7 Tips that change the Google + SEO

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An interesting article that reflects on how Google + can change the rules of the game of SEO. There is no doubt that Google is the world’s most powerful machine in the field of business based on public relations.

In recent times, and after placing in brand new algorithm that seeks to banish the poor quality of the fabric, it has been much talked about Page Rank, a classification system of trademarks that saw the light back in 2001 and has caused many headaches who are focused on pursuing actions to increase it.

Closely linked with the PR we the paper representing the links  … if we extrapolate that the strengths that underlie social interaction, it seems to have less and less weight … yes, the links like the Page Rank are are useful for any business if they are not supported under the fundamental premise of quality that is only possible with good social interaction. Likewise, the PR and ranking of brands, it makes no sense if it is obtained through the actions and the quality of those marks in the fabric … what else makes up the reputation?

Now Google is here to stay + the new commitment by the congregation’s social search engine, which sees the light surrounded the debate, a debate that lights the fuse on the quality and manages to go one step further in the exhibition, connectivity and interaction , as central to the growth in Internet.

What looks like a reality is that today is social interaction, the core of the growth … Google + comes to establish itself as a meeting point between the information and advertisers (brands) so … the exposure and the model  of business , this is the SEO … could possibly experience changes from the staging of the more social side of the search engine robot ever more human ….

Some modifications carried out in the search engines, the tangible evidence of these changes … is a quality status updates will be used to measure the reputation of the brand, the editor, Web master … in short, Google could form very creative and innovative to establish a comprehensive SEO in which the algorithms applied to the interaction of Google + have a specific gravity of relevance in SEO

Google + Circles

While links are votes for corporate portals, Google + circles is consolidated as people vote, this is a measure of influence, reputation within the network.

+1 Google Button

+1 Button Google is a metrics-based functionality and is more than evident that statistics provides data of great importance, although it does not have an entirely clear penetration and must face a “readjustment” of the social routine to which users are accustomed.

Google + Sparks

We take a step further with this functionality in Google. Through it you can build a relationship – high efficiency, between a user’s vote and their preferences, tastes and interests, set in the profile.
So we take a step in the comprehensive assessment of positioning, brand SEO and personal SEO merge resulting in a ENTAM in which only the permanent and the interaction and the quality, efficiency and gambling will enable us to achieve progress in our market.

Google + Profiles

Definitely, personal data are the basis for the location, the satisfaction of interests and staging of new goods and / or services that respond to needs.

Interpretation of these data, shown in the profile resulting actions designed to achieve a more integral position, a superb and efficient formula that allows us to advance our brand through quality and protection … all prosumers now, we should not forget.

Google + meetings

Chat with video and audio … it is possible that these talks will derive additional information that might eventually be analyzed and transformed into data to achieve a quality social SEO, which finally seems to be where we are headed.

Location … always there

The configuration of the GPS, which is a key element in Google +, allows brands to target their products using traditional and never well weighted, item location …

Another step towards hegemony or a step towards social integration and the staging of a proposal for efficient business and personal SEO, what seems certain is that Google does not want to stay away from social interaction and the mobile is an innovation, a way of life that is here to stay, gaining more followers.

Photos, exposure of who we are? What we do … the social augmented reality allows us to form links through the elements that allow our recognition. Google+ can track not only our data but also allows Google to understand who we are and what we do in the “real world” … and although it seems a definition of science fiction, should be analyzed from the weight that it, has in the geolocation business, and when dependent on brands and a good SEO.

  • Of course all of this are linked to G+’s success. I believe google is way better then facebook, having just 1 account for everything, is a dream come true, but I’m not sure people will jump with this trend.

  • Awesome article Asher ross.
    Nowadays search ranking are evolving to social ranking.
    In any case any search engine aim to give to the customer,who made a search, what he’s looking for.
    From this perspective, every kind of social approval, for example the +1 click, becomes important to understand the quality of each Web site

  • google is going to bring gogle + ti a major extent that it will afffect the search results . Google is simply taking online searches to a new level and it seems to be awesome

    • I think we are jumping into believing that Google+ is going to be a major ranking factor, a little too soon and too much.

