Tongue Twisting Social Media: On Digital Slang

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The concepts of Social Networking ideas have entered deep into our lives to an extent that it is ruling our minds now. People around the world have started depending upon the updates, news, videos, pictures, games and so from the sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter etc. People nowadays use these sites to find and interact with new and old friends and keep in touch with them. As we see growing number of people using social networks for communication, we see now communicating using slangs and codes to make their conversations fast and effective. The slangs like ASAP, OMG, LOL, BRB have become the part user’s everyday life. These have become a new order of the day.

Digital slang ruling our lives

These abbreviations and slangs are becoming the very part of modern day internet savvy people. Even the oldies who have adopted technology in their daily lives have started catching up with the same. Of late, students have started demanding that such slangs and abbreviation should also be considered in written examination. With pressure growing on these universities, the people governing them are seen coming under this new pressure. Interestingly, according to the BBC report, these social media slang words have been incorporated in the Oxford Dictionary. Now that’s a big feat indeed.

Digital slangs in real time communication

Nowadays, you often hear young people exclaiming OMG instead of Oh My God! Now that’s the latest trend which is seen gearing up, people beside their online communication have started using these slang words in their real time communication. Even the work cultures too these days are dominated by these slangs. The industries which are often dominated by the youngsters are in forefront to adopt them to a great extent. The sectors like Information technology (both the hardware and software domain) and the BPO’s are the first one to catch this new trend. We often hear in their business communication with slangs like ASAP, BRB in their conference calls which they have with their clients.

Are these slangs a threat to language?

This is the debate you often see among the two camps- one who rejects this new idea while other, mostly the young support them. To be honest if we go deep into this dispute, we realize that these are escape routes which comes in the form of lazy shortcuts. In order to be fast, people have started caring the least about the appropriateness of the language. These slangs though would give the users an instant gratification, but the cost which they get this by losing the gleam and beauty of the language.

Last Word

We see a mixed kind of reactions coming from various quarters, with most of the people speaking in chorus that they want to replace the current language with these digital slang used in networking sites. However, the grammarian and the language guardians are strict and adamant in their views and call this trend a gross violation and decay of the language. Despite all the arguments and counter arguments about the digital slang, the fact remains, that these networking communication comes as an easy way to prevent the real and meaningful communication. Such language and slang should be confined to limited forums and platforms and shouldn’t be allowed to embark at places where meaningful and tangible world exist. Let’s not ruin the beauty of language by taking this escape and lazy route.

  • idk if I agree with you…omg, it’s a difficult topic…and wtf isn’t appropriate language so the acronym works well…brb makes its point as does ttyl, which I hope to do some day!

  • Yes, things change because of the internet social life 😉
    Social networking is really cannot be separate from our lives now.
    Thanks for sharing, BRB, LOL!

  • This is the proof that language is dynamic and still growing boundless.

  • I’m guilty as charged lol.. Since the start of internet slang I’ve been using it in almost everything. In our house and even in our office. Most of the experts has seen the decline in using the right grammar and spelling because of this internet slang.

    Frank @ solar power for the home

  • It was ok at first but now, there are so many acronyms that it is hard to keep track of them all. SMS and Twitter restrictions has further increased the proliferation of abbreviations of every word that at times looks like top secret code writing!


    • I would have to agree with you here, there are so many these days it is hard to keep up with all of them.

  • Twitter etc. becoming unreadable with all slangs in the texts. I hope with Google + that Twitter disappears when it is not limited with 140 characters in the messages in Google+.

  • I like Digital slang and it will be easy way to communicate with all the people at the time, and, it become faster on here. And, it will be attracting and tongue twisting social media on here

  • While that last comment does make sense it just brings about more laziness. and if you are unable to communicate correctly with out digital slang you will be in a bad place.

  • rnd technologies

    Good view.