Time Management Tips for Bloggers

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Blogging is certainly not as easy as many people think it is. Blogging is actually a business and involves a lot more than just writing good content. Getting a nice design, moderating comments and promoting blogs are only just a bit of the whole blogging business. Running blogs as a professional does take up a lot of time especially if the blogger works a full-time job and can only attend to his/her blog at night or on the weekends.

Always running out of time!

Managing time is an essential skill that a blogger needs to learn. Even if you are a full-time blogger, you still need to manage your time properly. The tough question is always there – how to maximize the time, make sure that we get the most out of each hour and finally come out productive by the time we log off at the end of the day?

Let’s take a look at some time management tips that could be useful for bloggers:

  • List down and maintain your ideas in idea file

    An idea for your next post suddenly pops out when you are waiting for the train to arrive – what do you do? Do you keep it in your head? I suggest writing down the ideas.

    Brainstorming activities take a lot of time. Save time and list down any ideas you have in your head so that later on, you only need to focus on the writing part. Create a “box” called an “idea file” and put all the new post ideas in it. When it is time for you to start writing, open the “idea file” and go!

    To record the ideas and store the details, I recommend Evernote. Evernote helps to maintain the idea list and the retrieving process is easy. If you don’t fancy Evernote as much, find other method that suits you. The list of ideas doesn’t even have to be maintained electronically; some people write their ideas in notebook or keep them in their smart phones. Whichever method are you using, the idea is to maintain the idea list to save your time.

  • Build a routine and stick to it

    When we work for others, time is managed for us. We have certain expectations to be met – arrive at the given time, log on to the system, be productive, take a break, come back and be productive again. If you think this only applies when you work for others, think about it again. It is just as effective if we apply this to our own day when we become our own bosses. The only difference is that this time, we manage our own time, instead of having our schedule and tasks dictated by others.

    Schedule your blogging time, make it a routine and stick to it. Having a routine helps you to stay organized. If you don’t have a structured schedule, it is very easy for you to come up with excuses such as “no time” every time you messed up your progress. For instance, you might want to have a fixed brainstorming session every Monday and write articles every Friday. This helps you to focus on other tasks on the other days; you could spend those days working on marketing, generating traffic, etc.

  • Focused Batches

    Focused Batches is a tactic to manage time effectively when running a blog. We all suffer from information overload and it can be a major interruption at work. Writing articles in one sitting and then publishing them in queue every day during the week is an example of focused batch work. It leaves the rest of your week open to other tasks such as developing products, for instance.

    You might want to consider breaking the weekly tasks into focused batches. Structure your schedule by allocating one or two hours just to focus on that single task, take a break and start with different single task in the next hour. You also can switch it to days instead hours but the gist is to have a single task to be focused at a go.

  • Airplane mode

    Airplane mode is a feature on most smart phones that will turn off all connectivity once you activate it. You can’t call, text or surf the web. It is a “Do Not Disturb” hanging on the phone “door”. Apply the airplane mode to the times when you are doing important works on your blog.

    It literally means removing all potential distractions such as turning off Twitter, email notifications and going off Facebook. Carrying out your work at a fixed place such as in an office with a door might help you to get full, uninterrupted attention as well. It indicates you are in working mode and activating “airplane mode” makes you actually stay there with your work.

Everyone needs time management skills, regardless of whether you are a blogger, office worker or a homemaker. The tips above and some self-discipline helps to keep a blogger efficient and effective in running his/her blog, even if the blogging hours are limited.

  • Wow good job. I’m a podcaster and I also try and apply these tips. My podcast site and links can be found at http://tffp.marrielorg. Anyway, I also blog a bit but I’m new to the blogosphere. so thanks for providing these. I might write a short summary and link to this very article as I don’t want to quote the whold thing. That’s plagiarism. And I don’t know the format for citing blogs yet. Lol! Like I said I”m new so thanks for this wonderful article.

  • Airplane mode is a great idea, I am surprised I had not thought about that one yet.

    • Glad that you like the Airplane mode idea. I am sure this will help you in your time management!

  • Sticking to the routine is a hard task, as every time something important pops up. Airplane mode would be the best solution but have to force oneself to be out of the virtual world.

  • Those are some great tips. Now I just need to apply them to help me.

  • Great article. Keep it up. Greetings from Polish:)

  • I like to maximize the use of my time by identifying my “prime time”. I like to call it prime time since it is the time when I could any things well, the time when I am in a full concentration, full of excitement and minimum interruption. Some people have it in the morning, some in the noon while the others have it in the night.
    For me my prime time is in the morning, I usually use this time write the article, start from writing the draft, brainstorm the idea, edit and upload it to the blog. In the other time when my concentration is low I usually do the tasks that do not require me have a high focus, I usually go to the laundry, organize my desk, clean the room or just tidy of my files. This way has helped me stick with my important things without neglecting my daily routines.

  • When I first started blogging, time management was definitely an issue for me. It is initially a strange feeling to be sitting at home but forcing yourself to be disciplined and maintain a good work environment and schedule too. It also takes understanding of the concept by family members too so they respect your space and don’t disturb you while you’re working.


    • Jean, it definitely requires a lot of discipline if you were to work from home. There are just too many distractions, but glad that you are now managing it well. 🙂

  • Hi Jasmine, I enjoy reading your articles. The biggest problem I have is the fact that I get too many ideas. For instance, I registered 10 odd domains and haven’t yet started working on those blogs and I need to better manage my time. I need to try batches and see how it goes.

    • Oh, it will be a huge challenge trying to work on 10 domains at the same time. Perhaps you can start working on a new domain and when it picks up some traffic, then work on the 2nd one and so on. Of course, you could outsource some of the repetitive work so that you can work on the more important stuff.

  • its hard to get to airplane mode. mostly its when im in sleep mode 🙂

  • Hi Jasmine, a very good, concrete and precise list of what you have to work to succeed with a blog. I know you have good experience and your advice is perfect for a blogger.

    • Hello Lennart,
      I am glad that you think that my article is good and concrete. Please do come back to bloggodown.com often for more good articles.

      • I will be back to read more

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    • Thank you for your constructive comment, Manojtwa. Do visit us often for more of such articles. 🙂

  • I found a lot of these ideas helpful in theory – I do try to do “focused batches” of work because it’s so much easier to sit down and edit 100 pictures at once vs. 15 every day for a week. I would love to get a schedule – I think that would really help my stress level – so that will be my next goal! I will pass this article along to my toddlers in hopes that they can grasp Mommy’s need for “airplane mode.”

  • I am new blogger. Blogging is my happy. But i have lot of time for blogging. Because i am service holder. I will follow your instruction to maintain blogging time.

  • I like the concept of “airplane mode”, because the reverse of socializing is losing important time and focus on your work. I would love the set myself on this mode at least 3-4 hours a day, I think that it should be enough for me.

  • Really helpful post for bloggers and time management is big issue for bloggers but your tips and suggestions are very useful

  • Remember that for many blogging is also fun. It can be a way to express yourself and be creative!

  • time management obviously frees up time, but gains profits due to the freed up time for other tasks to be completed

  • Am a newbie.,I found this information was very much for me..Thanks for sharing it…

  • Great tips! Very good job. I thank you for posting this it really saves time when blogging !

  • Thanks, this are great advices. I also think that time magement is important but is also important life management, if we could manage our life as we pretend to manage time, our entire life would be better.

    sorry for my englishgrettings from Colombia

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