Harnessing The Power of Social Media

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Read any blog, article, white paper or other content on the subject of SEO and no doubt there will be a mention of how social media has been a real game changer in recent years, in contributing to improved rankings of websites and as a result an increased drive in organic traffic. Spend some time on SEOMoz (look at their SEO pyramid which places social at the top) and you’ll see a whole host of articles on the power of social media, and in particular Facebook and Twitter has not only on SEO efforts, but also on branding and increasing your brand exposure. Of course many site owners, nowadays, have become well versed in the need to have an online social media presence with many companies going so far to employ social media strategists and contracting social media optimisation specialist companies to handle the management of their accounts.

(credit: CrowdSpring)

But what if you’ve joined the Social Media craze late in the game, how do you “catch up” with your competitors?

Many webmasters whether they run a blog or website, or both, will often make the grave mistake of trying to do too much at once, without having thought about their social media strategy and researched their targeted market well. Others, will feel that just plonking a few social media widgets on their site, and posts/articles will do the trick in attracting interaction. Whilst, this may work for some very well qualified traffic sites with a strong online reputation already, but, for the vast majority of web masters just doing this will result in very unsatisfactory results.

So what’s the answer?

A few tips when engaging in any social media activity:

1. Competitor analysis. Find out how your competitors are using social media, how often they tweet, do they post useful and informative articles or are they just posting a lot of irrelevant links? Knowing what the competition is currently doing, not only gives you some useful insight but also sets some goals to work towards.

2. Pimp your page. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another social network platform you’re planning to use. Make sure that your Fan Page, Twitter profile, or LinkedIn page is customised and fits in with your company profile. Doing this just makes you look more professional and stand out a bit from the crowd.

3.Focus on quality and not quantity. The old adage is as valid as ever. This applies to both recruitment of fans/followers but also in posting links and content. Steer clear of schemes where you get thousands of followers in a short space of time, they will either get you banned, or even if they don’t it’s unnatural and most of those followers or fans won’t give a damn about what you’re saying anyway. In short it’s a futile exercise.

4. Get involved with your industry and help people. I’m a strong believer in contribution, and adding something of value and benefit to your audience or industry. There’s many ways this can be done, perhaps get involved with a local charity project or organisation, offer to build a website for free for a community group, develop an app that helps your target market etc. There’s so many ways we can improve the web and useful content and experiences for people, and by doing something creative and a bit different, the link sharing and word of mouth effect will soon kick in.

5. Embed social buttons. Often people get so obsessed with their websites, they often forget other more obvious and noticeable places to embed social buttons. Email signatures are good, and you’ll be surprised how effective just adding a few social buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, FriendFeed can be. If you’re writing new press releases and syndicating them to different places, make sure you leave some space for social sharing buttons.

Social Media has become a tour de force in digital marketing, and if implemented and used correctly, it can not only improve your search engine rankings but also your brand and offer a great way for your to reach to your target audience and customer base and open up the channels for quicker communication. If used in the right way, social media can be very rewarding for your company and brand, and dare I say it very addictive – you’ll wonder what took you so long to harness the power of social media.

  • social media like facebook and tweeter for good instant traffic which converts

  • It’s NEVER too late!

    • Yeah i agree. Because tomorrow is another day. 😉

  • Great tips and that’s a cool infographic, nicely designed and very informative as well. Social media is a must if anyone wants to be successful these days.

  • Very Well Said.. its never too late.. thanks for this wonderful article.

  • Thanks Jasmine, although I can’t claim credit for the infographic I am in complete agreement though.

    If you do regularly use social media for yourself and/or clients and invaluable tool for making your campaigns more efficient is Hootsuite.com

  • Jim

    You can pimp my page any day Dominick!

  • helping stats you sharing in this article. thanks for sharing

  • without social media no one get success and with the help of social media you get many advantages as gain high traffic by doing simple steps and your back links will be more strong with the usage of social media.

  • Impressive stats!!!

    The new era of advertising keep also care of customers and social media websites are a incredible source of private information about your customers

  • I think that those who are ‘trying to do too much at once’ are those who believe that they have to be omnipresent; there’s just this fallacy that you have to be social, 24/7 online. I love your advice though: Focus on quality, not quantity. What good will a thousand likes get you if none are converting to a paying customer for your business website? Yes, you’re right. Social media has the power to make or break your brand and speaking of addiction, do you think that social media automation can remedy burnout these days -helping to fuel your addiction into a more positive channel, of having more time to engage with your peers instead?

  • Thanks for this great article. It’s never too late for something great!

  • Aaron – I do feel automation has it’s place but becoming too reliant on such tools can mean you neglect the real purpose of using social media for your brand – to add that online interaction with people whether they’re customers or not. It all depends on how small or big your brand is and how much time you can devote to monitoring noise, syncing with website, and interaction with fans/followers, Completely agree that social media shouldn’t be paid attention to, but not necessarily 24/7.

  • Social Media has took over the internet, small business started developing facebook pages instead of creating websites. And if you ask me, I don’t blame them, having a facebook page is the best thing you can do online, especially for a small local business. And if you know to do things right, success is behind the corner.

    • i completely agree with you. Easiest and effective way to draw traffic from social media is creating a simple facebook page and promote something that you want. Also sharing videos instead of links are more effective.

  • What impact has social media, especially Facebook, had on the entertainment business?