The Top 5 Facebook Apps to promote your blog

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Blogging is the recent popular activity that all of us do regularly or in our free time. We share our thoughts and interests on a blog or give a comment on others blog or even become a blogger’s fan!

Many people have taken up blogging for their livelihood. The concept of guest blogging allows people to post articles in somebody else’s blog as a guest blogger giving each of the parties an advantage

of content, branding, traffic and good writing skills. Starting a blog, writing relevant content doesn’t comprise a good blog. Getting readers to read your blog is the most important task.

To have a steady flow of traffic to your blog, you need to promote your blog effectively. Facebook is giving us so much everyday. It is the largest social networking website in which millions of people connect with each other. Facebook is very good platform to publicize your blog. Let us see how FB apps can help you promote your blog.

I. Facebook Pages:

Creating a fan page is one of the top facebook applications which will help you promote your blog. When you decide to create a fan page, keep your personal FB account away from your blogging community. You can boost your facebook page by:

a. Discussion boards: Once you create a fan page, a discussion board tab is available to share views on with one another. The discussion boards resembles a forum in which you and your fans can start and carry out discussions thereby building relationships among fans.

b. Polling: Create a poll and get your users vote their choice. An easy way to gather data and responses. You can publish the results of the poll and get opinions from your fans.

c. Static FBML: If you think your blog needs a bit of customization then you need to be familiar with HTML codes. Static FBML(Facebook Markup Language) feature allows you to add tabs and modify them in your fan page. You can use HTML codes or FBML in the fan page to setup landing page for fans and non-fans.

II. Social RSS:


Add a RSS Feed subscription for your blog for users to get updated content. Let your Social RSS be visible and configured accordingly before you activate it. According to your latest post, the feeds will update automatically.

III. Notes:


Notes is one of the Facebook applications available on your tab once logged in. Importing blog posts is easier with the help of Notes and it is the reason why many use it. You can either import the blog or copy and paste your individual articles into Notes and share it with your fans. They in-turn can share the note with others or add comments on it.

IV. Blog:

The Blog application is the quick and easy way to start blogging on Facebook. You can promote your main site using Blog on Facebook. Another application similar to this is Blog Box which allows you to write, add a blog post or import articles from an existing blog. If you have imported articles, Blog box will check your main site for any new post and update content every 6 hours.

V. Facebook Ads:

Placing an Ad in Facebook is the quicker way to get visible but with a charge. FB Ads reach out all people and have the ability to attract visitors to your blog or fan page.

Note From Editor: So what have been your experiences with Facebook marketing? Which application has worked for you?

  • it’s an good idea by using Discussion boards to intreact with thme

  • Facebook ads really help you reach to million users. Saves much of your time spent in branding.

  • Using fb comment system in your blog may also help in growing your blog by sharing the comments on users walls and getting ur blog a wide reach??

  • Facebook have changed the marketing strategy, but the more you do the less it feels. Facebook ads have the best impact if the company is willing to spend, as it caters to more than millions viewer at a time.

  • I use the app Notes and its simple and works well.. facebook really helps to reach a lot of users

  • I find Facebook fantastic for what it allows me to do — communicate with others, new friends, share about my life etc. One thing that is tricky though is setting up a Facebook fan page or new page for my site. Do you set up a FB page or a FB stand alone “new” page (for your blog/website?) It can be confusing… but I feel I have to study it to understand how to do it because (almost) everyone seems to be on FB nowadays. But what happens when you have 5 different niches and you need a FB page for each one of them? Hmm. Anyway thanks for the advice… Martin

    • It has to be your call as to whether there should be 5 different pages. But, the number of pages = number times you would have to invest time in curating content for each page. So, I believe that managing 5 pages can be really difficult

  • Facebook is a really nice way to promote business. As we all know, many people nowadays are engage to social media because this can really help spread and advertise businesses.

  • Excellent post. This discussion is needed.
    I am getting mixed feedback these days from facebook.
    Many people are moving away and like the option of commenting without having to login to FB. (like this website)

  • Facebook can bring new visitors to blogs which can easily spread out from repeated audience along with new users.

