Entertainment VS Informational Writing

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Have you ever thought about creating a blog (or a website) that is based on your writing, but are unsure of what niche to go in to? If so, there are many different business models to choose from. What you should go into should depend on three things: 1)Your Passion 2)Your writing style. 3)Your Vision. Everything else will fall into place. This article should help explain the different benefits and roads of two different writing styles.

People love to spend money on entertainment. It’s natural. It’s easy.

Just think about it like this: What is easier to do: Is it easier to take out all of your folded clothes from a drawer and throw them on the floor, or is it easier to pick all those clothes back up and fold them and put them back away. Which one
would you rather do?

And that is sort of how the brain approaches informational writing as opposed to entertainment writing. That is of course, unless your brain finds informational writing to be very stimulating – which of course is the scenario for a lot of different people on this planet.

Search Engine Optimization and Content

This last February, there was an algorithm update called the “Panda Update” (It was named after the engineer that designed it) in which the people over at Google really tried to take the first steps to get their algorithm to start being able to “read” the web.

Now when I say “read” the web, all I really mean, is that they want it to be able to determine bad content from good content.

Why do they want their search engine to be able to do this?

Well the answer is simple really. In an SEO world where “Content is King” uploading your website frequently and having a vast sea of content can get you at the top of the rankings of Google. Also, when a website has mountains of content spread out through thousands and thousands of different articles, it is easy for them to rank in the search engines for long tail keywords.

Side Note: Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are not as popular searches but can be a little bit more specific. Here is a very good explanation of long tail keywords and why they can be so valuable to a website.

These type of websites are referred to, as what is known as, as “content mills.” They load their sites with informative type articles that, although may be true, usually aren’t the best sources of references.

Google battled these types of websites via Panda, by determining website bounce rates, time spent on page, and amount irrelevant advertisements – just to name a few things that they did. There is a whole list of things that Panda did that can be found here.

So where does entertainment and informational writing styles come into play?

There are a couple great ways to be successful on the web. Number 1 equals —-> Dominate the traffic via search engines and number 2 ——-> create a web site that does not depend on the search engines.

There is an endless amount of ways that you can go beyond being successful in both strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the top websites in the world out there and try to gauge on how they are successful:

WebsiteRankSearch Engine Dependent?Type

The entertainment field may mean that your website will probably have to be a little less dependent on the search engines, And a little more dependent on the fact that people will want to manually add your address in the URL bar every single time.

This is naturally because when you are writing for entertainment purposes only, your search engine optimization in terms of keyword density may have to go down a little bit. Whereas when you are writing for informational purposes, your keyword density, and highly optimized usage (in terms of proper placement) will likely be able to maintained over a long period of time.


Entertainment and informational writing will not only change the type of visitors you get, but it will also change your business plan, and possibly even the way that your readers will reach your website. In the end, starting a website, should depend on what it is you love do to do. If you are strong with an informative style of writing, then that is what you should go with. If it is entertainment writing that you are good at, then that’s exactly what you should do!

  • I’m dealing with the exact same thing right now. I’ve got this project that could go in either ways, both informational or entertainment, the thing is I would love doing them both. Should I do them on the same blog or buy another domain…

  • Very nice post. I am a new blogger. I always feel confident in writing informational content. However, seeing other writings with entertainment touch I was try be like that and that was lowering my writing quality. Your article makes me confident in continuing with informational writing.

  • Initially, content should be high quality plus informative post on here. then only, it will be more attractive to the readers side on here 🙂 So, i would like to say thanks for given up here 🙂

  • my entertainment is writing

  • So far, informational writing is all I’ve done and found myself to be good at but I have definitely considered giving entertainment writing a go as well as I have seen many sites do that successfully and I think I may be able to be somewhat successful at it.


  • As a blogger, you should always make a point to balance your posts. It will all go down to whats hot, so better be aware of the trends in your niche market.