Social Networking Is Key For Successful Online Projects

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The evolution of social networking brought it to a position of great importance for a web presence. There are so many interactive services and activities that are available to not only the individual user but business interests as well. Online projects and endeavors need to integrate social networking into their overall strategy to best utilize their internet presence and grow. These are the places where customers gather to share their ideas, likes, and dislikes. Being a part of that allows a business to grow better relationships with their customers in addition to facilitating the spread of relevant information.

SEO and Social Networking

Any doubts about the importance of social networking to an online presence should be dispelled when looking at the search engines. Major search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo are all taking steps to better integrate social information into results. Bing was the leader of the pack by drawing on Facebook Likes and Fan pages to help gauge popularity of a subject. Yahoo and Google are following similar suit to take advantage of the dynamic nature of social networking to find the most relevant results for a search.

As it currently stands, social network ratings do not have a huge impact on SEO efforts. The industry seems to be in the phase of figuring out how to best draw on and utilize the information in a way that will be appropriate. For example, Bing offers a social oriented search which uses data from entities such as Facebook to help determine what appears on search engine result pages. However, you can also plug the information into a regular search query to generate a result that draws from traditional SEO practices.

Looking To Future Projects

A very apparent trend is the embracing of social media values to help determine what is relevant, authoritative content. The approach closely mirrors traditional link-building except on a much faster pace. Social networks simply move at a quicker pace than any other locations we may frequent on the internet. Users can update, Tweet, or tag on the go as often as they want. That provides the potential to simulate viral marketing and make an impact on a large audience in a relatively narrow timeframe.

A good, recent example of this was the “HOPA” girl who stuck it to a boss that referred to her in a derogatory way through text on white boards. She gave the impression she was standing up for herself while pointing out that the network activity showed her manager playing Farmville for several hours a week on the clock. That story and accompanying video spread faster than wildfire because of social networks. It wasn’t until a few days after the fact that it was discovered it was a staged marketing ploy to attempt to simulate viral marketing.

Preparing For Tomorrow

Your business, product, or message can benefit from the same kind of exposure especially as social networking is better integrated into the general internet experience. We are looking at an environment that is already starting to use the weight of some social page PageRanks to help contribute to results placement. Search engines are not releasing details but it is an activity that is confirmed.

A business cannot solely rely on traditional methods to generate online success. A business needs to have a social networking presence if they want to compete in the ever evolving online environment of tomorrow. Doing so will not only provide benefit in terms of search results but provide a great opportunity to better integrate with participants to facilitate the spread of information. There is no downside. The sooner a business gets onboard the better off they will be a year from now either through better rankings or exposure.

  • That is true, but I believe that social networks do become more and more stuffed with advertising

    • You are pointing to an absolutely true thing dear dragon stojicevic , But at the same time it is also a fact that these sites have been proving a real traffic booster for other web sites and businesses that are struggling to get some success over here in world of internet.So in other words we can say these social networks are catalyst for other sites as well.

    • Yeah, you are right nowadays peoples are in online mostly in social networking sites from the age 15 to 40.

    • jeffkgross

      Hi Dragan,
      I’m glad that we share same opinion about social networks. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid advertising factor, there is too much money involved. Thanks on feedback.

  • Social Networking is going to be essential for the success of any online projects at-least in the coming months. Social Networking websites have already started playing an important role in search engine (Facebook Likes for bing and Google +’s for google search).

    • jeffkgross

      That’s right Cheolsu. Google counts social presence of every website. That includes Likes, Tweets, G+, mentions on other networks. I think that is good way to filter quality from spam. Thanks on comment!

  • Good post, Jess. Social media integration is vital these days. Like you said, the search engines are taking it very much into consideration. I don’t think I see a single site these days without some sort of social media integration or feature.


    • jeffkgross

      You’re totally right. Without strong social component included, it is more likely to fail than succeed in any kind on online business these days.

  • Yes your definitely right. I agree with you, used social media as a technics to bloom your online projects.  

  • I personally like to promote my blog on social networks specially after google penguin update.

  • zk 2012

    Social media is important part of our life when we heard news it comes from social network and our friend who are always in social media network but need to increase our community with good friends and avoid misunderstanding.

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    Good think.

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  • Sehar Mubdah

    Social media and blogging both are interrelated to each other. Every time we have to come up
    with powerful social media strategy.

  • Social media is best option for online business or marketing. Good post about learners.