Active and Passive Side of Blogging

“Laid Back” – A phrase that seems like a nightmare to a blogger, is a truth that no one can prevent. As human beings, we have the tendency to slack. this does not imply that we are not capable of being excellent. It just shows that we have elements of both, each trying to win over the other (more or less like good and evil). I call these two sides as the “Active” and the “Passive”.

The two faces of blogging

The “Active” and the “Passive” has a lot of impact on the daily lives of bloggers. An “Active” blogger takes initiative, strives to be productive and does the hard work. The “Passive” counterpart is a big time procrastinator, shirks from menial tasks and tries to find shortcuts, even if they may not be the right things to do.

Classifying yourself as a pure “Active” or “Passive” blogger can be a bit strong. But, there are shades of both, one shade is bigger than the other one (more like a two face you see in the image (evil smile)). One can identify this by analyzing the behavour of “Active” and “Passive” bloggers. Let us take some examples which will help you understand the scenario better:


General Blogging:

The “Active”: An Ideal version of this type of blogger is a task master. A productive guy who does not stop with writing just the article. There’s a lot more it. He tweaks and optimizes and then markets it. Next, he analyzes his posts according to statistics. It is not the quality of article that matters to him, but the actual learning curve which will eventually lead to the path of becoming a problogger one day,


The “Passive”: The type of blogger that most of us experience in one stage or the other. We sometimes call it writer’s block just to avoid embarrassment but we are actually lazing around, dozing off :D. The Passive sounds fun but it is the path to disaster valley. The Passive guy is only interested in the results and hence, he tries to focus just on writing and super quick methods to make money online – the kind of methods which are sold by many crooks. Eventually, they are either cheated by some crook or they start using black hat methods.



The “Passive”: The “Good Post” and “Thanks for sharing” kind of comments are not adding value to the discussion. They were supposed to be of value years ago, when blogging had just started. Everyone was new to the concept, so short and supportive comments like these were always welcome. But, nowadays, this is a passive way of commenting. Most of these comments are spam, but even the real ones are of no use. Good Post does not reflect your opinions and ideas. It is an indicator that you are too lazy to write a thoughtful comment.


The “Active”: The Active commenter is every blogger’s favorite. The one who treats comments as a forum to discuss. He adds value to the forum by giving his insight and topping it up with his opinions. It can be a critique, or a strong reaction. But, whatever it is, it adds a spark to the commenting forum and adds to the reputation of the commenter.


Social Media

The “Passive”: The shameless self plug or sharing like a robot are signs of this guy. The Passive tries his best to automate each and every bit but fails because he is easily ignored by the people in his network (The people in your network are not dumb!).


The “Active”: He is the content curator who shares useful stuff which may or may not be related to his work. He understands the “social” in social media and makes it a point to be a part of conversations and discuss on big and small issues.


I would not ask which side you have been on, because i am pretty sure its been both. But, I would ask you, what do you consider “Active” and “Passive” in terms of blogging?

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  • where is my category, whether active or passive. the important thing is I try to be a good blogger.

    • Very well said, @Adi. It is important that you give all your best to deliver what the readers would want to read and see on your blog.

      • @adi, it was not say that you are good blogger or not. it is just to show that there are two stages in between which a blogger moves like a pendulum, going back and forth. I am trying to wake up guys, that you can always be active if you have the will to do it.

  • I’m happy to classify myself as VERY ACTIVE on both fronts…right now, I’m in my commenting phase, going through today’s posts in my Triberr tribes (over 50 posts) and commenting/reading/posting which I choose to do…which is most!

    It’s a win-win…commenting that is!

    • Thats a pretty good haul, bruce.

  • Yeap I am glad that i have landed up this blog. I do agree your active and passive word very well explained specially commenting para I have seen people that they don’t give there genuine opinion while making comment as they bother to getting link. I am more concern that i should learn something while browsing on the internet some informative.

    • Thatss the right approach, even one comment counts if it is written in a honest way. Your comment hit the right spot!

  • “Passive blogger” is a nice way of saying lazy blogger. Blogging and interacting via social media are, by definition, active pursuits and should be done with zeal and enthusiasm. It’s very easy to spot a blog where the owner has lost interest and is simply recycling old content or posting stock articles – these types of blogs tend not to last for very long.

