10 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your New Blog

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Blogging is a very popular activity; many folks that you know have a blog, and many of those folks will have more than one blog. Blogs are a great way to express yourself or share your knowledge and expertise, so it makes sense that you would want one too.

As you get started, you probably have done a little bit of research on blogging. It is important to know what to do with your blog, but it is equally vital to know what you shouldn’t do. The following tips are only 10 of the things that you should not do with your new blog.

Don't do this!

1.) DON’T overdo your layout. For your blog, simple is probably better. If you do a more elaborate layout with lots of logos you may end up making your blog too busy and hard to read. It could also end up making your blog look a bit unprofessional.

2.) DON’T create a big header. A big header with a logo is sure tempting to create as it can make you site look sharp. It will also make your blog hard to read. Big,slick headers can push the text down. If your visitors can’t see any actual text or content when they first visit your blog, they are more likely to simply surf away from your site before reading any of your posts.

3.) DON’T put too many ads on your blog. You want ads because you want to make money off of your blog; monetizing your blog with ads is one of the prime ways that the average blogger earns money for all of their hard work. You may like ads, but your readers definitely don’t. If you have too many obvious ads on you blog, you will turn your readers off and they may not end up coming back for more.

4.) DON’T disable comments. Turning comments off can be tempting for new bloggers. If you allow comments, you leave yourself and your posts open for critique and may put yourself at risk for someone saying something negative about your work. If you turn off comments, you won’t know all of the awesome things people are saying about your site either. Also, blogging is a type of social media, and this means that you are cutting off the conversation if you disable comments.

5.) DON’T forget to post. If you want a successful blog with lots of visitors, you need to post often. Some say that once or twice a week is often enough, and others say that once a day isn’t enough. However often you intend to post, you need to remember to do it. If you stop posting, viewers will stop checking back to see if there is new content.

6.) DON’T ignore social sites. Social media is a great way to get more eyes on your blog. Share your content via these sites, and be sure to open up accounts on the most popular sites for your blog.

7.) DON’T have a general blog. General blogs can be fun, but niche specific blogs can attract more readers. If you want a widely read, successful or profitable blog you should have it be on a particular topic.

8.) DON’T have music or video autoplay on your blog. You may think that these features make it easy to find the media, but all it actually does is make viewers want to click away from your blog as soon as they can. Visitors who may be checking your site at work or at class or another time when they aren’t supposed to will not appreciate this.

9.) DON’T use blackhat techniques to get people to your blog. If you don’t know what these are, don’t worry; you probably are safe. Otherwise, please know that these spammy, slightly underhanded methods will turn off your readers and may get you banned from search results.

10.) DON’T forget to read other blogs. By reading other blogs, you will get a lot of benefits, including learning about what does and does not work when blogging. You should also leave honest, pertinent comments on these blogs, as this will surely lead to even more hits for your own site.

  • i agree with this point and want to recommend new bloggers to Not have a general blog , instead work on a targeted readers .

  • Hi Gautam, all great points, especially plastering ads all over a brand new blog. I’ve been preaching against that for years.

    Visiting other blogs and interacting with one another is some of the best advice out there.

    I just changed themes the other day and it has a HUGE header graphic. lol

    • Brian,
      i believe a huge header graphic is a big distraction from the content. So, it wouldn’t be a good decision to keep one.

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  • I don’t blog NEAR enough, and my blog is too general. I’m always trying to relate real life events, and show how they relate to Marketing. That’s my schtick. But maybe that’s too general? I’ve JUST initiated my AdSense account, but I’m awaiting approval. My blog is a couple years old…I think it’s time to do it RIGHT!

    • I think your blogging might be a little general, but that all depends on your audience. Sometimes a mixed bag with a central focus keeps users interested in your website. If you see your website growing at a good rate, then there is nothing to worry.
      Putting that aside, you can always ramp up and think of better ideas to incorporate in your website.

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  • Good advice. I have a general blog and it lacks focus. My next blog will be a niche. Reading/commenting on other blogs is both educational and good for engagement.

  • Hi Gautam, this is a nice guest post from kmoor. I follow most of these tips and my favorite one is #3. But some people think that having AdSense everywhere is ok and they do it all the time.

    Btw – your CommentLuv plugin isn’t working correctly. Are you using 2.9 or CLP? Let me know and maybe I can help.

