5 ways to prove your expertise in your niche

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Blogging is an excellent tool to establish expertise in a particular subject. Blogs offer you the ability to connect with readers from all over the world.

Getting readers on your blog takes hard work, dedication, and time. Blogging also requires you to have a plan. A tactic. Half the battle is proving that you know what you’re talking about and establishing yourself as an expert. If you do not know what you’re talking about on your blog, then what value does your blog have to the reader?

If you want to be an expert, act like one!

Here are 5 ways to prove yourself in your niche and keep those readers coming back for more.

  • Take it slow. It’s going to take time to establish yourself in your particular niche. Depending on your niche, there may be hundreds of websites that are writing or blogging about the same thing. When you’re the new kid on the block, people are going to be waiting to see if you really know what you’re talking about. It also takes time for search engines to realize that you’re blog is out there.
  • Keep updating. Do not get discouraged at first by the lack of visitors. Update as often as you can, but also remember to have something to say. Do not blog for the hits. If you do, it will reflect in your writing. To maximize exposure you want to understand your audience and when they are reading your material. If your readers love graphics, then may be you would want more graphic posts. Try video blogging or having guest blogging on your website. By finding the right balance by keeping your website updated you’ll provide fresh content for your readers.
  • Offer something new. How are you setting yourself apart from the competition? How are you setting yourself apart from the competition? Can you teach someone something? People are always willing to learn whether it is through expanding technological knowledge through IT video training or how to bake a German Chocolate Cake, every industry has room for you to provide value to your audience. Innovative delivery techniques are a great way to show you are an expert in your field. While the others are posting about “x” why not post something the industry could use. What’s something that would make it easier for people to do their jobs?
  • Get off the computer. Hard to believe when you are writing and posting content using a computer. Sometimes going to conferences or looking toward your community will help you develop offline contacts. Sharing your website and blog with your contacts will help promote your blog and also help build your credibility. It also demonstrates to people that you are passionate about the field you’re blogging about. You’re not just writing about it, you’re going out there and actually practicing what you’re writing about.
    • Blogging Idea: You can also attend a conference and blog about it through text, pictures, and video. This is a good way to prove to people online (people you may not be able to network with in person) that you’re active in your niche.
  • Link and use industry drivers. What organization, company, group has a powerful influence in your niche? Find out. Use them as a tool to help you connect with others both online and offline. These industry drivers also offer key terminology and current events and news that are going on in your niche. Also linking and announcing information about recent studies in your niche may also be helpful to establishing expertise on your blog.
  • I agree with the offline technique because you could get permanent visitor, especially when people know you are a real person.

  • Do I have to really go out of my room?

    • Yes Bruce, you need to get out of the room. Have a nice walk or something. It is important to chill out before writing, Helps refreshing your mind just like an F5 button does.

      • Very true. But sometimes you can just refresh your mind by closing your eyes for 5 minutes or take a refresh cup of coffee! Different people have different ways to refresh their mind.

        For me, I just go and grab myself a cup of drinks, or check our my AdSense account, haha!

        • Even though I’m also not that much of a walker in the park. I found that a small walk of 30 minute or so (by myself) can do wonders for your brain and inspiration. Just make sure you take this walk by yourself and try going to a place were you don’t get distracted.

  • Its the longterm commitment to blogging that I have to work on. I know that consistency in blogging is super important but my blog is related to my physical business and is just another task on my to do list. Keeping the blog fresh and new is hard.

  • Raj

    The first point is very important. I prefer putting up one good post per day/ couple of days instead of writing 4-5 average posts every day. That way, the readers are not intimidated and I keep having a constant supply of topics.

  • You can also enter good and interesting comments in the blogs in the same niche and have CommentLuv for all the comments, you get visitors and reputation as expesrt within a niche.

  • Awesome article Joe.
    I really like your advices,especially “Get off the computer”!
    Sometimes the best thing to do is turn off your pc!

  • Using industry drivers and getting backlinks are essentian according to me. We must proof to search enginees that our websites are more valuable than the others.

  • Guest blogging, How will it affect my blog if the blog is just some months old. Who will post in those new blogs, where there is no back link assured?

  • Good article, Joe. Taking it slow but steady is very important for sure. The rush to get new content out the door as fast as possible makes many new bloggers lose credit in the long run. Instead, it’s better to have a solid game plan or a strategy to progress by taking meaningful steps forward where every step of the way is a resounding success as far as possible toward the ultimate goal of peaking in your chosen niche.


  • Thanks for the advice, I especially will make an effort about the offline advice, because this is my weakest point currently.

  • regular update on the same topic without deviation proves the expertise on your niche .

    Also note that the author link is broken

  • Nice article……….Using industry drivers and getting backlinks are essentian according to me.This is more benfits too me & others……..

  • Short & sweet, just the way I like my helpful blog posts. 🙂 I think “offer something new” is my favorite strategy — both as a reader and writer.
    Thanks for the article!

  • Updating your blog regularly should be at the top of the list. Things can get discouraging at first but as long as keep supplying great content and keep your blog up to date, you should do fine.

  • Yes, these 5 points are really apt. It is very important to build trust among your readers first before trying for conversions and earnings. I like this idea of getting off the computer. Yes, while we always look on the internet we tend to ignore the things outside, which when given attention, offer us new things to share with our audience.

    Again, I think choosing the domain name plays an important role. Using brand name instead of keyword stuffing can enhance your brand reputation. It again depends on what your niche is.

  • There are a large amount of ways to make money on the internet. The best possible way, though, is to prove to online shoppers that you are a guru in your field. When you happen to be an expert in your field you are automatically more trustworthy and better respected.

  • It really is a good idea to actually go outside and tell people about your blog. When you meet people face to face they are more likely to become followers.

  • Your point bout offering something new is key. And, it’s relatively easy as well.

  • One good way to consolidate your reputation as an expert is to do an interview for an established blogger in your niche. Of course you usually have to be asked by them to do this, since suggesting it might come across as arrogant!

    However, you can always suggest an interview swap. That’s a good way of adding new content and getting a backlink for both bloggers concerned.

  • jeffkgross

    Nice tips Joe. My opinion is that everyone must earn authority. To prove your authority you must know how to deal with common issues, how to improve some procedures and to write something new from time to time. Time and easy persistent approach may be warranty of creating great authority in your niche.

  • I like your ways to prove, Third one is really nice. Thanks for that.

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    Good think.