      Yeah, it may effect small things here and there, but I don’t believe its going to be a real ranking factor.

      • I am going to agree with Satrap here. I do think this could be a huge change in how websites are ranked on Google, but it may be too soon to tell. I also think there will still be many other things that count towards your rank. Thanks for the article Asher.

  • I think it’s quite interesting that google recognize also the g+ likes for their searching algorithm.

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  • I don’t agree having one account is better than having thousands of them. Does anybody think about how easy is for somebody to control ourselves with all data we “trust” on different profiles?

  • Be careful about putting too much time into Google+ until it shows it is here to stay. Google has been trying to do social networks for 10 years and has abandoned three previous tries.

  • Great points about Google. It is definitely helpful when the company that ranks your website also offers all of these tools to help you promote it.

  • Great article indeed…I don’t trust Google +, as Mark Shutes said there were previous tries and we don’t know for sure it will stay.

    I guess it will cover facebook weaknesses to grow up.

  • I don’t agree having one account is better than having thousands of them. Does anybody think about how easy is for somebody to control ourselves with all data we “trust” on different profiles?exactly i am agree with you

  • Rightly said google+ click enhance your reputation in business, number of clicks represents your sociability level, none of the search engines can leave the importance of google+1 in there result.
    thanks for such a nice information of google+SEO.

  • Thanks for the update regarding the Google+. Now i am going to register on this social networking site and make use of it for my SEO purpose.

  • All the seven tips are completely useful, I think that it is very kind from your side to share!

  • You’ve highlighted some wonderful points out here, Google+ is indeed a good way to keep in touch with our kith and kins along with the colleagues / corporate world.

  • Thanks for the tips. However, I think that Google +1 gives not so many advantages, but one day probably will. And also, don’t forget that ON-PAGE SEO is also a part of SEO (30% – i think)

  • Great tips I haven’t gotten to into Google + yet but I sure need to .

  • i dont do understand, but i want to learn seo
    thanks for share..

  • For sure Google + has an impact over SEO like Facebook and Twitter does. But I am not so sure that the impact is that big. Google + has some interesting feature and for sure in time it will became a great competitor of Facebook.

  • I have my hopes on Google + and it can be much better than Facebook. It will only take a matter of time, till it topple Facebook as the leading platform for SEO.

  • Google+ is simply awesome. And they are rolling our more services alongside Google+. I have lost count of these and have not tried many of them!

  • I believe Google+ is a great tool to build a big circle of readers
    and gain more traffic but is it competitive enough to beat Facebook ?

  • Great tips.

    im from denmark and here g+ is a small thing. i will give google+ a try and see what it can do for my bussines.

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  • Just got myself engaged with G+ Asher and I find it very interesting.
    Thanks for the post. I shall keep coming to read your related reviews on G+. Cheers!

  • Your tips are great. i want to remind side effect of using lots of applications on your websites. Page load time is also a seo factor. So if you use more applications your page load time will decrease and you can lose some of your site authority. But necessary applications with a correct possition must be used.

  • very nice article, I’m still trying to understand SEO. Interesting tips, gonna try these thanks.

  • jeffkgross

    Google head people mentioned few times in last year that they count social media presence for ranking (SEO) and this influence on SERP will increase during time. It is wisely to develop connections and share links by Google+ , but it seems that Twitter and Facebook have certain influence on page authority.

  • Great tips. Didn’t even know that some of these exist. However, I try to improve my SEO now, so thanks for the informational post.

  • Yes Google is taking over… What are your thoughts about Google+ affecting rankings. I have heard conflicting opinions. What do you think?

  • Don, can’t say anything about Google Plus in context of SERP… it is Google’s usual trick to link his new product to its any popular product..

  • Google+ is the really potential social media for bloggers, for me also 🙂 i getting more from Google+ than Facebook and Twitter too 😉

  • I personally don’t think that G+ button will change much in SEO, maybe after two years or so.. ? Things are quite same still.. But that’s just my opinion.

  • rnd technologies

    Nice view.