Goodbye, Notebook; Hello, Blog!

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Back in the old days when people had diaries and journals where they scribbled secret crushes and backstabbing outbursts, a passion for writing can emerge. For those who love to write, every stroke of a pen on paper is a thread of distress washed from one’s consciousness out through the extremities. Writing is more often a stress reliever; other times, writing brings out creativity you never thought you had in you. From short verses to full-length poems and novels, everyone who made a name for themselves started with scribbles.

Back then, people who were serious in writing had to put a lot of effort in creating an excellent masterpiece and having the work published. These days, writers have it easy; anyone can be a self-published writer. If you have the ideas and the blog where you will post your works, you will gradually gain a number of avid readers the world over. So before you bury the days long gone, here is to the notebook who has faithfully kept every joyous moment and every sorrowful tear.


As you say goodbye to your old notebook, take a moment to feel its edges and smooth surface. Think back on how much it has served its purpose. No need to be emotional; just flip a few pages to look back on how life has treated you. If you think about it, you will be saving Mother Nature by not using notebooks for journals.

Pen and Ink

Feel the grasp of the pen in your hand and remember how much thought and feeling you poured over the leaves through it. Without a notebook, you will not need any pen either. You will save yourself from costs on pens and ink refills, however small the amount. Just think of the other things you can spend money on and you can easily let go.

Hiding Places

One of the fun things about having a notebook for a diary or journal is the many hiding places you can come up with. Some people let it lie under the bed, in a corner of a room, or in a hidden stack in a cabinet. Some even go to greater measures as under loose wooden flooring or a tin box buried by a special old tree in the backyard. Think of how fun it was to strategize on where to keep something memorable.

Say Bye Bye to Journals – Start Blogging Instead!

As you bid farewell to your trusty journal, it is time you embrace the new way of keeping one. Most diary keepers often write about personal experiences and less on topics that can be shared with the world. Start on a personal or private entry for a softer transition. As you feel the creative juices flow, let your thoughts speak for itself on your very first public post. Here are some of things to welcome as you begin the journey of a self-published writer.


This is not just about themes per se; this is about the whole design of your blog. With an online journal, you have a lot of options on creating your blog’s design and overall look. Let your personality come out through the designs you choose or create for your page. Blogs show your personality not only through the content, but also the way you choose to present your site.


Becoming a self-published writer with works on online blogs means that you get to have readers from anywhere. Do not expect to gain readers right from the start, though. It will take time and a little search engine optimization if you intend on having everyone read it. And when they do, they can leave comments on your posts if you like. You can also reply to them, and you get to connect with people.


Now, this is something you most definitely will not get from the old journal (unless you published your works from that). If you did publish and sell some of the work you have written before, that will earn you money. When it comes to online journals, you can also earn on the side. You can choose to host sensible ads on your site to earn a few bucks. This works very well when you have a lot of visitors and readers on your blog—every click on the ads can help you earn.

So there you have it: the things you lose and gain as you face the transition from a personal notebook to a public blog. Of course, you do not have to let go of the old notebook completely. Besides, you can only use your blog with a computer and an internet connection. If you are anywhere without these, you can always depend on your trusty notebook and pen.

  • kimdatumanong

    I only use two techie stuff to help me out:

    my lappy and my bb

    when i do computation for my business (income, expense, inventory) — i still do it by hand. with a calculator! hehehe

    i am learning how to use the excel though but writing by hand is much more fulfilling at times, i dont know….


  • Agreed with your point, Blog has certainly taken the place of notebook and good news is, you can make money with it as well. 🙂

    • kimdatumanong

      one great thing about internet and computer — earning money online.. so true

  • What is paper? Sorry, I don’t get it…

    • Haha… I think it should be toilet paper! Hope you get it this time. 🙂

    • getting online means givibg access to your content to the world anytime of the day , which is the best part unlike papermedia

  • I am happy with this transition and I must say you have combined here every parameter of this transition. I especially like the income benefits of online journals as there are lots of networks available on the internet which provides you with sensible ads at good rate. I think persons who are still waiting to adopt this mode of journal are wasting much of their time. You are quite right , now its time to say good bye to paper notebook.

    • thank you for finding this post helpful john… 🙂

      i may say that the new age prompts me to use techie stuff, i still have my notebook (the one with paper and spring) handy at all times… so that i will not forget

  • This is a great inspiring article,thank you Kim.
    As a male,I never wrote a diary,but I’ve to admit that I like to write poetry and I remember how much paper I’ve used!!
    Now I feel comfortable with my 13 inch laptop

    • kimdatumanong

      hahaha, i never thought i would write articles for a living when i was younger… everything was on my notebook – literally – not the small laptop thingy…

      i still kept all the love letters i got when i was younger from suitors and a few boyfriends, all in stationary! wow…

      how else can you go back to these fond memories? can you save the love letter online? immortalize it? hehehe

      just a thought

  • Blogging is good but it lacks privacy, that’s why journals and diaries still apply. I like blogging about fun stuff or important stuff that people would be interested in but definitely not about my personal relationship and my most kept secrets.

