Outsourcing Your Blog: A Guide

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If you are serious about developing your blog as a business there are times that you will have to consider outsourcing some aspect of your blog. Indeed managing a blog when you have 100 visitors is a lot different when compared to 10000 visitors. This is why it might be important that you learn how to outsource some aspects of your blog. In this article I will be speaking about 4 interesting aspect of your blog that you can outsource


The first thing that you might consider outsourcing is the design part of your site. Indeed things such as blog templates and logo design can all be outsourced without having too much impact on your blog. The key here is to make sure that you give enough information to your designers to make sure that they understand what you are looking for. There are plenty of freelancers online that will be ready to work for you at a really affordable price.


Another thing that can easily be outsourced is the SEO. Indeed things like social bookmarking or link building can beoutsourced quite easily and will allow you to save time for some more productive aspect of your blog. Again you will want to make sure that you choose a qualified person or firm to handle this as you will not want them to make use obscure techniques. Using such techniques can penalize your site and may cause your site to disappear from search engines ranking page altogether.

Blog Management

Updating blog software, hosting management and databases management can be a time consuming task especially as the number of visitors keeps on increasing. This is another aspect of your blog that you should be able to outsource quite easily if you want to save some time. It might be a good idea to leave this blog management aspect to the same company that designs your blog in the first place.

Content Creation

This is an aspect of your blog that can be quite tricky if you are careful. Indeed the success of your blog will depend on the quality of the content that you post on your site. Your post will normally be a reflection of your own personality and it can be quite difficult for another person to replicate this. This is one feature of your blog that you may have problem outsourcing as it may take some time for you to find the most appropriate freelancer.
Alternatively you might want to outsource only some categories of your blog while you continue to write on the core topics of your blog.

  • Great tips! I think that it is possible to find the perfect freelancer to compliment your blog by being careful and taking some precautions. A freelancer or guest blogger should be familiar with your audience, subject matter, and previous posts. This will give them a foundation to develop content that speaks to your audience. Although it may take some trial-and-error, it is possible to find a writer that can help you outsource your content. I know because I guest blog and ghostwrite for several successful blogs. The blog owners don’t have to worry about spending too much time blogging because I handle that for them.

    • That is really well said and I believe that if people consider their guest bloggers and readers, they can always find a good candidate for outsourcing their work

  • That is so correct. Even though I am a part time blogger and has just started, I sometimes feel the need of a out source help

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  • Thanks for the information, but how do you know if your blog is being penalized? My blog http://www.edenlifemag.com has been active for almost a year, with updated content weekly, however the search engine traffic is really low. I have not been able to break the 100 visitors ceiling so far.

    At the same time I can’t afford to pay the outrageous fees for SEO services.

    Any advice?

    • There is always an alternative to paid seo, but the path is difficult to take. You would have to learn the concepts of SEO and master it yourself.

      Plus, you should look at blog marketing alternatives like social media which do bring a lot of transient traffic which can help build a readership

  • Moyo,
    You can easily do the ‘SEO basics’ to improve your site traffic without paying outrageous fees. Although that discussion is probably outside the scope of this comment section Here are a few suggestions. First, make sure you have unique content that is answering a question or otherwise filling a need for your readers. You can use free keyword research tools to help research your niche. Engage your site visitors in the comments. Make certain you have submitted your site to all the search engines. You can also focus on obtaining quality backlinks. Much of this can be accomplished either for free or within a reasonable budget.

    • Thanks Anthony for your response….i’ve tried to work on backlinks, and I understand that can get dicey and costly.

      1. What ways do you suggest to effectively build quality backlinks?
      2. I’ve researched my niche, based on keywords, now how do I get some of that traffic routed to my site?

      PS: I think my content is unique and consistently updated

      • I would suggest obtaining the backlinks organically which will actually be less costly than tactics such as link farms and such (which are not actually QUALITY backlinks but that’s another story). Begin commenting on other blogs and forums that have authority in your niche or high page rank. Here is a good post about backlinks from the Warrior Forum:

        Unless you have a budget to bid effectively on keywords in your niche I would suggest incorporating those keywords into your blog post titles, metatags, and content to boost your traffic in terms of organic search results. I am a firm believer that targeted content will not only provide value but also better results than many SEO tactics due to the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms.

  • Moyo,
    You can also check out this great video from Cathy Stucker on backlinks and traffic. http://tinyurl.com/cl77ods

    • Anthony, thanks for chipping such great info and making this a great discussion board.

  • outsourcing contents is what is stopping from hiring a freelancer

  • When you outsource content, typically you are using a freelancer Sourish! Check out this post on content providers:


  • Outsourcing can be a great idea. I certainly feel I never get enough done and freelance work can help tremendously with that. Also if you look long enough you can find freelancers that not only work for a low rate but complete quality work.

  • Outsourcing your works to the professionals is indeed a great help for a startup business. This is because, as being a startup, you know less or nothing at all in the internet marketing and online business promotion industry. Just as long as you could come across a reliable one, outsourcing your works wont be that much of a hassle.

  • I haven’t considered the fact that you can outsource every aspect of your blog. I just figured, with tools like WordPress, it was so easy to create a blog without the expense of outsourcing.

  •  Its true that everyone wants to market or do blog business. The four things which you have shared are awesome. Quality of content is really the most important aspect of any blog.

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