    • I noticed CommentLuv not working as well. It probably just needs updated; there’s been a lot of recent updates.

      • @Ileane and @Brian: thanks for notifying the problem. It seems that the latest plugin is malfunctioning with the existing plugins. I would have to find a way to fix it.

  • I share this article on twitter.
    You have wrote ten great tips for newbies
    As for me auto-playing music and video is the most annoying thing that I could find in a blog!

  • Great tips for people just starting out. These are some common mistakes made.

  • Thanks for this information. I feel good that I’m on the right path with my own blog. I’ve been making time to check out other blogs and that’s been VERY helpful. Thanks again!

  • Ya, even I think comments should always be left open. Often negative comments bring out suggestions that can redefine your approach and strategies. You must always take negative comments as constructive criticism.

    • I agree! As long as comments are made in a nice tone and without bully attitude, they have their value even if disagreeing. Perhaps even more then.

      • I agree with both of you. I believe in open discussion. If I have to disagree, I would do so without ending up fighting.

        Healthy criticism is always welcomed

  • Thanks for this interesting post!
    I believe that there are many blogs out there that don’t follow your advice. I detest blogs that are heavily loaded with ads or don’t allow commenting.

  • I agree with you that comments are very important to know and get feed back from others.

  • Blog is one of the next big things coming up! And the whole 2011 was all about blogging and building quality links through it. These are some great tips that you shouldn’t do when you are working and building authority of your blogs.

    Other then what is written here I would highly recommend not installing too many plug-INS as this will make the blog heavy and it will take more than usual time to load

    • site speed is an important determiner of user experience, the lesser the better.

  • Excellent post.
    I would add that you should not send too many updates to your email subscribers early on. This is annoying and an easy way to get ignored by your readers.

  • Hi,
    As there are n number of bloggers blogging about a particular category, having a blog with more than one niche category would be definitely profitable as well as it will help readers to get access to blogs which will be completely new for them.

  • Really great advise on how not to start blogging. Avoiding black hat seo techniques sounds quite obvious but I guess many new bloggers use them in order to have more readers first.

  • Nice Intellectual Infor. Great Sharing Bro, Thumbs Up 🙂

  • Great post! You nailed it on the first point a layout that is way too busy is the most annoying thing when looking at a new blog.

  • I agree for this 10 statement… go blogger!

  • As there are n wide range of web entrepreneurs managing a website about a particular distinction, having a website with more than one industry distinction would be definitely effective as well as it will help visitors to get use of blogs which will be definitely new for them.

  • Kevin, Every topic you lined up is correct. For me the priorities are getting in touch with customers through comments & regular blogging.If we do this then we can sit back & watch the traffic grow.

  • Many good things to think about, especially not to have too many ads or popups so the page looks like a blinking Christmas tree, visitors will leave immediately. One important thing in my opinion is to control that the articles are spelled correctly, has the right information, and not too much I’m going, I want, I have, etc. blog text is not about you.

    • I would beg to differ on this Lennart, I think blog is all about you, it’s the personal opinion that adds substance to the blog.

      Without that, it’s just a plain old website.

  • Hello, I have found this blog casually. I have to congratulate you for this good blog, these blogging tricks will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing it and try to continue on this way.

  • Some great tips for new bloggers Kevin. I do think that allowing comments is important as it will give you encouragement to keep on blogging among other things. Also having auto playing sounds and too many ads is a sure way to alienate visitors. I certainly can’t stand a site that has these things.

  • Thanks for the great tips in blogging. I have tended to overdo it before with too many ads. Too many get distracting to the readers and will make them not want to come back.

  • Good tips. Overdoing the layout can drive people away from your site as it will look overwhelming and confusing. Functionality always triumphs in the end so make sure the visitor finds what they are looking for easily. Ads must also be carefully placed so as to not impede the website experience of the visitor yet still be noticable. I also agree with enabling comments to engage the visitors and let them participate with their views on the topic.


  • Great tips, I especially agree with tip #7, many think that because it is a general blog, it will attract more traffic. Good niche specific blogs will attract a large percentage of the specific market, who are more likely to subscribe and therefore continue to return. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  • i also believe frequent posting is a must when it comes to blogging. Don’t leave your blog idle for more than 2 weeks or you might drop in rankings. I wrote a similar article on my blog and i think you should check it out.

