Blogging Can Make You Riches To Rags Too – Be Cautious!

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Blogging arena has emerged as the sweet segment for the budding webmasters and those considering becoming rich quickly. However, over concentration and reliance on blogging can work against the established networks over a period of time. The webmasters often tend to align themselves more to changing SEO dynamics rather than writing quality content for the end users and as an aftermath traffic numbers dwindle and eventually the earnings. The blogging ecosystem is changing at rapid pace and is no more a standalone entity in itself. A well chalked out SEO and SMM hold the key.


Finding the right monetization strategy for you!

Research The Keywords Before Putting Thoughts Together

It is essentially imperative for webmasters to focus on a set of keywords for a stint only rather than sticking with them for a life time. The popular tools such as Google Trends should be leveraged by bloggers to know the current topics of interest and then concentrate on those. For instance, some iPhone niche bloggers are still focusing iPhone 5 keyword phrases rather than iPhone 4S and are hence are experiencing decreasing traffic trends.

Another strategy to counter the fad trends is by buying domain names with the high value keywords and stacking those with the blog posts. However, not everyone has the budget to buy too many sites and set them up from scratch with quality content. The strategy is highly recommended for webmasters who intend to develop a rich blogsites portfolio.

Try Non-Adsense Monetization To Boost Earnings

More often than not the bloggers tend to rely 100% on Adsense based earnings even if they crack higher rankings. There comes a saturation point in the earnings potential and unless non-Adsense route too is leveraged by the users the earnings will eventually normalize.

Technorati Media ads and Clickbank are fastest non-Adsense affiliate networks that have been yielding substantial earnings. The video ad networks such as Vdopia have penetrated the market with a boom too. You should try marshalling your resources around these potential monetizing possibilities in order to stay competitive in the blog niche.

Change & Innovation Are The Buzz Words

Even more than the content the look and feel of the blog should be appealing to the users. Have you ever wondered if the design of the site is intimidating and user friendly? Perhaps the good starting point will be to benchmark the design with the best competitors. The surfers tend to prefer blogsites which load up faster, have meaningful content and are not spammy.

There is no harm in re-engineering the site from scratch even if you have substantial traffic but are witnessing regular churn. Only by changing ad layouts, blog’s design and categorization you can know the things to concentrate upon. As a best practice you should ideally take a leaf from the book one by one rather than radically changing the design, layout and content in one go. And as pointed out by Tom pointers – Try fast and Fail fast, you should recognize what is going on wrong and how it can be corrected with apt steps in the next iteration.

  • adsense are things of past. nobody wants to wait for 6 months to get their check these days

  • “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”..this motto works fine even with advertising revenue.
    I always mix up my advertising revenue from fixed price advertising to sales lead

  • Those are great tips, you also have to diversify, that is a good way to not put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Yes, i agree with to you that by blog we can get rich quickly but if we manage our blog by prosional. If it have great traffict we can monetize it.

  • Good tips, Sarin. Indeed, it is very important to research keywords before writing any article.

  • AdSense just isn’t working that well for me. I might have to try ClickBank and Technorati

  • News, trends and fashion are things that many blogging and writing about, everything that is interesting is oftas short-lived, so it is not necessary to spend too much time on the absolute right keywords.

  • I thinl adsense is king ads program because it pay much more than the others. But it is very difficult to catch a regular and constant income via adsense. So non-adsense monetization systems can be tried for more precision.

  • I am currently sticking to adsense which is earning me good revenue.

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    Hi. I see you are using NRelate as another revenue source other than adsense. I’ve recently installed it on my blog, so will see how it goes. Have you had any success with it?

    By the way, nice post

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