    • kimdatumanong

      once you put something online, be ready for visibility. if it is something that you would rather leave untouched, then, don’t post about it.

      thanks Tony, you said it!

  • Hi Kim,
    The technology and development is progressing every day. But do not forget to copy to your blog in a USB stick. Maybe your computer may crash, server backup just 5 years ect.

    • kimdatumanong

      Hi! true, usb, but then — can get virus hahaha…

      we have to live in the modern age. we need to do what we can in regards to that. we have to. otherwise, we will be left in the “ice age”.

      let me tell you a story,
      (my daughter saw a typewriter)

      what’s that mom?, younger daughter asked
      that’s a typewriter., i answered
      younger daugther still lost on what a typewriter is…
      it’s a old age computer, ok???, older daughter said.


  • Excellent post, Kim. I too remember maintaining a diary when I was a kid and would write on it practically every night, about everything that I experienced all day. I wish I could find some of those diaries now but sadly, I’ve lost most of them.

    In this digital age though, not only can you post your experiences online but even make some revenue from doing it! It is very interesting to follow someone’s online journal, especially if it is an interesting person or a close friend who lives faraway.


    • kimdatumanong

      i have read so many identity theft stories out there… which made me a bit cautious. but indeed, blogging has its advantages… one of which is communication and of course, money-making.

      i guess, we just have to be careful of what we post.

      • I agree, there are some risks on the net that someone new to writing online or blogging should be aware of in order to be safe from online predators.


  • Actually most enjoyable side of writing to blogs rather than to notebook is money 🙂 . Most people don’t want to share their secret notes in their dailybooks . But only sharable writings can be share for help someone else and earning cash:)

    • kimdatumanong

      true! thanks jhone

  • Blogging certainly came a long way… since it was introduced to us. Now, it became a tool not only for personal use but for business purposes also. Though, we must not forget to create relevant and timely contents for our readers.

  • I agree with everything you said about the pleasures of writing and the joys of keeping a diary for one’s own thoughts, but the distinction has to be made between that and writing a on a blog. Although there are personal blogs out there, they usually have a very limited readership – the vast majority of blogging these days is focused on a particular subject or area of interest. In my opinion Facebook status updates and daily tweets have taken the place of diary writing for most of us.

    • a diary is supposed to be a secret.. what i post on fb is shared to everyone i know.. all 665 of them hahaha.. so that wont be private for me anymore…

      on my thoughts? i have a blog that i dont update… i write, yes, notepad (accessories in any computer) and a real notepad (5 inch small) i keep in my bag.. hehehe

  • It’s not bad to draft at a paper first right? lol! Yes, blog is definitely replaced the used of notebooks for writings but you know,It’ll costs electricity and battery too. Just a thought, (whew! Am I a nonsense?)

    I’m done saying Hello to my blog.

    • You are right about that. It’s funny how we forget those very important steps that were taught to us back in the day in school.

    • i still do, vhien… lot of notes on paper

      • Glad to hear that Kim! I thought your a paperless writer because of your article here. 🙂

        • it may seem like a walking contradiction… but, at work, (my freelance writing), i do have to post everything online. this is the sole purpose of my work, to be visible.

          my personal stuff, however, i have a notebook that i hand write into… my loan due dates, my period, people i owe, people who owes me, work i need to get done, safe days/critical days (im married, go figure hehehe), and many more…

          it’s fun for me to be in two different worlds, getting the best of both

  • I really enjoy your article Kim,
    however I am still keeping some important notes in my notebook for more private use. And I am also hiding it in a corner of a room, hahaha.

  • wow…what an evolutionary thread of people’s activity and creativity over the things into a modern techno…nice one

  • Yes, blogs have replaced diaries. But if I were to keep a diary I would put in on paper and not the net. It is much easier to protect something that no one can access. So if it’s personal no one but you can read it or hack it.

    • exactly shane… exactly….

      what you put on the net.. on your puter… not safe… be ready that the contents is applicable for public viewing

  • I still keep a lot of important things on paper, especially private ideas and thoughts. Don’t get me wrong I’m a digital maniac but I still feel the need to write in a real manner.

    • i dont know if we have the same feeling.. but my hand literally itches… and my mind is searching for something to read on paper… even if i have the techie stuff to help me with..

      everything that deals with money, i write it down.. i post on the wall.. i keep it that way. i have to write it down…. to satisfy my hand and my mind…

      i dont know… is it weird?

  • It did but only up to a certain point, it wouldn’t be right to be sharing too much personal information out on the web where everyone in the world can access it. I would still prefer to use a piece of pen and paper sometimes, but blogs are just great! 🙂 We can also earn some cash if we want to.

  • It is really nice post. We all know that old times diaries have been replaced by blogs these days. Blogs are beneficial as when we are in dilemma we can get different answers and solution to the problems.

    • … and we get it fast, i know, right?

      but if we want something to be stored for a lifetime, put it on a diary… hehhe

      thanks miriam

  • Blogging is the next step forward in regards to, electronic messaging.

  • wow…what an evolutionary thread of people’s activity and creativity over the things into a modern techno…nice one

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