  • Hey Linda, nicely written. I never knew about Facebook Blog and FBML. I’ll surely try Facebook blog. But would you please let us know about FBML and it’s technical aspects? I run a Fan page in the traditional way. I think if I can customize it, I’ll be benefited more.

    • FBML Application technique only allows you to create your very own customized landing page and DOES NOT facilitate contests and competitions. You can, however, link your landing page to your external site that runs the contest 🙂 This also means using the landing page to attract visitors to your site that runs the contest. After all, a well designed landing page would be much more attractive as compared to your Facebook wall of texts!

  • Facebook plays a vital role especially if you have great number of friends of course..You just have to be good…and nice…just like a store owner…for them to keep coming back..

  • I have found Facebook ads very effective to promote my blog. I fortunately got a Facebook advertising coupon from the hosting I signed up with. I am yet to use Discussion boards.

  • Facebook have changed the marketing strategy, but the more you do the less it feels.

  • I didn’t know that Facebook has these features!
    Discussion board seems a great free resource to engage your customers

  • I have found polls to be a great way to get people more engaged. Great article thanks for the tips.

  • Facebook comment widget is also useful , that also play imp role in colleting traffic and preading blog .

  • Awesome article, I wanna make facebook fans page now 😀

  • Din’t know about the facebook discussion boards.. Thanks a Lot

  • I also like to use facebook because it has many different type of applications are available on it.It help to promote blogs.It is new trend for the new generations.

  • i didn’t notice such application before or maybe i was just busy doing some other things on my account to notice features. LOL

  • I use facebook ads +Giveaway apps. Also, I have put links to external forum and gallery.

  • Some great plugins. I was looking for a simple logo to click but Facebook pages looks very nice and professional. I would like to know if anyone has found success with paying for ads on facebook as well. Anyhow thanks Linda.

  • very interesting
    heard alot of people are using G+ now…but i fail to see how its being being successfull considering the trafic G+ gets
    thanks heaps 🙂

  • I have only good experiences with facebook apps…

  • Great Facebook apps. I’ve used most of these apps and I can say that they’re really useful especially making Facebook pages!

  • Excellent post indeed. Promoting your products on facebook is one of the best strategy that you can do to your business. Its fast and you’re dealing with real people that you added or friends of your friends on facebook.

    • ya Tina …Facebook can be a Good companion both socially and economically..and there will be a good relationship with our clients too

  • I agree that Facebook is very nice and professional.Facebook it has many different type of applications. Thank you for posting this. it is very helpful.

  • I have no idea about Social RSS, Notes and Blog appilication but i know Face book ads and Facebook Pages are the most sucsessfull apps to promote the site,anyway thank you for your article Linda

  • Hey , you have given such a important information about Facebook . These tricks will really help one to optimize his blog or website. We can also customize our Facebook page also.

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  • I’m new blogger. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information. I will use all of these application of facebook for my blog.

  • After a year of having a Facebook wall, I’m happy to say I am seeing active users come from it to my website. Don’t get me wrong, they may only be in the lower double digits a week, but it is a big improvement. Nice article for pointing out the other facets of Facebook I can use to help get website visits.

    • yup nowadays Social media are doing a great job …it is used to drive good traffic to our website and through Facebook we get to know many people and this is definitely a good shine for a Business environment

  • facebook ads reaches all over the world in a faster way.

  • Those are some cool apps, I had not heard of a couple of them.

  • interesting tips, i actually made me think about making a static FBML for my blog’s fanpage
    Thanks for sharing

  • I believe that it is very important get have social media update knowledge.

  • Facebook is more than a Social Networking sites,very helpful to every user whether a Blogger or a job seeker.These were the great apps to promote blog and use fb effectively to get good output 🙂

  • Nice cool apps, Didn’t know about Static FBML. Social media are getting more and more important in Google’s eyes.

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  • Great apps ! Very grateful for this article 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep sharing 🙂

  • Very nice information shared, It is very true.

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    Now a days Facebook is a very effective and fast way for advertising.
    Great Facebook apps…!!!

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    Nice thought.

  • Andrew Gill

    Nice information ,keep sharing these types to information for promotion

  • Facebook is the best way to promote your blog, from this you can increase more traffic and visitors for your blog. This is the most effective way.