Keep Readers from Bouncing: Creating a “Sticky” Content Strategy

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One of the main challenges of a blog arises from the problem of keeping readers engaged.  The blogger may have all the components for the foundation of a blog: but without that special quality or quirk, the bounce rate may stay pitifully high. However, there are a number of strategies that bloggers can use, to positively influence their bounce rate. With content that promotes dialogue and sharing, bloggers can maintain audience interest and keep readers engaged.

5 Tips to Create a Sticky Blog


Making it Sticky!

1. Diverse Content

A successful, “sticky” blog will touch on a variety of different topics, which fall under a similar theme. A blog with multiple interests is more likely to attract readers, in comparison to a blog that focuses on a single topic (there are exceptions, of course). Diverse topics also allow writers to expand their expertise and knowledge, decreasing the chances of writer’s block. However, make sure that writers do not constantly move away from the niche of the blog. If the front page is filled with a stream of unrelated content, then visitors may be confused and turned away from the site.

2. Optimization

A messy blog, with excessive links and poor design, can send the wrong message to a first-time visitor. By designing the blog with user experience in mind, webmasters can decrease bounce rate and keep readers on for longer. However, the lack of advanced computer skills is no excuse: there are a number of changes that any blogger can implement instantly. Remove dead links and redirect pages that frustrate and dissuade readers, and decrease the attractiveness of the blog.

3. Off-site Engagement

There are a variety of ways to keep readers engaged, even when they’re off the site. One such method is email marketing; if a reader is subscribed to a blog, the blogger can send periodic emails with engaging, new content. With social media and multimedia platforms, the blogger can provide followers and fans with videos, short updates, and alternative forms of content. By creating an experience, readers are compelled to turn back to the main site.

4. Internal Linking

One way to keep readers engaged is to use internal linking. Links that lead to similar content can move visitors from one article to another, keeping them on a blog for an extended period of time. Some ways to use internal linking is to use keywords or have a list of related articles at the end of a blog post. Another advantage of internal linking is the SEO benefits: in addition to using target keywords, search engines sites are able to take advantage of internal links to better index the blog.

5. Use Reader Opinion

If you’re stuck for ideas, bloggers can take advantage of their audience in order to generate engaging content. Use polls and read visitor comments to get an idea of the audience’s interests. Another way to involve readers is to use a suggestion content form, encouraging the audience to submit ideas. A blog’s content is written specifically for its audience; therefore, use readers to create engaging, interesting content.

A low bounce rate may seem like a difficult goal, especially for fledgling blogs. However, by creating a blog with engaging content and “sticky” qualities, bloggers are more likely to enjoy the benefits of a low bounce rate.

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