More Clicks: When Affiliate Links in Images are More Profitable than Links in Text

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If you maintain blogs and niche sites, one of the best ways to monetize those blogs is through the tactical use of affiliate links. With the downturned economy and advertising market, Google AdSense is often not as profitable as most bloggers hope. There are many bloggers and niche site owners with product oriented sites earning far more in revenue from product sales via affiliate links than AdSense. However, many newbies are perplexed by how to increase their affiliate link sales and earn significant revenue through this monetization method. In truth, proper affiliate link placement takes some advanced3 marketing skills and since every niche appeals to a slightly different market, most bloggers have to learn their market by trial and error.

However, after years of maintaining some successful and not so successful niche sites and blogs, I have learned that profitable affiliate links have a few things in common.  One thing in particular I have noticed is a case scenario in which affiliate links in images can earn significantly more that affiliate links in text.

When Affiliate Links Work in Images

There are many bloggers who simply throw their hands up in the air and claim that affiliate links in images just do not work. They then choose to place all of their affiliate links in text – but guess what these bloggers usually do not see high revenues from affiliate sales. This is because, at least from my experience, affiliate links in images can work very well if properly presented.

Think about it from your readers’ (and potential buyers’ point of view) – If you write a somewhat generalized article about any ole thing in your niche and upload a feature image, your readers have no reason to click that image. Readers will not even know if that image is clickable, let alone know where the image leads too. In order for affiliate links to work in images, a few criteria must be met;

  1. The article MUST be product oriented. Articles that do not discuss or review a product have poor affiliate sales in general, text or images.
  2. The affiliate link in the image MUST be transparent. This means uploading an image of the product with the affiliate site’s logo, like Amazon for instance, and star ratings from reviews. This way the reader knows that this image leads to a page on, where they can buy the product. Hiding or disguising affiliate links in text or images is useless; remember you only get paid if a reader clicks and then buys a product via your link. If they unintentionally get to a random product page there is almost zero chance they’ll buy and your click through rate will be skewed.
  3. The affiliate link in the image should be a deep link, linking directly to the product in question, not simply a general product page.
  4. The article or review should be truly helpful, insightful and serve as a genuine recommendation for the specific product at hand.

When all of the above criteria are met I have found that my affiliate links in images get significantly more clicks than my in-text affiliate links. When the criteria above are met, you are presenting a convincing recommendation to a buyer with the clear opportunity to buy through your site. This is one of the most effective ways to get both more clicks and more importantly, sales.

  • I think that affiliate links in images work best when they are on the sidebar of a website that is advertising one of your products or services with the image.

  • This is a very, very good post and will help many affiliate marketers. Thank you so much!

  • This is very true. Somehow our brain capture images faster than words that is why they encourage us to do mindmapping. I guess this is the same reason I would say

  • Images always convert on my site.

  • Images are prettier than text. Usually why people scroll looking for interesting pictures over interesting sentences.

  • As they say “a picture paints a thousand words”. This being true, it depends entirely on the quality and appeal of the image and if this is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. If it is they will be more likely to click through which comes back to basic marketing principles.

  • One image is enough than 1000 words, images attract users more than links…

  • Sam

    I know with the down turn in economy Affiliate links are good and can produce residual income every month on month. But the news of ad variation performance is kind of new to me. Thanks for sharing this Jesse.

  • I agree with you. Images work so much better to bring in people to check out the affiliate site, especially if you are recommending the item yourself.

    • Absolutely right. To add, the images we are putting are also needed to be chosen well. It would attract more audience if the images are with high quality and sharply relevant.

    • Hmm… thank you for your tips. Looks like I have to try image links then. Hopeful can increase the conversions. 🙂

  • In fact, affiliate links in image can work properly with the good support in it. Thanks a lot for given up here 🙂

  • well i was not quite sure to link imaged with aff links . i though only buynow images would work well when linked to aff links

  • Sex sells they say and that is just right, a sexy girl / guy in a picture with some text makes people curious and they click right away to see what it is.

  • Yes, I have also tried this. Images works the best with any affiliate. Just the image needs to be very good.

  • Interesting article Jessica.
    I never keep a statistic of sales that comes from image or text link.
    I believe that the images have to be extremely related with the content,especially if they’re in the article

    • The author’s name is Jasmine. Not Jessica 😉

      • My bad. Sorry, it’s Jessica. it’s because we never heard from her, no reply, ever since. Did you see where the Author went Alex? 😉

  • This is all good advice. You can’t just toss an affiliate-linked image into a sea of any old text and expect it to convert, you’ve got to carefully surround the image in meaning content — well written copy that rushes them to click!

    Also, being transparent and honest is important, but sometimes, at least in my experience, coming right out and saying that “this is an Amazon link” is not always good for conversions. It depends on the situation.

  • I believe this is true, I have a first hand experience on this, since I am a web developer. A product or service that is presented vividly with images to capture the interest of prospective clients is more likely to covert into sales.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience
    I’m not using affiliation yet, but i will

  • Absolutely right. To add, the images we are putting are also needed to be chosen well. It would attract more audience if the images are with high quality and sharply relevant

  • I use a mixture of text and clickable images for affiliate links and find that both work well. It frequently depends to some extent on the nature of the product or service being sold as to whether an image is better or text. I agree however without reservation that to overlook the potential power of the image as click route is to miss a real opportunity. Great post.

  • Before this i was thinking that it is too difficult for newbie to get commissions. But this post open the doors of Affiliate Marketing. even i am dependent on Google adsense but still not earning anything till now.

    • You have to try affiliate marketing, it is the best way to earn money. But you have to research and learn more about before you venture in. You need to formulate the proper strategy to be successful.

  • Really great article. I was blogging since long time but haven’t seen good revenue from adsense. Now me give a try on afiliate.

  • Joe

    I agree with you an affiliate banner add can earn more than an text.I think the proper content for a product with an banner add and text add both are more useful for earning profit.

  • A delicious picture with a good line of text below makes us curious people and we click on the image automatically. Good sales tricks.

  • Affiliate links offers you much more than the adsense. Multiple links in content like adsense links can draw more clicks. Because they are always being changed according to related content and show more relevant ads to reader. That cannot be same for only one link. So increasing clicks to one link can be achived by placing an image for this link to call attention to it.

  • I agree that you should always try to put yourself in your potential buyers shoes and make an image based affiliate add that you would be interested in yourself.

  • This article was HUGELY informative and inspiring.  Thank you so much for the great image affiliate

  • Sooooo true! Thanks so much for this well structured and highly informative article 🙂

    I’m new to affiliate programs but can completely understand how and why that would work. Where do I get the product images from? Do i just go to the affiliate site and save an image and then upload it onto my site with the links?

    I’m with shareasale.

    Thanks again!

  • I’ve often wondered if the images offer any click value to a post/page. But, your suggestion of keeping the affiliate link in the image transparent is probably the biggest factor in someone clicking on the image. Thanks!

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    Nice thought.

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