How to Use Social Media To Establish Your Online Brand

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Social media is one of the “most important” and “most ignored” aspects of creating a successful online brand. When webmasters start a new site, they often focus on content, design, or functionality. Great content is extremely important, but even the best articles won’t get seen if they aren’t promoted correctly. This content not only needs to be seen, but seen by influential people in the niche. This is why becoming a “social authority” is one of the best ways to launch a site. Creating a popular Facebook page, Twitter account, Digg account, and online forum presence will promote your content to people who have a greater reach than you do. Once your social profile is well established, getting your message out will be much easier.

Your Brand Should Stand Out and not be Forgotten Like This!

Engaging In Forum Discussions

Establishing yourself as an authority on Internet forums can generate interest in your brand. One of the best examples i have ever seen of this was by an affiliate network owner. At the time he was an Internet marketer that was always helpful to everyone, always friendly, would answer any question you asked, and over time he gained a lot of respect in the community. Later, when he started his own affiliate network, everyone from the community quickly jumped on board. This helped him gain affiliates and grow a network at a time when networks were popping up like weeds. He now runs one of the most successful CPA networks in the space. In many cases, forums can be a huge time sink. But, if done with a goal in mind, it can be a way to promote yourself, your brand, and your products.

Building A Twitter Account

When twitter first launched, i have to admit, i did not get it. I thought it was for narcissistic people who thought everyone else cared that they “just ate a turkey sandwich for lunch”. But i stuck with it, and after a month or so, i began to understand why twitter was so important. Simply put, “it is a completely new way to communicate”. Twitter can be used to gain followers with like-interests. It is easy to create content for followers, due to the 140 character limit. One of the best way to create content is to link out to interesting articles or resources for people in your niche.

Treating your users well is important. You cannot just spam links to your site. It takes time to develop a relationship with followers so they pay attention to what you are saying. The quality of content you deliver should be the same that they grown to expect from your brand. Over time, this will help you build loyal group of people that are interested in your message and your products.

Building a Facebook Fanpage

Facebook is the 2nd most popular site on the internet and too huge to ignore. Its traffic is equal to or greater that of Google and has become the center of social interaction on the web. Creating a Facebook Fanpage is a way to connect to a group of users interested in your area of expertise. A Fanpage can be created within minutes, but gaining followers is more difficult. An easy, but more expensive way to gain followers is by advertising your page. Running a Facebook Ad is very easy and takes just a few minutes to setup. On the other hand, running a successful ad campaign that gets followers at a reasonable cost-per-acquisition is much more difficult. For the best results make targeted ads tailored to a very small group of people. Facebook Ads can target age, interests, jobs, and more. Pick a small group and make your headlines, images, and subjects specifically to capture the attention of this small group. This will increase click-through-rate of your ads and dramatically lower your costs.

Promoting your story on Digg is a social news site where users can promote their own stories. This site is skewed to a college male aged demographic and can bring a huge volume of traffic and links if a story is successful. They key to getting a story popular on this site is creating interesting content, specifically geared toward this demo. It is also important to build up a base of friends that will help you promote/digg your story. It is difficult to reach the front page, but if you make it, you will experience a flood of traffic that can send most servers crashing. You will also need to be prepared in case this does happen.

Building a well-known brand is the goal of most businesses. Creating social channels that can push your content out to customers is a proven way to grow a user base. Ignoring social media could be the difference between success and failure for your business. It is not easy to figure how to best use each platform, but taking the time and effort to learn each one is extremely valuable.

  • I love this article. I agree that building a community does take time. I use Facebook as my main social media outlet because I find I can communicate with my friends, network, join or create groups, see what events are occurring that are pertinent to me, brand my website, etc. Forums are also great for networking and gaining information on useful topics.

  • These are huge resources where you can attract your targeted people, you just have to show them you importance and they’ll certainly follow you. I believe niche forums are best and quick way to earn valuable reputation than other social networking sites.

  • Using Social Media to promote yourself, your brand is incredible. But, don’t let anyone fool you to think it’s easy. It is work – just another way to do it. And, IMHO, a fun amazing way!

  • great blog, i totally agree with you that building a community does take time, but hey its worth it in the end

  • Today Branding is becoming one of the most important part of survival strategy in business environment and when internet has come all those aspects are boosted up with new challenges.

  • Great Post, highly informative concern to uses of social media.

    As nowadays it S.N. sites are gaining huge attention around the universe and best e.g. is facebook and due to this popularity makes social media more important in matter of building strong online brand. As there are many way to promote business here say by SEO and also using social networking site which is called SMO i.e. Social Media Optimization.

    Thus thanks a lot for all your hard work behind this.

  • jeffkgross

    Social media became one of the most important factors if you want to establish your online brand. Thanks on very educative and interesting facts here. Nice work Ross.

  • I definitely agreed about not understanding the purpose of Twitter. I always thought the things I can do on Twitter I can do with Facebook except for lack of features on Twitter.

    Never thought about doing a Facebook Fan Page though since you could use your profile as a resume itself.

    Social media is by far the easiest way to brand your name and to spread it.

    Love the article!

  • Building your facebook fanpage for your company is huge nowadays. The next step is integrating ways to have your fans turn into customers. Working on having your fans leave facebook and go to your website without spamming them on your fanpage is a whole other topic.

    We use paid advertising and twitter to drive people to our fan page. Keeping current fresh content on your fanpage will help keep these fans.

  • Yes i agree with this point. To be a successful blogger social media is very important factor. If you have a good number of likes on your FB page and good deal of followers in your twitter handle it automatically increases respect!

  • really twitter account is worked well for my blog promotion and branding nice tips 🙂

  • Facebook and Twitter are a must for any webbusiness. And Google + seems to go that way too. Very soon, there won’t be much time left to do the real work in the business.

  • Unfortunately, we see more and more that we have to pay to appear on Google, Yahoo, Bing, social media, Facebook, etc. Last example is Herman Cain negative publicity for his extra-marital affairs, which he uses PPC campaigns to come first on Twitter, Google etc. to defense himself with, so hi creating a successful online brand now??

  • Twitter can be used to gain followers without any doubt. And, social media to build a brand on every where. Facebook fan page will be get more readers into the blog and it will be get more traffic into the blog.

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  • Social Media approach is definitely important to establish good relationship with customers. This article is very much helpful in the strategic implementations of any business!

  • As readers of my blog know, I’m a huge champion of brand definition and purpose because that enables a company to be more meaningful to its customers lives. But too often brands fail to ensure internal alignment around a purpose, core values or mission, which means customers often hear one thing from a brand but experience another from its employees.

  • twitter account is worked well for brand promotion

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    Your view is nice.