Telltale signs of Blogger’s Burnout and how to deal with it

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Are you spending every waking moment planning for your blog? Do you spend hours and hours searching other high ranked blogs related to your niche, reading blog after blog to find inspiration and ideas, checking traffic of your blog or sometimes just starring at your laptop’s blank screen and finally going to bed exhausted?

If the answer to the above mentioned question is yes, then you are over indulging in your blog. If, despite all of your efforts, you fail to be inspired and are not generating any new ideas for your blog then you’re suffering from blogger’s burnout.

Getting Frustrated is not the solution!

Questions to ask yourself

If you are not quite convinced yet that you are suffering from writer’s block or blogger’s burnout then ask yourself the following questions.

Ask yourself if all of your practices helped you achieve something remarkable?

If it helped you make any improvements to your blog?

If your answer is no then here’s the first sign that you just might be a victim of the notorious condition called blogger’s burnout. If you have any doubts then look around at the condition your room is in. Are there coffee stains on your table, energy drinks cans, chocolate wrappers or pile of cups? If yes, then there is no denying the fact that you, indeed, are undergoing a blogger’s burnout.

Dealing with Blogger’s Burnout

If you are in a state of denial about your condition then you can seriously aggravate it and take your “blogging burnout” to a point where you will be unable to post something new for your readers.

It’s a normal condition and happens with a lot of other bloggers too who have been blogging for a long time without having anything else to do. But rather than fretting too much about it, you can simply use the following tips to deal with it.

Make a schedule

There are certain rules of doing things. Blogging is like working from home for which you need to work by a strict schedule. Dedicate a few hours to your blog while taking out time for other things as well. You should not overwork or burden yourself too much just because it’s your blog you are working on. Take short breaks even within day and after some interval.

Create a proper working ambiance

Open up your windows and curtains, let light flood your room. Continuously working in a darkened room can affect your eyesight. Besides, working in little or no light can also cause stress which snubs the generation of idea.

Spare some time for yourself

It is not advisable to work continuously. You need to take out the time to allow yourself to live life. Go out for a walk, a jog or a swim. Make your limbs move and take in ample oxygen into your lungs. Meet your friends, plan some lunch or go out for coffee even. Not only will it be refreshing for you but you’d also feel much better.

Find inspiration

There is no specific time duration within which you can brew up an “exceptional idea” to work with. Go easy on yourself, relax and you will definitely come up with something new, something brilliant for your blog.

If for example, you come up with more than one idea then it is not necessary for you to start working on both of them. Note it down and schedule for some other time. Keep a notepad with you at all times to write down your ideas for later.

Learn to relax

You have got a blog like everyone else has, then what were you doing so exceptional to get it going? Once you are relaxed, prioritize your activities to allocate time to each one of them.

Once you will be back, even you write one post, make sure to optimize it for SEO, do some promotion and see the results. Instead of a big leap, take small steps towards your destination. All of these things will help you to get rid of your stress but also re-energize you. You’d see the affect of it all on your blog in the form of better response.

  • Hi Susan. Nice tips. Though I always seem to have a problem when it comes to the schedule part. I keep it for about a week or so and then I just collapse into a huge mess of strange working hours. I mean its 5 AM here and I’m reading blogs…

  • What does “Relax” mean, Susan?

    My strongest advice – not yet having suffered burnout – is not to post too often. I also bank my columns and my ideas for just those times when it isn’t coming as easily…

  • Hi Susan. Thank you for your guest post. Though I’m so far behind on my stats, audience participation, and overall goals – I think it’d be best that I have not worn myself out – enough.

    I think what matters is where I’m valuing my time. Schedule is something I think I have to do more – as for relaxing? I cannot. I’m behind. I’m must push forward.


    Thank you for writing.

  • Hi Susan,
    You must have a schedule to work for and you have to have a few rules to follow in your blogging.
    Mine is not to follow what other bloggers are writing about.
    My motto is:

    “You do not follow the market. You must lead the market and success will eventually come.”

  • For me, whenever I sense a burnout, I just take a break. Sometimes I go for a vacation even! 🙂

  • Good post, Susan. Blogger Burnout is something we all deal with from time to time for sure. My personal favorite is to try and get away for the weekend somewhere. Usually, I go crash at a friend’s house. Most of my friends are single and welcome any company. I like your suggestion about creating a proper working ambience. A lot of times, a messy room or unorganized working environment can be a big distraction.


    • I agree with you Jane, no matter how we love blogging, there are still moments that we fell tired and bored in doing it continuously.

  • Your right I think we all have delt with Blogger Burnout, I actually think I may be going threw it right now. Jean has a great tip to try and get out and away, do something that takes your mind away form work.

  • There are many days I do that…LOL. My burnout comes from looking at other blogs and thinking to myself “wow…I want that on my blog”. I am always thinking about ways to improve my blog for the visitors experience. Thanks for the tips!

  • Finding inspiration is no easy task, but the only way to open up to new ideas is to either read a lot of contents from books and blogs or experiencing something great for yourself.

  • Hello Susan, great tips. I think most bloggers get burnout once in a while. My solution is simple, get a cuppa of coffee! 🙂

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  • Hahaha. just writer’s block. Nice, thanks for sharing.

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