5 Reasons to Spend More Time on Blog Comments Than Your Blog Post

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This title is not meant to instigate. Take as much time as you need to craft a well written, thoughtful blog post that your readers will look forward to reading. Then, spend the next few weeks checking in with the comment board. For better or worse, comment boards are everywhere now. Most of them you can completely ignore, but that’s not the board’s fault.  The comment board is really a great tool for promoting your blog and getting your readers engaged. Here are five reasons to spend a good amount of time fostering the comment board on your blog.

Listen to what others have to say!

1. Provides an Open Forum

Of course, this reason will have its high points and low points, but when used as a tool to increase one’s knowledge, the comment board is fantastic. Your readers come to your page to read what you have to say, hoping to gain something new from you on a regular basis. Since the internet universe is pretty much infinite, there’s a good chance you may have missed an article or source your reader can bring to light for you. Giving your readers the chance to enhance the article for you and your other readers is a great idea, regardless of whether it supports or refutes your post. The more people that weigh in on your post, the better.

2. Allows for a Q & A

Not every post is ideal for a Q & A, but the ones that are can wind up being a valuable resource for a long time. On tech blogs, SEO blogs, and other industry specific blogs, you can get a lot of “Hows” and “Whys” answered from the educated readers sharing their experiences with you and your other readers. Promote the Q & A aspect by asking your own question when appropriate, asking for their experiences or knowledge. These posts can then show up when people with similar questions type them into the search engines. If they like what they read and it helps them, you can count on some new readers.

3. Develops the Social Aspect

There’s every argument for how important the social aspect is for every almost every website right now. Have your readers create a brief profile to comment. You can get to know the names and faces of your readers, and they can get to know you and each other. There is more weight to the comments of people with a history of good comments and helpful advice then the folks commenting behind the anonymous title. Getting to know your base in this way will only help to promote your blog, and understand more of what they look for in your posts. And that’s the point.

4. Reward Your Readers

Comment boards can be a great source for a quick link to your reader’s website. If one of your readers has taken the time to create a profile, read your posts, and interact with your story or other readers; show them some luv. Keyword luv that is. There are many blogs that allow their loyal users to use a keyword they want to be associated with as their username, which is a valuable anchor text for their site. As the moderator, you’ll be able to tell who is coming to your site for the right reasons. Reward these readers, and they’ll reward you with loyalty and spreading your blog.

5. Become a Better Writer

I don’t know if there has been an influx of English majors online lately, but for every few posts about an article, I see a comment about the author’s writing style or lack thereof. Granted, most times this is far from constructive criticism. In fact sometimes it’s downright mean. But if you are hearing feedback from your readers about a change of style or errors, use this as an opportunity to grow. Now it is your blog and they are coming to you, but one should never stop learning. So if there is anything of value to take out of these types of posts, give it a shot.

  • It’s not an either/or to me. A good blog will motivate comments. Heck, develop a comment posse if you’re new at it and artificially get them going.

    I comment on a dozen or so blogs EVERY DAY. It’s the best way to learn, to interact, to meet great people, and get great returns as well.

    Do both. Write well. Comment often!

    • Agreed!
      Commenting and Writing well is the mantra of gaining good relationships. Writing comments is good for relationship building as well as discussing about issues that concern you.

    • Of course, you need to have great content to attract valuable readers and commenters in the first place. Though I’d like you to elaborate on the ‘comment posse and artifically get them going’. Not sure if I follow that.

    • Loved Bruce’s remark: “Write well. Comment often!”

  • I agree. Nurturing relations between the blogger and the readers is very important and like you said, more important than the blog post even. It keeps the readers coming back for more, knowing that someone cares about their thoughts and opinions.


  • Yes, No doubt comment board is a positive Connection between a viewer/reader and a blogger. Relations last long if a blogger allows their readers to write comment and let them express their thoughts on the site.I am totally agree with Matt Brown’s opinion in this useful article.