    • True Alex and I have to admit, there have been phases like these for me. So, I would say, it is a period almost every blogger goes through. But, they have to get through it and not quit in between

  • I can not deny that I have this two sides in me. As a human the negative/passive side comes out naturally because i still human.
    I wish I only have this “Active ” side when it comes to blogging..

    • David, we all do! But, as we aren’t perfect. Certain distractions get in our way or sometimes, our commitments take a toll on your blog.

      But, the important part is to stay strong and stick to what you are doing.

  • I do find myself constntly switching between active and passive but I personally find it’s more than just laziness. It’s a massive lack of focus that makes me less active. I’m one of those who ends up with 15 different tabs open in the browser reading more than I am producing. I am slowly combatting this by registering it and closing the tabs that aren’t taking me closer to my current goals.

    • Lianne, I believe it’s a phase where you are trying to grab the most of it. I did pretty much the same. Once, you get hold of what you are doing, things get pretty much easier.

  • Hi Gautam,
    You need to see blogging as a job, there are no shortcuts, there are no programs that let you get lots of traffic to your blog, etc. Only hard and determinedly worked to get to the top and you can earn money from your blogging.

  • Oh, God knows that I’ve been all shades of gray in all terms! I think it goes in cycles for me. I start off as extremely active, and then sink down, and then start again…and so it goes.
    Is there a “bipolar” type of blogging? ‘Cause I think that fits me the most. (No offense for anybody with the actual condition)

    • Haha Bipolar – nice word play. I guess that makes almost each of us bipolar, there are ups and downs and can’t really help it.
      But, over time, we have to reduce our bipolarity in order to be focused to do our job.

  • Hi Gautam, Even if we don’t call out the passive blogger as lazy, it’s certainly mediocre at best. I have to laugh at the people that say they don’t have time to run their blogs but they watch TV 10+ hours a week, hit the clubs and Facebook an hour a day on a personal level. It’s all about decisions and priorities. If watching TV and going out a lot is a priority, that’s fine but we only get 24 hours a day. Too many people fail relate “Active” and “Passive” as a decision and treat it as a circumstance.

    • A very valid point Brian.
      When we say we have no time, it means that we don’t want to spend time on it.

  • Nice way of looking at it. It’s important to be active, as long as you’re doing it in a smart way. You can be active and still come across as a spammer.

    • True spamming is a form of ‘active’ which i will call ‘superexcited’. A stage where you think shortcuts are the best solution to speed up the process. But, they should know, there are no shortcuts.

  • One should look at this post more as a way of generating active comments than the usual one’s that come a posts way. It ensures everyone who comments will leave something worthwhile or at least long in terms of word count. 🙂

  • Once we have established our presence in the blog world, we tend to do become more passive (laid back attitude). The reason blog being our regular source of money so we tend to take it for granted. One has to be aware such things are easy to gain but very difficult to maintain.

    • Same goes for fitness – easy to reduce, hard to maintain

  • Ok, i would call it a nice approach and why i can say that is because social media is getting more and more important and calling it a proper active blogging side is not that wrong…

    Great words…

  • I really depends on the type of content your covering. The breaking news TMZ type of site should have lots of updates where a HOWTO type site may not need but a few updates a week. is a good example.

    • I was referring to the sincerity with which we blog, sometimes we are active and productive & sometimes we are sedentary and passive.

  • Like anything else, active blogging requires discipline. Setting a regular schedule, and sticking to it, may help.

    • Yes, and things like mind mapping and blog workflow and checklist can help in your quest to become active

  • Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It helped me gain a lot of info.

  • I’m not sure I’m even a passive blogger as I rarely post on my blogs anymore. Seems like the blogging fever has run out fore me…

  • Absolutely perfect information you shared about active and passive side of blogging. I appreciate your thoughts and I try to stay o topic, every time when I commenting anyone blog post. Thanks buddy for teaching me something very special.

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. really informative

  • While I completely agree with you about “active” and “passive” blog commenting, I really wish there was a polite, non-spammy way to say “Great post! Thanks for sharing!” I say this because I often read blog posts where I’m in full agreement with the author and genuinely don’t have anything else to add to the conversation that hasn’t already been said. It feels so insincere and pointless to add more to a comment just for the sake of adding length and not looking like spam. The result of this is that I don’t comment on blogs nearly as often as I read them.

