Six LinkedIn Benefits for Bloggers

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LinkedIn is most often dubbed as the resume site. Or Facebook for business users. As a newbie blogger, you may come to think that there is no real benefit of joining LinkedIn. But, that is as far from the truth as the moon is from the earth. There are many reasons for bloggers to not only join, but also take active participation in this vibrant community of professionals from all four corners of the globe.

Here are the most obvious LinkedIn benefits for bloggers.

1. Brand yourself

LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to build personal brand and promote yourself as a blogging expert. A complete, well-planned, and linked profile is a powerful way to show off your professional achievements and expertise. Your LinkedIn profile sums up your professional experience, career history, education, skills and interests. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate what you can do for others (your target audience). LinkedIn profile is an important part of your public image and credibility. Promote it on your blog and in your email signature by adding link to “View my profile on LinkedIn”.

2. Promote your blog

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to add customized links to your blogs or websites. You can add up to three personal links in your profile. But, you can also use LinkedIn applications like WordPress and Blog Link to promote your blog feed on your LinkedIn profile. This is an awesome way to give you profile visitors the sneak preview of your blog content.

3. Increase blog Traffic

It is a well known fact that as bloggers we use social networks to promote our blog content and increase traffic to our blogs. When it comes to LinkedIn, you can share links with your connections only, groups you belong to, or publicly, with everyone who visits your profile. But, use this opportunity wisely and don’t bombard your connections and groups with links. That may have counter effect. You certainly don’t want to brand yourself as a spammer.

4. Build your network

LinkedIn enables you to quickly grow your network and connect with others. You can easily search through your email contacts and see who already has a LinkedIn profile, find your ex-coworkers, school  and college friends. LinkedIn also uses the system of connections to recommend users whom you may already know. LinkedIn logic is simple: The more connections you have, the more your network will grow. By adding connections you are increasing findability of your LinkedIn profile.

5. Build reputation and authority

There are authorities and leading experts in every field. If you want to position yourself as a blogging expert or blogging consultant, then you have to build your reputation in that field. LinkedIn can help you in this pursuit a lot. You can build your reputation and authority on LinkedIn through LinkedIn Groups and Linkedin Answers. LinkedIn answers and LinkedIn groups enable you to easily demonstrate your expertise in your field. By answering other users’ questions, you demonstrate your knowledge and prove that you can help others. As an active and helpful member of the groups you joined, you can increase your visibility and recognizability.
Another powerful way to position yourself as an expert is to get recommendations. Recommendations are personal endorsements and proofs that you deliver what you promise.

6) Find ideas for blog posts

LinkedIn questions and group discussions are absolutely amazing tools for generating blog post ideas. They provide an insight into what people want to know and need to learn. You may want to subscribe to new questions in your area of expertise. For example, if you are blogging about technology, it would be wise to subscribe to new questions in this category.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of LinkedIn benefits for bloggers. But these six are certainly good enough reasons to visit the site and click the button Join Now.

  • I believe that LinkedIn is a very strong networking tools for small business entrepreneur and networking marketers.

    It is above all other social networks regarding the business aspect

    • Hi Albert,
      I can’t agree more! It is the ultimate network for entrepreneurs and SM CEO’s.
      There are so many other great networks for business owners and entrepreneurs, but LinkedIn is the most empowering.

  • I find that as well as building authority for yourself, it’s a great way for new bloggers and small business owners to find others in their field that they may potentially share links with, and even partner with.

    • Absolutely, Ben. LinkedIn is the most awesome platform for building business partnerships and especially for sharing business oriented links.
      I suppose you already have encouraging and motivating experiences to share in that field.

  • LinkedIn is a social media you need to be involved in and the results can be as big as anything. After the listing on the stock market has LinkedIn more capital to build and experiment with the website, they are here for stay.

    • You’re quite right, Lennart – an active participation on LinkedIn is a must. LI is a social network and it can produce huge results only through involvement.
      I would only add that they are not here just to stay – LI has virtually become a synonymous for business networking. That is how influential it is.

  • I like LinkedIn for many of the same reasons you stated. I have always said facebook is for who you used to know and family and linkedin is for people you know and conduct business with.

    • So true, Shayne! I also like to say that LinkedIn is where you can connect with people that you want to be and look up to. It is a place where you can find motivation and mentors. So many knowledgeable and experienced people from every possible niche share their experiences and expertise on LinkedIn.

  • I am newbie blogger. I have created a linkedin profile but not so active in that because i was thinking as what you say above. Thanks for sharing this. Gonna be very active in linkedin:)

    • Jomson, I am sure you will soon experience the benefits of LinkedIn. It was my pleasure to share these benefits. To your success! 🙂

  • LinkedIn has great potential for bloggers. This post will definitely inspire other bloggers to promote themselves and their blogs on linkedIn.

    • Sandinpan – it was my goal to inspire bloggers to use LinkedIn for branding and empowering themselves, as well as for promoting their blogs there. Therefore I am very happy that you found it inspiring. Hope LI helps you to achieve your aspirations!

  • One of the best benefit from LinkedIn is branding yourself,your ability and skills. And the rest like promoting your blog and business will follow.

    • Yes, David – LinkedIn is perfect for branding yourself. And you are quite right – brand yourself, build reputation and the rest will follow.

  • you are right ! 6 points are very nicely explained and useful.keep writing 🙂

    • Thanks! I will definitely keep writing, glad you found my points nicely explained. 🙂

  • Actually, social network will promote our blog content and it will increase high traffic to the blogs. And, it has an lot so many benefits for the bloggers. Thank you so much for given up here 🙂

    • Kavya, you are very welcome. Yes, LinkedIn has many more benefits for the bloggers. It is all up to us to go ahead and make the network work for us!

  • Hi Goranka, Thank you for sharing this. I believe that linkedin is a create way to create a brand. I just added a link to my linked in profile (PR 3). I hope it is do-follow.

    • Hi Cheolsu,

      I also believe that LI is great for brand building. LI profile links are very valuable in many aspects and I am sure that you will see the benefits soon!

      • Thank you, Goranka! Happy holidays.

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  • LinkedIn is the best ways to promote blogs, from this you can increase more traffic and visitors for your blog. These are the benefits you can get when you promote your blog in LinkedIn.