3 Tools To Manage Your Twitter Community Everyone Should Use

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On February 2012, I will be on Twitter for 5 years. Five long years during which I slowly learnt how to get the most out of this wonderful platform and how to leverage it from both a personal and business standpoint. No doubt about it, Twitter is where it is thanks to the incredible group of third party developers who designed new great twitter tools to get the most out of that, way more than what you can get from the standard Twitter interface.

Twitter’s growth over the past 5 year has been incredible, going from a few thousands to a few hundred millions registered users. For this reason, the typical Twitter user changed over time, moving from the typical early adopter to what I use to call the “average” internet user. I laso know a lot of people who discovered internet just a few months ago (from no-techies to seniors) who are on Twitter already.

Today, I would like to share with you three web-based twitter tools I use everyday that really make the difference when it comes to use Twitter at its best.


Together with a few other tools my company developed, Twimbow was born first of all as a way to satisfy my needs of power Twitter user. Today, I wouldn’t recommend anything different in order to focus on what is really important for you and to get rid of the “twitter noise”. Tons of innovative features like Gmail-like colored labels, rich tags, the monitor, the profile browser and much more help you keep track on what’s going on that really matters for you, helping you save valuable time. Twimbow is a web based social media dashboard that helps you organize your online conversations thanks to a truly innovative set of features and a stunning user interface.


ManageFlitter Logo

ManageFlitter is definitely the best way to manage your Twitter followers and friends. It helps you filter the users you follow according to different criteria and lets you quickly identify users who are not tweeting anymore or that, depending on your personal criteria, are not offering more value to you. Through ManageFitter you can easily clean the list of people you follow and find new people worth following. If you want to get the most out of ManageFitter, I recommend to use it on Chrome together with the “Check All” extension, that lets you automatically check multiple items at the same time (it helps you save a lot of time).


Last but not least, Commun.it is another incredible tool that helps you manage your Twitter community from a different standpoint. In a certain time slot (3 hours, 3 days or always) It identifies the users who are supporting you the most (for ex. by retweeting your stuff), users you should consider to follow, new leads based on the fact they mentioned something you care of and so on. You can also decide to unfollow a list of selected users that Commun.it “thinks” are not worth following anymore, helping you to clean up your “following” list. Definitely a must-have for any Twitter user.

What do you think? Are you using these tools everyday to improve your Twitter “efficiency”? Please leave your feedback in the comment section and feel free to drop me a tweet anytime (I am @filos). Thanks!

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    • Thanks a lot for this offer Sharel 🙂

  • i didn’t use any different platform to manage my twitter account before. But i am related with Commun.it after your post. i think it is time to extend flexibility of twitter. Thanks

    • We at the Commun.it team are looking forward to give you Value 🙂

      Happy to engage and share the vibe 🙂

  • More to learn?

    Good stuff…will get on it NOW!

  • I’m already using first 2 applications but didn’t use commun.in. This app seems really important and I’m going to use it now after all who wants to follow those people who really don’t care about you.

  • Good food for thought. I’ll look into those tools.

  • Twimbow looks like exactly the tool I was looking for to reduce twitter noise or distractions. Love that it has tons of options too, can’t wait to try it.

  • jeffkgross

    Agree, everyone should use one of three services mentioned here. But, anyway these days there is more fake profiles and spammers than ever. Also, for using Twitter for business purposes & getting real valuable links recommend to visit SEOmoz blog and watch for latest Rand Fishkin video about Twitter opportunities.

  • I have been too bad with my Twitter, but I will get better and I will check out your three Twitter tool first and see what I can use.

  • The filter thing is great, twitter should actually implement such a feature. An options for sorting users in categories. It will make life much easier and cooler for lots of people.

  • I have been using Twitter for a couple of years only but it’s been a great asset for me too and one that I can’t do without by now. ManageFlitter is one of my favorite tools. I constantly update the filters to keep perfect track of all those I am following. Commun.it is also fantastic for letting me know who is paying most attention to my tweets and helps me reciprocate to them too.


    • Hi Jean,
      Thx for sharing your insights and Commun.it 🙂 this are all great tools, and we are super honored to give u value 🙂

      Happy to engage & share the vibe 🙂

  • I certainly would agree with your list, especially Manageflitter. It helped me in organizing my followers. I recommend it.

  • I have been using some twitter apps lately but I can say these three tools make sense to me especially, Manage Flitter. Thanks a ton for sharing this 🙂

  • Good article. I don’t use Twitter a lot, but ManageFlitter looks pretty good. Will check out the rest too, thanks for sharing.

  • I don’t use Twitter much either yet. But when I start I will have to check these tools out, thanks for the incite.

  • Hey,
    I had been using Twitter as my social networking site for about a month now, and I really wanted to make my twitter more comfortable and useful. That is why I am searching for some tools and I am so glad to encounter it in your article. Thanks. 😀

  • Hey have you all ever heard of twiends?
    It is the currently best tool to increase your twitter followers. do check it out if you havent!

  • I have used manage filter. It do helps me alot to manage my twitter account more effectively!!

  • rnd technologies

    Nice thought.