Please laugh at my blog! Social media success and satire!

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Please laugh at my blog!  Social media success and satire!

Humour or even humor, has always been popular in advertising and marketing because people like to laugh and nowadays they often need a good reason!

I started my ‘Social media satire’ editions during very difficult times back in March 2011, I’m now on edition 24 and the continued popularity is simply amazing!  I’m even looking at publishing a book entitled ‘Social media satire’, all I need is a publisher and a deal!  (I’m on Zite which is nice, but it doesn’t really earn me anything!)

social media satire from Marketingm8

From Social media satire edition 1

The original cartoons were not well sized and the fonts were often a little hard to read, but the incredible popularity encouraged me to improve my design and layout.  I added too many cartoons on the 1st few editions, people don’t have that much time nowadays and I feel that 5 new cartoons every Monday is about the right amount.

social media satire

A favorite!!

The cartoon above had very small print on the initial publication, but this version is easier to read.  I love this one and still can’t help chuckle to myself when I see it even now.

Teaching people how to use social media and what ‘permission marketing’ is all about can be quite a task, but I’ve found that if you add some humour the job is much easier and people enjoy it much more.  It’s a simple equation but one that seems to work!

social media satire from Marketingm8Grandma and her problems with technology are a recurring theme and grandma’s an endearing character, I think we all know someone a bit like grandma, whoever and wherever we are in the world.  I am not trying to be cruel to grandma, she’s too sweet for that!

social media satireSocial media satire is not all laughs. The cartoon above highlights my feelings after my recent discussions with the directors of a major UK supermarket chain.

Here’s the copy,  “I sat for over an hour with the directors of one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains last week and discussed social media, how to address it and how to put a successful campaign together.”

“The directors were amazed at what full social media connectivity can actually do for a brand and I was amazed at how little they really knew about implementing social media.  Sorry guys, but it’s not just a Facebook and Twitter account, updating LinkedIn and maybe, building a blog.  Social media marketing is not some half -hearted, part time idea, or something one consultant can do on his own; not if you’re a huge corporation with lots of different divisions and millions of things happening.”

So, like I say, it’s not all fun and games!!

Here’s something else a little more serious.  A satirical look at the recent riots across the UK and the fact that social media and Blackberry got the blame.

social media satire with Marketingm8

Is social media really to blame?  Social media is a big subject and covers a lot of ground, should we also blame LinkedIn, Quora, Behance and Google+? They’re social media platforms; maybe we should be more specific or perhaps we should also include nujij, virb and xerpi? Social media is social media, right?

That’s enough about riots and who exactly is to blame, I’m sure enough time and money will be spent by experts looking into the cause and effect over the next decade or two.

There you are, a look at social media success and satire and how humour (however you spell it) works very well internationally! I’d be delighted to hear your comments and receive some feedback!

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  • LOVE it!

    • Hello Bruce,

      Thanks very much for the support, I publish every Monday so please look out for the next edition.

      If you Tweet me on Marketingm8 I’ll be sure to send you a link!

      Thanks very much, all the very best, Peter (Did I see you on Empire Avenue?)

  • I like the way you elaborate your details but I guess I wouldn’t laugh but to wish you well done then.. 🙂

    • Hi Ricardus, thanks for the appreciation!!

      I publish social media satire every Monday, please feel free to comment on the new editions!!

      All the very best, Peter

    • Hello Ricardus, thanks very much for the support, much appreciated!

      If I’m slow in responding, I apologize, hackers attacked my blog again!!

      Social media satire every Monday on Marketingm8, hackers or no hackers!! (I hope!!)

      All the very best, Peter

  • Yes i laugh it is very good news all the best for that the presentation is very nice

    • Hello Then,

      Thanks for the support, I’m happy to make people smile during these difficult times in the world!

      I publish social media satire every Monday, please look out for it!

      All the very best, Peter aka marketingm8

      • oh peter your knowledge is reflected by your content its hot and i will not forget to share this..

  • I think the Social media aspect is overrated, I always thought this, somehow people involved in social media made it more important than it actually is. That’s why I love you satire on the matter.

  • Thanks Cristian, it appears to me that some people forget that social media is one tool in a box of many that marketers have at their disposal.

    We shouldn’t forget that social media is fantastic but it has limitations like everything else. Social media only helps good companies, it doesn’t do miracles and if your company is broke social media won’t be able to fix it.

    Personally, I think social media is amazing and it’s leveled the marketing playing field.

    All the best, Peter

  • Sam

    Wow, it certainly made me laugh, especially the last one! Area all these drawings hand drawn or is this something that is photoshopped?

    • Hello Sam, I just wish I has hand drawn my cartoons!

      The originals are from my collection of period British satire with social media captions added by me!

      I’m amazed at how popular they’ve become, maybe I should make a book??

      Thanks for the support Sam, all the very best, Peter aka marketingmk8

  • I am here firsttime n this blog. But it seems, than an author speak aboutb things, which he knows. And that is all. All peoople can speak about their troble and plesure, but it must be readable. Without is it all only tweets…not really life. Thanks for the post, I will come back moretimes yet.

    • Hello Peter, yes I write about what I know and I recommend that approach!

      What I know and experience with social media is way beyond Tweets, although I Tweet a lot!! My blog posts are my LIFE!

      I’m not sure if you like my posts or not? But, if you’re coming back for me it must be good!!

      Thanks for your support, all the very best, Peter aka marketingm8

  • Social media plays an major role to interact with all the people in the wide too. And, it has an lot of advantages in it.

    • Hi Kavya, in the wide… world?

      I agree and social media has changed everything to a certain degree! It is still in it’s infancy and we shouldn’t forget that!!

      I agree too, the advantages are MASSIVE!! Anyone can publish their own material now & be judged on quality and nothing more! That’s a level playing field!

      Thanks for you your comment, all the very best, Peter aka marketingm8

  • Thanks Peter,
    Many good and funny satires that provoked great laughter.

    • Hello Lennart,

      I’m always pleased to make people laugh!!

      More social media satire on my blog every Monday, see you there??

      All the very best, Peter aka marketingm8

  • Great post Peter, very well presented. I am surely going to check up more by you. 🙂

    • Hello Sahil, thanks so much for your support and encouragement!!

      Please feel free to drop by the MarketingM8 blog, just Google me!!

      All the very best, Peter

  • Great idea. This is my first time on your blog and I love the comics. I am surprised someone had not thought of this before. I think if you look for a publisher you wouldn’t have a hard time finding one that was interested.

    • Hello Shane and please forward your positive comments to all the publishers out there!!

      I’m very grateful for your support and I hope my continued SM satire series keeps you amused!!

      All the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8

  • Wow, it certainly made me laugh, especially the last one! Area all these drawings hand drawn or is this something that is photoshopped?

    • Hello Sudah,

      The cartoons are from my collection circa 1890’s + and I add my own comments about social media. It’s great fun and people find it easy to learn when they’re having a good laugh.

      Thanks very much for your comments, very best regards Peter aka MarketingM8

  • I love your cartoons, you are really good.
    I really like the vignette of Grandma and the blackberry!
    In any case, your cartoons reflected your thorough knowledge of social media.
    Today, they are an important part of communication that can not be overlooked

    • Hello Albert and thanks for your comment!

      Grandma happens to be one of my favorites too!

      I like to use the cartoons as an easy way to teach what social media is all about and it certainly seems to work, they’re very popular!

      New social media satire every Monday!

      I am very grateful for your support, all the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8

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