  • Great tips. Overdoing anything like website, layout, links etc will surely drive other readers or even clients away.

    • Yea I agree. I think it is better to keep it simple. Especially at first.

      – Robert

  • I like visiting other blogs, I’ve implemented some of your tips. What Blackhat techniques that should not be done?

    • There are many and If i had to list them, it would be an article of its own. But, in general, you should avoid taking shortcuts, because shortcuts save time, but harms you in a way that you notice after a certain period of time.

  • Thanks for the list Kevin. I thought it would be predictable but you know what? Number 8 made me laugh.

    I find that so annoying! Often they have such loud, really irritating music and you’ve gotta search for the ‘off’ button. That turns me off immediately.

    Cheers! Iain.

  • You should keep in the mind that Position of the texts is also plays a very important role. The relevant information on your site should be placed prominently. Don’t permit ads to take center stage. Also, there should be cohesiveness in terms of how your blog content is presented on the site. It should be easy for the visitors to find the information they want. Anyways nice tips. Thanks for it !!

  • Great tips. I always struggle with keeping my blog within a niche instead of becoming more of a generalized one.

  • Probably the only one I slightly disagree with you on is #7, the one about a general blog. I tend to think that term has to be defined better I think my main blog (I have 5) is a general blog and it does really well as far as visitors go. I do tend to concentrate on certain areas more than others, the topics of blogging and social media, but I’ll go off on tangents at a moment’s notice because that’s what that blog is for.

    Just like people seeing that you can diversify; I love diversity. By the way, your CommentLuv doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Great help from this blog! Thanks a lot for the information I needed

  • helpful post for newbie bloggers like me

  • Surely if you want a blog, do not forget to post ever, it is always good you get into a blog and have new posts, and comments are extr important because they are the voice of the people. This is beneficial for you because you know the criticism of people, if your blog is about or not, what’s better. Great Post.

  • Most of the points you made is true, blogging for a niche is always better than general one. thanks for valuable tips!!!

  • i agree with all those tips, and glad i never did any of those 😀

  • Hi Kevin, nice post. Yes I think the point of putting up ads too early on a blog is a bad idea. And yes, frequent content posting is the lifeline for any blog to grow.

  • I think the worst thing you can do with a new blog is to not post often and start promoting it..
    Also, just creating content for the heck of it is bad.. create content that adds value to the webosphere and you won’t need much promotion or any black hat SEO techniques..

  • Very good. If i may add… DON’T make your blog nofollow. 😀

  • Agree with Japh 😀 link building of a new blog can be worst for seo… nice artilce… Niche blogging is far far far better than general blog… I have learned this from my experience as well

  • I have read in few blogs that it is better for new blog to disable comments for a while and once it reaches a good position and then renable the comments so that we can avoid spamy coments like nice post,good work etc..

  • A great stuff from your side Kevin. I am a beginner in SEO and blogging field. Thanks for the list and helping newbies like me.

  • yes ! really you prepared a useful list 🙂 10 points was awesome

  • I see many blogs that have headers that are, in my opinion, too deep. In order to read the actual content, I have to scroll down – not the best way to retain visitors. I’m bookmarking this post – I know a few new bloggers who will benefit from this.

  • We have an article that is similar: “How To Know that You Are Ready to Start a Blog”-Most Internet users have at one point contemplated about writing a blog. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to start one and it sounds like fun. But the fact is that majority of new blogs die within the first three months. People loose interest, motivation or simply decide that blogging isn’t everything it is cranked up to be. There are plenty of abandoned blogs out there testifying to this. Don’t make another one.

  • Delightsforyou

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been doing a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me lunch because I found it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this subject here on your web site.

  • Dont Forgret to comment on other blogs related to your niche

    • Very good point. Too many new bloggers just expect comments!

  • very important information shared in this blog post.  I agree with sampath that don’t forget to comment on other blogs related to your niche. And Don’y forget to read other blogs. 

  • Can’t agree more, Blog is best convenient way to interact with rest of the world and to update the content. Using Plugins like Commentluv or keywordsluv is favorable for any blog and can save you from spam blast in comment section

  • Great post. Very informative ! Keep up the good work.

  • I think another important point is don’t populate a blog with low quality content.

  • Great article ! Thank you for sharing !

  • great refresher of things I need to focus on.

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    Nice think.

  • That’s cute and useful tips.