth but it’s really difficult to collect good list and keep in up to date

    • Mike, it’s an arduous task to keep an email list whose subscribers are heavily engaged. But, it all depends in the way the owner treat his subscribers.

  • Free email marketing is a good idea. Its important to measure the success you can’t always be sure if it is effective or not.

    How do you plan on using google plus or do you?

    • are you referring to email marketing with reference to google plus?

  • I help 3 different companies (one bar, a restaurant and an ideal theater association) with their marketing by using Email Marketing. They get the visitors to leave their email address so they can get various offers from the companies. The theater has now days almost full houses through this method, the bar and restaurant can implement and promote their special events now for free.

    • That is cool! you have managed to do what the post is talking about. helping small businesses.

  • Good post, Aidan. Yes, email marketing is here to stay!

  • I think in modern time,good communication is a great option for easiness of a business worldwide. And email is a wonderful for that.
    so we should take it, use it to progress of our business.

  • Email can be good but I think the most important aspect is that you need to benchmark, test and verify the results.

  • Only thing is there is a thin line between email-marketing and spamming. It is very important to have the email-marketing set up correctly, without suspicion arises of you spamming your potential clients.

  • Hey Aidan,
    Even i agree to the same. Email marketing earlier had a goof conversion rate but today it is on the lower side. But its good to have some benefits from a free service, rather than having nothing in your hat.

  • Good one Aidan, Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospects and existing customers. Similar to direct mail, email is a faster, cheaper and easier way to communicate with your prospects and customers. It doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you’re in, email marketing can have a positive impact on your sales.

    • Yes, email marketing can be really effective for the sales coz emails are read for sure. So, the conversion rate can be pretty high.

  • E-mail marketing is definitely efficient but it has to be done responsibly to avoid spamming our current our potential customers’ accounts.

  • E-mail marketing is still a viable alternative to this today. I had tried it a few years ago but have since stuck to other methods but I still wouldn’t mind giving it another try today if I had to.


  • I think Facebook brand marketing is better than email marketing because rate of interest is high at facebook if we compare to email marketing campaign.

    • Robert, it depends on what you are selling. For fun categories, the engagement is high. But, for real products facebook may not be the best platform to sell.

  • I always thought and I will always think that e-mail marketing is dead unless a person gives you a permission to send emails to him or her. These days you must give something back if you want to have this privilege. Otherwise you will get flagged as spam VERY fast.
    And Robert is right: I also think that Facebook is much more effective than e-mails.

  • Email marketing is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to millions of people in a matter of seconds.  I have got some good response in this method..

  • Duczjenny

    After reading this post I started using Free Email marketing and so far great results. A lot better then I would have expected! Thanks again for sharing this info!

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  • After reading this i started using it too with unexpectedly good results. Thank you very much for this post !

  • I see more and more people starting to use this. You may have started an avalanche that will benefit a lot of people. Thank you for this educational material.

  • I think Facebook brand marketing is better than email marketing because
    rate of interest is high at facebook if we compare to email marketing

  • Recently i sent email to 20,000+ people and all email address was collected by one of my employee. We sent using mail chips. many of them still not opened. I think 10% people opened email. Conversion ration is very low. Email marketing great tool for target marketing that’s fact.

  • Very useful information. I am reserching email marketing for a proposition in my company and the information you provided will be more than useful. Thank you sir !

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