10 the most popular myths about SEO

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If you’re newbie to SEO stuff, you might need to know the difference about the true and false statements made about it. Before actually starting to spend your own money and efforts on SEO, take some time to look through the statements and make a weighted decision.

1. SEO is way too complicated for the usual people.

It’s actually not true. The basics of the good SEO technology are placed in the basic texts, which will help you to make your text nice and clearly readable by the search machines. Of course, there are some complicated SEO topics, still, it’s much more an exception than the main rule. If you’re comfortable with the basics, you may start making SEO optimization for your site. Read the corresponding articles like “Ten steps to nicely optimized site” etc. There you will get the knowledge about how does the optimization process go.

2. There is too much to learn to do SEO. I’ll never learn such type of skills.

And yet again it’s not completely true. SEO is no less then any other subject, still it’s nothing more then a one. You don’t feel like getting a fishing specialist after seeing one single program on TV? Here we have got the same things, start from the very beginning and learn from the basics to the complicated things, step by step without fear or hesitation. Be sure that the knowledge will definitely come to you slowly. After feeling like you have learnt the basic concepts, try reading “SEO 101” for getting the overview of SEO.

3. The moment I Indexed my site for search engines, I got all the business done.

This is a completely false statement, as the indexing in search engines doesn’t guarantee high level of visitors. All you’ve done is you showed to the others you’re here, so they are now able to find you through the search engine. Yet still, you’ve got to do something for them to start looking for you. The best option is to get to the highest ranks of the search engines, so the link onto your resource will appear on the first page. Study the basics of publication for the information on the topic.

4. SEO optimisation needs too much time.

Not exactly again. The meaning of the effective optimisation is not a complicated one. All you need to know is that you shall have the unique interesting content, the code and the site design. You’re already spending enough efforts on these things, so all you need to do is to keep in mind the SEP basics to interlace them all into the project and to help yourself for the very point. Read the materials like “When do I see the first results?” to sustain your curiosity.

5. For success, I shall place my page in at least 1000 search engines – is that true?

This might appear to be the most common myth about SEO, as well as the most false one. First of all, think about all these search engines. Did you ever use any of them? So why do you think all other people know about their existence at all? If somebody asks for money to make publishing, he will most likely do nothing about it. Read “The basics of the site placement” for your consideration.

6. My site is way too big to do everything alone.

Be sure Roma wasn’t created at one single day. Same goes about your site. Take your time to consider the most useful tactics and start making everything page by page. Creating one page at a time will be just fine. Remember that every page is the bright door to your site available for the visitors. Concentrate over the post popular pages, try to analyze what do they actually need, after that consider the materials you have and make the proper decision. While combining the material, keep in mind the basics of SEO, to the effect would be greater.

7. Meta tags are the most important part of the process.

The popular Meta tags are just as important keywords as the other ones. They are usually placed as words, headlines, descriptions; all this is usually used by bots to index your page. There’s no actual fact for these tags to be the most important task for the SEO master. Still they are an important task of the popularisation of your resource, to keep them in mind as well.

8. I need directories to get a high rating for the page.

There is one thing you must know about directories, they are overflowing with keywords etc. All these ways are considered to be the black hat SEO techniques and shall never take place in normal ways of optimisation. These can be even considered as spam, and the bots will just ignore your site.

9. It’s not possible for me to reach the top if the keywords are very small.

The SEO optimization will demand a lot of energy from you as well as lot of efforts. You might think it’s actually not true, but a single thing won’t just bring you to the top. Your goals should not to be in the very top of the list at any cost. The most important thing is to offer your services to the audience, and this might happen on the third page as well. It’s sometimes enough to build a really good site with a lot of options and offers of the craved product to get a lot of visitors. Your site shall be productive and created according to the tendencies.

10. I don’t need SEO, the search engines are nice to me.

And yet again we have to agree with that. No matter how satisfied you are with the current level of visitors? Will you be satisfied with it in a month? Perhaps you will ask for something more and that is the most important part of SEO optimization. Take your time to learn the basic opportunities in order to make your site even more appealing for the clients.

  • Beautifully categorized and every important and false myths are stated.

  • A good analysis about false myths.
    I’ve to admit that I fell into the myths number 1 and 2,but during the last months I was able to get some decent SEO result by myself

  • There is so many myths in SEO, so what are the biggest we can discuss a long time. Some more myths are;
    That pages that are frequently updated would rank higher in Google because of it.
    That sponsored links such as AdWords would impact positively in the rankings,
    That an XML sitemap will make you rank higher in Google.

  • I work for a web development and SEO company in Phoenix, Arizona. The #1 myth that 75% of our clients have walking in the door is that obtaining Page 1 organic ranking is just like pressing a button.

    Everyone seems to think that it is easy to get top ranking with little to no effort. LOL.

    The reality is, for highly competitive terms obtaining top rankings on page 1 involves a big investment – both in time and money.

  • Before I got into SEO, I also believed a lot of these myths. I thought you had to be a very experienced network professional to do SEO. Certainly, having advanced web knowledge helps but it is not essential. Many SEO experts I know started out from scratch and within less than a year, they are well versed in all the tricks and techniques and making a good living with SEO.


  • Its best to leave SEO to the experts and spend your time doing whatever it is the earns you income.
    SEO is a specialty that requires lots of knowledge and time.

  • Lew

    As a newbie in this blogosphere, even though it is my first time in tackling the word SEO. I am that eager to know what it means, it’s history, and even it’s benefits to the network sites. After reading your article, I could hypothesize that having this kind of stuff is really useful for on’s blog, article, or even a web. 😀

  • You are right. SEO can be done by anyone. You just need to take some time to read up on it and learn about it. The one thing I can say about it is it is very very time consuming. You must be doing SEO on a daily basis or it won’t work. If the search engines see a billion links one day and none the next, they will know they are not legit links.

  • Good article. There are several myths about SEO and not too many articles about it. Congratulartions.

  • Google search results page includes organic search results and often paid advertisement as well. Advertising with Google won’t have any effect on your site’s presence in our search results. Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in our search results, and it costs nothing to appear in our organic search results.

  • Thank you so much for the clarification on SEO. Yes, these myths are busted in this post. 🙂

  • Fantastic Article! Perfect Analysis Regarding False Myths! Many of us found Search Engine Optimization Timing Consuming! Its True the Seo is timing consuming but you have to wait after qualitative link building! It Takes some time to get result!

    Seo is very unpredictable, so you have to me more consistent to obtain the desired results!

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    see this information in other site. A good analysis about false myths and
    I have also admit that I fell into the myths number 1.

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