  • Hate to be a party pooper but I have not found in 4 years that leaving well thought out comments has done diddly-squat for my own blogs.
    Instead of repeating what others have said ( good content gets you comments-balderdash) love to see some real data showing how comments improved your blogs traffic.
    Being a huge go-giver, 75% of my time online is promoting others and my blogs are either crap or too high thinking because it is like pulling teeth to get comments going.
    Be real, we live in an instant society and like and RT rule as it takes less commitment.
    Now that the barn door is open let the comments begin, oh yeah, there I go helping conversations happen all over the web chuckle.

  • Absolutely. The comment area is what separates blogs from traditional static websites, and as such more blog owners should encourage and reward comments.

    Many do, but some even go so far as to close comments. A big no no in the blogging world. Nice article.


  • Hi, Matt and Gautam.

    You are right. Blog comments are as golden as the posts themselves. Posts are meant to disseminate information while the blog comments are meant for better interaction.

    Although I took a step back when it comes to blog commenting because I wanted to prioritize on my clients and caring for them more, which I could not do as well when I am hunched over my laptop and immersed in social media, I also am making it a point not to neglect this. I may not be commenting as much as I did before, but I am definitely not disappearing either.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays! 🙂

    • For sure, great point. Some people do an outpouring of comments daily (see our first commenter). To each his own, I think your time is best spent finding posts you really have an opinion about and finding a way to enhance the post with an article or well crafted arguement. I comment mostly on the same blogs I read loyally, because I like interacting with writers I trust and their readers.

  • “4. Reward Your Readers”
    absolutely agree!!!
    It’s difficult to find readers that are really interested in your posts, read them all…many visitors come just to live a link or something like this…

  • I think you are rigth in theory on points 1-3, but in practice its not often to see real dicussions and open forums in comment sections.
    I think a bit of the problem is that a lot are commenting just for the link back to their site.
    A lot of commentors just decides what to write without even considering if there is a discussin or question earler on in the comments.
    In many ways comments are simular to a forum post, but its harder to keep discussions.
    But for a well know blog relations between the blogger and the audience can be better and just as good as a forum..

  • Spending more time on blog comments do help getting back visitors. It also helps to understand your vistors better and what they are looking for.

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  • one good reason for spending time on comments is to also keep a check on spammers and irrelevant comments.

  • Well Spending time on blog is not only to check the spammer its very important to see how many readers you have and who really bother to write a comment on your blog..

    • Ya you right. We should keep our blog clean without spam comments. Else we allow spam the real interesting readers will affect. Also commenting the good thing to get new ideas from different kind of people.

  • Hi Matt, I am currently refurbishing my blog and will be including diverse topics, although still hinting on the main thoughts of the blog’s niche. I will be definitely be implementing the 5 steps that you recommended specially the “reward” part. Thanks very much!

  • I usually read articles that I found interesting and then commenting them.
    On most valuable blogs is easy to create relationship with the author,if you provide quality comments to discuss about

  • Good post for some tips on blog promotion. I definitely agree with creating that emotional bond. I would suggest that one try to be as personal as possible when promoting their blog as well. If you can tell a personal story or talk about your own emotions, people will feel that emotional connection with you.

  • I comment on a dozen or so blogs EVERY DAY. It’s the best way to learn, to interact, to meet great people, and get great returns as well.

  • I’ve just started a blog on my website. I’ve never been very good a writing other than a personal letter but I always seem to get “mental block” when its time to write something in the blog, what do I write about, how long should it be, how often should I blog, how to get others to read what I’ve written and hope they find it interesting enough to come back. This artical has anwsered a couple of those questions; I suppose the old sayin holds true “Practice Make Perfect”….or I’ll get better at it as I write more.

  • Hi, I think if your blog touching eyes of users it will bring you good amount of revenue. yes its seem when someone gives comment in your post. you need to reply. for this user again come to your blog. always provide a better information and as well as answer.  

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