How Can You Increase Your Twitter Following by Utilizing Email Marketing Services?

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Twitter is much more than a fun service that lets people say whatever they want in 140 characters or less. It also a powerful marketing tool that offers some incredible opportunities for businesses. Twitter is not only great for generating exposure, but also making connections. There are many tools available to create these connections, and email marketing is one that does not get nearly enough attention. This article will go into detail about how email marketing services can be used to increase your Twitter following.


Get the Word Out

Social networking is a worldwide trend and with more than 200 million users, Twitter is one of the biggest parts of the phenomenon. However, even with such a large number of people around the world sending out tweets on a daily basis, your profile will do nothing but collect dust if you do not let people know you’re there. You need to draw attention to yourself, and email marketing is more than up for the job. Whether it’s dropping a mention in your newsletter or building an entire campaign around your Twitter presence, there are plenty of ways it can be used to get the word out and convert your subscribers to followers.

Give ‘Em a Reason to Follow

Some marketers flop with their Twitter efforts because they do not commit to spreading the word and essentially give up before really getting started. Others flounder because they are doing social networking all wrong, mainly by failing to make a notable presence. If you want people to follow, you must give them a reason to connect. Create a compelling profile, and whatever Twitter content you decide to share in your email campaigns, make sure that it is relevant and interesting. The more intriguing your presence and content, the more people will want to keep up with you on the network.

Use Social Sharing

Would you like for your email campaigns to travel further? If the answer is yes, then both Twitter and your email marketing services can help. Many companies now offer social sharing buttons that can be easily incorporated into your campaigns. This is a convenient luxury that allows readers to share your messages with their friends in a single click. When it comes to email marketing, social sharing has two perks. First it gives your message the chance to reach more people than it would have been able to otherwise. Second, it gives you an opportunity to increase your number of followers. If your content is relevant and useful to them, why wouldn’t people want to follow you?


Email marketing services can serve as a complement to any social media strategy, but especially one that involves Twitter. The platform is huge, and continues to show what a great tool it can be when used correctly. Choose the right service provider, and email marketing will help you get more out of your efforts on Twitter.

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