    • The reason why a comment like “good post and “thank you” don’t work is because of spamming. But, there is always a way of thanking (thanks to brilliant social media networks). You can share the article on social media sites hence showing that you liked what you read but didn’t have time or the words to write a good comment.

  • I always feel like the “passive” quiet side happens when I’m going through something. Something that causes me to retract and keep my feelings inward. Most of the time, I try to stay active but again sometimes I just feel like being a turtle….and that’s okay

    • Turtle is not a good solution. You should see whether you would prefer it as a hobby or something serious.

      If it is serious, you should find a ways to prevent this “something” from happening.

  • Well, by having a human form of life, we are characterized to have both passive and active side. But as real blogger, we should act accordingly-linking is not just our goal but rather giving additional insight to the people.

    • That’s the truth and once we realize the truth, we would have attained sainthood in blogging terms

  • Gautam,
    I think that we all have that active and passive type in all of us. At the start especially, we are very active because of the excitement brought on by something new. Midway we become a bit passive especially when we experience burnout.

    • yes, writer’s block is a big issue for writers. Thankfully, there are ways and means to get over it and break the passive mode.

  • Very interesting way to look at things, I wonder what you would call a person who was in between passive and active; a person who employs some active, but also some passive blogging techniques.
    Blogging for money and actually making money from it is hard work, but its time invested if done well, or time spent if rushed… Selah! Think about that 🙂

  • Passive equals no growth or new ideas for your blogging. Active means going to your community and asking for feedback to ask what they are interested in and sharing everything new that you have learned. Active means brainstorming for new ideas to branch out into other areas. Active means engaging with your community and on blogs and being authentic with your responses.

    • All valid points. But, i think passive form is the form where you can actually get a break from the blogging world for a certain period of time.

  • This was a unique perspective on blogging. I didn’t realize there were two aspects to this. I think I’m a passive blogger now, but I will try harder to do more active things in the future.

  • I really wish I could be active at all times but there comes a time that all you have to say is “Thanks!”, it couldn’t add value but atleast you took time to show that a post is appreciated than being a lurk in the community!

    • Jerry, that’s the whole issue. A simple thanks would have been good in medievial ages. Nowadays, a simple thank you is not good, because it can be fabricated and sent to 100 blogs. A comment has value only if you add value to it.

  • If you have a lot on your plate you may have to blog passively at first for some time then you can ramp it up when you have more time. Just enjoy today to do not stress keep it moving.

  • Well Gautam, You classified every kind of activity in two forms 1) Active 2) Passive. In my point of view being Active requires lots of patience and hard work. Apart of that, the most important part which you said the analysis on our efforts is the most important thing in my point of view. Seriously I have tried to be Active blogger but many times I failed! Thanks to you ,for making such critic like posts for the folks like us and I am glad for it. It was nice read for me!

    • Analysis is a big part. getting to know how users behave to your articles can help you decide what works and what doesn’t with respect to your audience.

  • you’ve done a very good by categorizing blogging into 2 parts.. most bloggers focus just on either Active or Passive blogging.. But if you strike a balance between the two you are an A-list blogger..

  • Its so easy to loose motivation and become a passive blogger, its a continual up hill battle.

  • Interesting post. I think I am a mix of the active and passive blogger. I take initiative and work hard but sometimes I am also laid back and looking for easier ways around a difficult task.


    • Looking for time savings should be the motive. things like outsourcing are not a bad idea if you are concentrating on certain aspects and working on your strengths.

  • “Active and Passive Side of Blogging” I think this is defenetive a passive side when you have not write any new articles over the last three weeks.

  • Lazy blogging, or passive, gets lazy results. People do not want to read lazy posts. They want enthusiastum like you said. Pretty good idea. Maybe you should write some more posts like this and show your “activeness”.

    • Thats true Willard. I am working on that. Blogging is always a work under progress for me.

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    • Sure Kris,
      Just link to this article and add your opinions to it 🙂

  • I agree with Ms. Davida about this article..Maybe the author can figure out the side of blogging which is the combination of passive and active. I think I’m one of this. But most of the time, I am active because I want to see things differently to make it sense in any and every ways.

  • The main active point of your blogging is “post Relevant Content”
    to your blog topic. Always give updated information to your readers. And reply
    to comments.

  • Great post. Very informative.

  • We now have things like facebook like and google +1 for those that are to lazy to write a proper comment and those should help save the blogs from “great post” type comments.

  • They really help keep the spam out !

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