Blogger’s Solution to Slow Internet

The productivity of bloggers depend upon accessibility to the Internet. Bloggers’ connections to the Internet should be fast and operational 100 percent of the time. Bloggers can improve efficiency by optimizing the Internet connections. The blogs may be posted and edited faster when the Internet connection is fast.

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Imagine writing a great blog. The writing and editing process is complete and only the submission process is left. It is time for posting the blog, but the little hourglass or circle keeps spinning on the tab of the web browser indicating the Internet is working but not submitting. Frustration increases during the waiting process. The mind races to the thought of the competition submitting faster. Blogger’s fatigue and defeat sets in. It is an utter nightmare.

Fast Internet connections can alleviate this problem. Non-technical bloggers can solicit the help of a technical friend, but most of the solutions can be implemented by bloggers. To optimize the Internet connection, try these few simple tips.


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How to Improve Internet Connection Speed

Currently, bloggers may have access to dial-up connection, DSL, satellite and cable Internet. Cable Internet or broadband is the fastest connection available to bloggers. The slowest connection is dial-up. Improve the speed of the connection by examining the current speed of your Internet connection. This may be accomplished by a few simple tests. Review the tips to increase productivity and enhance the blogging experience.

Conduct a Speed Test. Determine your current upload and download speeds. Some experts recommend for these tests. The tests are free and can be conducted directly from web browser. Speed tests will help bloggers determine if the Internet connection is fast enough.

Eliminate Extraneous Programs. Extraneous programs make the computer run slower than normal. Each time the computer is started, several programs must load also. The fewer programs required to load at start-up, the faster the computer becomes. The programs are located in the lower left hand toolbar on the computer typically. Experts recommend uninstalling programs not frequently in use to improve the computer’s speed.

Disable plug-ins and add-ins. These programs put a significant strain on the Internet connection bandwidth. Some programs may have to be completely removed. Bloggers can remove them through the Control Panel.

Increase the Browser’s Cache. With increased browser cache, the memory increases. Cache stores files for frequently visited web pages. Loading web pages from cache is faster and easier than loading web pages from the Internet over and over again. This simple process can significantly improve computer speeds.

Turn off Automatic Subscriptions. Automatic subscriptions should be turned off. Automatic subscriptions consist of RSS feeds, podcasts and software updates. This simple task increases speeds during browsing. After browsing is complete, the feeds may be turned back on after the web browsing session is complete.

Avoid Downloads During Peak Periods. Avoid downloading large files during peak periods. The peak periods typically range from the mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Web traffic increases significantly during this period. A blogger’s productivity may be slowed if trying to post articles to the Internet. Plan accordingly to ensure optimal productivity of bloggers.


Bloggers who improve the speeds of the Internet may improve productivity levels. Working during periods when the Internet is slow may cause bloggers to spend twice the time as normal on the Internet. This is not productive. Working with slow Internet increases frustration and fatigue.

Consider cable modem or broadband for the fastest Internet connections and the best results. The blogging experience will become more enjoyable for the blogger. Time saved may be allocated to producing compelling content.


  • Hi Ruben,

    First off, I would like to thank you for your post. I hate slow connection speeds with a passion and that hourglass is a complete nightmare especially when I just want to hit publish and head toward an appointment. I have found that a lot of people, including myself, love to multitask on their computer while at the same time writing. Things such as downloading movies and writing your article can dramatically slow down your computer. I guess the other alternative is contacting your internet service provider and getting them to increase the speed of your connection. More money but sometimes it may be worth it.

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    This is all very useful, but just as a quick point to update, cable is now 100Mbps, and soon to be 120Mbps… also the ping rates on it are extreemly low as well as the latency, this all-in-all makes it an excellent connection and well worth considering!

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  • And maybe a faster PC may help too. Its very hard for bloggers to work with a slow internet connection. If u have a slow connection maybe blogging is not the job for you just my opinion. ^^

  • You have mentioned and shared good tips. But you can also save your article as drafts. So that you can publish and upload it when your connection will be fine and stable.

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  • closing things that tap into the internet while in a dormant stage -eg skype or antivirus, can help your connection as well as the computers processing speed

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  • Hi There. Thanks for the post. I’ve just recently moved to Ho Chi Minh and signed up for a 15mbps connection. While its great for local sites, youtube, facebook etc are megga slow. Is this cable issue at fault?
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  • Google Chrome is good but  not secure . I will suggest to help me a lot some time..
    Go to run -> CMD -> IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS. only for windos.

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