Facebook-Nervosa: Are You Suffering this Illness?

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Social media has become increasingly important for all of us. It can greatly affect our career. Have some silly photos of you and your friends acting stupid when you were drunk at Christmas, and the next thing you know, you are not getting that promotion, and you start getting the feeling that you are not really wanted in the office anymore, and you don’t know why. Some people are getting obsessed with social media, Facebook and Twitter marketing. They have come to see themselves as a brand.

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The worst personal experience I have had personally, more than once, is when I have met people in a social situation, we have had a good conversation, and then they ask for a Facebook profile. Soon after they don’t speak to you again when you meet them in public because you only have a few friends on Facebook and you are not ‘popular’ enough for them. It is important to manage our time on Facebook and other social media websites.

For some people, they have become addicted to the use of Facebook, and all they do is sit on it all day. They could be getting out, meeting real people, enjoying life, and actually doing something. Here is a look at how we can manage our Facebook life:

Time Constraint

We wouldn’t think it was appropriate to sit in front of the television for 8 hours a day, and do little else, and there is no reason why one should be sitting in front of Facebook for ridiculous amounts of time either. Set yourself a time limit for how long you will allow yourself to gossip, chat and be internet social.


The concept of friends online is very interesting. Facebook is much more useful when you actually know and have an interest in the people who are associated with your account. Do you really need to be adding all that junk on your account? If someone is not communicating with you via Facebook, and you don’t have a real relationship with them (a Facebook relationship is not a relationship), you should dump them from your account.

Not Real

Have you realised how much of what is happening on Facebook is not actually real? There are numerous fake accounts and fake people on Facebook. Those accounts are so obvious. They are the ones with women wearing a bikini looking alluring or the guy with the six pack abs. They will have 3 photos, little information, and randomly make a comment to everyone. Every now and then, she will tell you how great a product she has used is. She is a fake profile used by a guerrilla marketing company to push products and services.


Facebook has been the subject of a lot of debate about privacy. Despite their attempts to give users more control it is struggling with so many users. Hacking, identity theft as well as stolen images have become problems. With so much personal information available on the site you can understand why so many criminals are trying to use it to run scams.

Gossip Book

Unless you are using it in a mature and controlled fashion, or you are using it for effective business purposes, such as boosting your SEO or career in a mature fashion, you might have a problem. Are you behaving like a snotty teenager, gossiping, acting obsessively and suffering from Facebook-nervosa?

  • I believe you do need to reflect who you really are in Facebook—being authentic is what attracts people to you and your business. Whether we like it or not, our character reflects in our interactions and in our business—so really contemplate on what you are trying to share with the world.

  • I personally have no serious attachment to facebook and could careless how people act or feel about me. I know I am good at what I do and someone see’s me as not popular enough then they are not good enough to be my friend.

  • I individually have no serious connection to facebook or myspace and could reckless how individuals act or experience about me. I know I am excellent at what I do and someone see’s me as not well-known enough then they are not excellent enough to be my companion.

  • Great post, and everything you wrote is true. I have tried to keep Facebook as a limited part of my life. I only accept users that I actually know from somewhere. I am also careful about who can see my photos. Even though I don’t really party much or anything, who knows what photos could be misconstrued, after all. So it’s better to be safe from the outset.


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