3 Great Ways to Improve the Credibility of Your Blog

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Whether it’s a website or a blog, it needs to project credibility. If the blog doesn’t meet the highest standards of credibility, there is no way in the world that it’s going to attract a loyal readership.  So improving the reputation of your blog must be a high priority task for you.

Credibility can be built, but it can't be bought!

Credibility can be built, but it can’t be bought!

Here are three tips that will go a long way in improving blog credibility:

Only post Relevant Content

It is only if your blog has relevant content that it can strike a chord amongst users. The reason why visitors want to go through your blog is because you have promised them specific information and if they don’t find that information on your blog, they are not going to come back to it again.  For e.g. if your blog is about iPhone applications and their development and you start offering information about Android or Symbian development, it’s not something that the readers are going to like very much. Another facet of relevant content is that it should be fresh. Readers want the latest information and are not looking for content that is old and whose expiry date is long past.

Answer your Comments

If you think that you can improve the credibility of your blog purely by publishing fresh content, then you have another thing coming. Once you have posted on your blog, it’s important that you answer the comments that you attract for a particular post. The fact that readers have taken time out to post a comment means they have read your blog post with interest and decided to air their views about what was written. Their comments might be appreciative or can even be critical of the ideas or thoughts that have been expressed in your post. As a blogger you need to show your acknowledgment for their appreciation and in most case a short and sweet ‘thank you’ will do.

But when it comes to criticism, you can defend what you said in the blog post and clarify any doubts that the reader has expressed through the comment. This tells blog visitors that you know what you are talking about and are saying something not just for the heck of it, but with conviction. It’s a simple equation really – If you are convinced about what you are saying, you stand a better chance of convincing your readers.

Don’t Keep Projecting Yourself as the Best

Confidence is always good, and you can project that confidence through the content of your blog posts. But, if your blog keeps saying that you are the best at regular intervals, be it through the tag lines used, its content or the images used, instead of looking like an expert, you will come out looking obnoxious. The fact that you are the best shouldn’t be told to the readers of your blog, it must be something your readers should be able to gauge naturally, over the course of time.  The use of visuals, call to actions etc. must be commensurate with the purpose of the blog and not be put in place to tell visitors that there is nobody better than you.

It’s important to note that these are not the only tips that will ensure credibility for your blog. As you go along, you will learn of new ways to improve the credibility of your blog. The important thing is to do the simple things right.

  • As you said, it is important you do not keep preaching that you are the best. You have to be realistic and accept how you fare against other bloggers in the community. Blowing your own trumpet is not the best thing to do.

    • Only cocky pricks do that. Even the best bloggers are modest and don’t babble about their success unless they are paid for it 😀

    • I really agree with you guys on this point. I have been getting the best results by simply sharing with people my actual results.

  • Nice article but yes you must also look for new ways to make your site best and user friendly, but i like your content.

  • I definitely agree about saying you aren’t the best. Having an authority but knowing where to give the credit if you get inspired also helps with increasing your credibility. Sometimes, that may work in your favor because you might get a good rapport with other experienced bloggers.

    • It is give and take. the more you will give, the more love you will get. This totally works in the blogging world.

  • Good point Phillip. I would add that even if you don’t project yourself as being the best, but you still keep talking about yourself on a regular basis, the effect on your blog will be everything but beneficial. Well, unless your blog is about your personal life 🙂

    • It shouldn’t be all about me. The opinion should be personal, but not everything else.

  • Great tips to improve blog credibility.We should write unique contents and follow trends.Communicating with blog readers through comments is so important to keep your existing readers with you.BWN your commentluv plugin is not working.

    • LakhyaJyoti, I am working on the comment plugin/

  • I agree that posting relevant content is definitely key. One thing that I do lack is responding to comments in a timely fashion.

    • Carla, that has to be the number one priority. Because, if you show you care, you will get a better response.

  • Good stuff shared from your side and yes answer comments respectfully and calmly.

  • Nice blog… you are really doing hard work for blogging world.

  • Really awesome tips! Unique content is definitely the way to go.

  • good tips. I think guest posting is a good way to get your foot in the door. People respond to it like referrals.

    • Indeed! guest blogging is sometimes better than traditional advertising. Although, you have to work hard to writeup a great masterpiece. But, it is totally worth it.

  • Thanks for the tips, I need to work on answering comments more! 🙂

  • Briefly, smarty and informative))thank you for this post.
    I agree with every word of it!

  • love your tips on how to improve blog credibility. Communicating with blog readers through comments is so important to keep your existing readers with you, being genuine always shines through too, people can rread your enthusiasm so to speak

    • If it is real, it shows. The comment stands out and speaks volume about the excitement of the commenter. So, be true to what you are commenting

  • I think that communicating with the blogging community and interacting in all possible ways, radiating your quality is what makes you a credible blogger, among other things.

    • Your knowledge will flow with your opinions. So, you don’t have to show off. It will show by itself.

  • It is through the comments that you see if you have the right knowledge and have thought right in what you have written. Mutual respect in the comments creating friendships.

  • excellent tips on how to improve blog credibility. it sooo helps to build up a good rapour with your readers too, people can tell if youre genuine and your enthusiasm shines through everytime

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