Managing Passwords for Social Media Security

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Google has recently announced their new “admin” feature and Twitter is releasing brand pages for their websites. Google, Twitter and Facebook pages are typically not overseen by one individual, but by various individuals. This form of management proves suitable for social media companies, but it does impose serious security problems, especially when it comes to security breaches.  Legitimate social media marketers are in abundance on social media websites, but sadly, so are spammers.  With the ease of posting, companies should beware of security concerns because spammers can put any company’s brand at risk.

The following are tips for marketers to keep pages secure while avoiding security breaches:

1. Always be aware of who has access to your social media page

It proves inevitable that more than one person manages your social networking website profiles. Because of this, different people are granted access. Ensure that only people who are directly involved with your marketing strategies has the passwords and email addresses associated with the account. Minimize the number of people as much as possible who are granted access to the account. Remove people who do not contribute to the success of the social medial networking campaign.  Unnecessary personnel should be deleted, as well as anyone you do not know.  In the cases of not recognizing someone, you should investigate why that person had access to begin with.

2. Change your password regularly

It proves crucial to consistently change your password for social media networking websites. Do not forget that these sites are hooked into your company email address, and that should be changed consistently, as well.  Some might argue that it proves ridiculous to flirt with so much skepticism, but people are always complaining about hackers gaining information from their social media site. Regardless, no matter the statistics of this crime occurring or not occurring, you should protect your pages you admin by protecting your personal pages.  Hackers run rampant on these websites, so protect your pages at all costs.

3. Remove people as quickly as possible who do not require access to your brand

What some companies fail to do repeatedly is remove fired or dismissed workers as soon as possible from accessing company pages.  There are different horror-stories from companies who have fired bitter employees. These companies came to realize that the terrible publicity they received was from a disgruntled employee who was fired.  Immediately after, someone is fired; they will no longer require access to your admin page.  They should be removed immediately. The longer you delay this task, the higher probability of some disaster occurring.  You have worked hard for your marketing campaign; do not mess it up simply because you “forgot” to extract a fired employee off your access list to your admin page.



These security measures probably look tedious and frustrating to operate, but there have been various social media mistakes made because of hackers, neglect and spammers.  You have worked hard for your marketing campaign, and you must ensure proper care in maintaining, and protecting your pages at all cost.

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  • I really agree, specially now social medias are widely use to promote business products and services. It is really necessary that you know who has access your social media campaign to avoid spam and low quality content

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  • Hi, I change my password every week religiously on all sites and log ins and I never use external apps to log in because I’m just paranoid.

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    Thanks for the great post dude. I really have a problem with removing people. I used to remove more than 10 members every two days and now I am sick of it. I used to change my password twice in a month regularly. Should I change it every week? or more often?

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