What To Do: The Blog Cap Or The Article Hat?

A guest article by Divya Rawat. You too can be part of this great knowledge sharing community. Take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world. The same adage stands true for the content available on the internet. Be it opinions, conversations, blogs, articles and feedbacks, the written word has never had it better. For every third article/blog, there are a multiple discussions and opinions being traded. Most of the time, the audience (and in some cases even the writers!) cannot differentiate between a blog and an article.

What you find here is a blog post (It was a blog when it was a work in progress and since it is published on the net, it is a blog post!). An article would have been more informative. However the fact of the matter is that the attention span of the readers (read internet users/browsers) being low, blogs have found more acceptance than articles.
But, then, how does it matter, you may ask.

What to write?

To Write or Preach?

Blogs are humorous, have space to offer opinions and feedbacks and are not preachy! On a serious note, blogs have become a hit with the audiences as they offer information to the average reader in a precise manner. The personal or first person style of writing allows the reader to be a part of the entire process. It is more empathetic. The language used is conversational. Anyone with even a little flair for writing can express ideas, share news or just rant about anything/anybody in the world via blogs.

Articles, on the other hand, handle more serious stuff. The information given is always backed by the source. It refers to the information in a well structured and factual manner. Articles being with an introduction, provide information within paragraphs and ends with conclusion. The sources are also mentioned at the end. Not all articles encourage feedback, unless the pitch (news/editorial) demands.

Article or Blog for SEO?

A webmaster offering content writing services, will always opine that blog posts work great at the initial stage of an SEO campaign. Even inviting guest posts on the website is a great way to get other sites to point links. While articles serve the purpose of educating the readers, they are useful for building the reputation and quality of the site. The main aim of any visitor is to collect information and there are times when an educated visitor/opinion leader might refer and link your site, which in the long run lends authenticity to the site hosted.

That brings us to the question: What to do: a blog cap or an article hat? And that’s elementary, dear Watson!

  • Divya, I’ve often taken up this topic of what to call the things I write. First, I call myself a “Writer” rather than a blogger. Second, I believe there are distinct differences between a blog, an article, a column, an essay, and of course, a book…I’ve written about it. But, most of all, I prefer the designation “Writer” as it encompasses it all!

  • Such a balanced different of these two different types of SEO terms. Looks really useful points discussed. I would rather go with article because it took more attention than a blog.

  • Such a balanced different of these two different types of SEO terms. Looks really useful points discussed. I would rather go with article because it took more attention than a blog.

  • Jerrumsuaring

    such a nice post

  • I always try to do a little of both.  I find it more fun to write blog post because it flows more naturally.

  • ankan kd

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  • Matt

    Yes it is very true that blog posts work great at the initial stage of an SEO campaign. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good content is the only way to get huge traffic. I believe content blogging can up-lift the way blogger.

  • Sahrish Ashiq

    Yes Quality content is important to attract visitors. your content must be informative, interesting and engaging. 

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  • I think you should never preach it puts people off and makes reading the post tireing. People dont like having the feeling that the poster is outsmarting them but they also like to learn new things so be moderate in every aspect.

  • The write should enjoy what they create. It shows in the writing if its just for SEO purposes!

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  • i agree with marks comment

    taking a step down and involving guests is a great thing to do, you need to be humble and be prepared to take a risk…but it has always worked, just new a new way of doing things

  • i agree to your words both article and blog have great role in seo i know importance of both thanks to share this info with us

  • its good to add a bit of humour in articles and posts, i even see them in article on this site 🙂

    we are all human, not robots

    •  I agree with you. Articles and blog posts must be written in an easy to read manner, and sometimes with some humor. We are all human!

  • I think these days there are not much difference between blog posts or articles. Anyway, just like what you have said, people read or rather scan quickly online, so your articles must be written in an easy to read manner, otherwise you will not get many readers. 🙂

  • Blog and article are both the same. They’re both readable. But in writing this, we need to be with common sense and with tone inorder to gain the reader’s trust. Just be good at it.

  • I agree with you but I find articles are good for SEO though Blogs not bad.  As an SEO expert I find blog sites like bravejournal,insane journal etc etc not indexing faster in google which is bad from seo point.

  • Metin Demirkol

     I think every situation is unique when it comes to blog writing

  • what matter most is that your articles or your writings must contain sense and helpful to the readers. don’t just write because of keywords in order for you to be on top. I am sure spamers will follow your post. 🙂

  • Hi, great question.  My opinion is the Blog Hat.  I also agree that SEO works better in articles.

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  • Articles make difference at the same blogs are also useful.Thanks:-)