The Six Most Annoying Things Bloggers Do

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Once in a while, we come across blogs that just makes us feel irritated. While there are so many great writers, bloggers and online writers in today’s Blogosphere, there are simply those who irritate you effortlessly – either on purpose or inadvertently.

This article lists seven of the most irritating things that make even the most loyal follower heading out your blog. And if we’re not too careful, we too might fall into this pitfall. So before you get your readers annoyed, here are six of the most annoying things you could do to leave your readers irritated.


You simply don’t know what you’re talking about

An informative blog, from the name itself, should inform and informing means telling what you know – but what if the blogger doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about? – That’s a deal breaker.

The reason why most expert bloggers advise blogging about things you are passionate about is that it would be easier for you to communicate and explain such topic. If a blogger doesn’t know what he’s talking about, it will surely manifest which can lead to the lost of his online reputation.

The know-it all blogger

A blogger who doesn’t know what he’s talking about is irritating but what about a blogger who knows what he’s talking about… but seems to rub his ingenuity and expertise all over your face.

To put it in its simplest terms, nobody loves know-it-alls.

The Jester

Injecting humor into a blog is a tried and tested method of attracting readers and loyal followers but what if your humor is just so horrific that it scares away your visitors? – might as well be serious.

You’ll just irritate your readers with your failed attempts at humor.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes… over and over again

Grammar, punctuation and spelling are important in blogging. The argument that blogging is different from academic writing is quite silly. While you don’t need superb academic writing expertise when blogging, you should at least make it a point to write in an error-free manner.

Check your grammar for God’s sake.

Pop ups and audios and videos that automatically play

Pop ups will scare away visitors. Audios and videos that automatically play, on the other hand, breeds hatred – well, not really but they will also scare away your blog’s visitors.

Excessive advertising banners – too desperate in making money!

Excessive adverting banners are a sign that you are really desperate in making money with your blog. A blog splashed with banners only creates a perception that you’re living under the bridge on less than a dollar a day but also makes your blog look too cluttered.

With the millions of blog scattered all over the Blogosphere, nobody would be desperate enough to live with your excessive advertising banners.

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  • Very true!!

  • Suzanne, you remind me a lot of myself. I like Web sites and blogs that are clean and full of valuable content.

  • Good point Suzzane. I agree, excesively doing all of the above will definitely annoy visitors. Personally, the least that annoys me are the grammar and punctuation (for slight mistakes).

  • Excessive advertising banners is the foremost turn off for any readers. Also they don’t like too many links within a post.

  • Bingo!! those annoying video and pop ups that start by themselves, i hate them like anything

  • Suzzane Edwards

    I agree with you. I too am not a big fan of popups and annoying banners. Specially those websites that display an advertisement everytime you click a link or visit another page. Thanks for the comment.

  • The thing that gets me the most is the excessive ads. I think some people get into blogging thinking it will be a goldmine, just generate content and throw ads on it, haha!

  • I hate popups since I saw the first eleven years ago!
    Also too many banner really annoying me!

  • I am perfectly agree with you. Some of the mistakes are done by me also on my personal blog. I will take care of them next time.

  • I feel the most annoying thing that bloggers do is undoubtedly adding popups and a huge number of ads and banners. I feel weird when i see so many popups and ads floating around the content i wanted to read!

  • “This article lists seven of the most irritating things that make even the most loyal follower heading out your blog”

    “Check your grammar for God’s sake.”

  • Hi Suzzane,
    What make my to leave a blog is all pop and flash that makes the website looks like a hysterical flashing Christmas tree. I hate it.

  • Kim Willis

    A good blog should always provide information to its readers. After all its the main reason why people visit blogs. Websites should provide a platform where people could easily read the content and navigate.

  • Yea, these are all very annoying things that some bloggers seem to do. The know-it-all bloggers don’t realize they are turning off more people than they are attracting because what happens is such overconfidence is an automatic indicator to many people that the person is trying to cover up for their lack of knowledge in the first place.

    I also agree about the grammer and spelling errors ruining credibility. I have often read posts with typos that immediately made me lose some respect for the blog.


  • English not being a writer’s native language is not an excuse for grammar and spelling errors. We must remember that being a writer, we must equip ourselves with the necessary tools of our craft.

  • The excessive banners and pop-ups are my biggest turn offs when it come to annoying blogs. I simply won’t read such blogs to long.

    But another thing that will annoy the hell out of my is that attitude of knowing everything, unfortunately lots of popular bloggers develop such a problem. I also dislike the fa boys community, defending the writer even though he’s wrong.

    • Yea and the worst are those pop-ups that are resource intensive and appears on every single tab that you open up of that site. Everything else I’m doing in the browser freezes for a bit while the ad fills up the screen in each tab.


  • it happens with every new bloggers. Btw really nice and to the point post 🙂

  • I have the habit of using lot’s of punctuation marks and all. but i will try to work on it from now onward.

  • Too much of advt banners and annoying pop ups are the worst case that I experienced..!

  • Very very very informative for every bloggers especially newbies like me:) I will bookmark this post and very thanks for sharing this:)

  • Pop ups and loud audio are my big pet peevs. I also get annoyed by badly laid out websites with crazy backgrounds and and font colors that blend in so you can’t hardly read them.

  • Blogs are created to inform and express a person’s thoughts, at least that’s what its original purpose was. It also is a great way to make money from (of course). We just have to stick to our sense of good taste and not be too pushy with our selling.

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    Good thought.