Blogs & Email Marketing: One hand washes the other

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Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers is an essential part of doing business, and as new ways of deepening your relationships open up you need to leverage them. Many companies use email marketing to keep in touch with customers, helping to raise awareness about new products available or promotions. Blogs are another great way to present information to potential customers while deepening engagement with existing customers. The key to blogging is great content; it’s what keeps anyone coming back to any blog and with every return visit you are drawing customers into a closer relationship with your brand. Here are a few ways to synthesize your blog and email marketing strategies to maximize the results of both channels of engagement

No. 1: Mention and link to your blog in email blasts.

Offer information about your blog in your regular email blasts. You’ll want people to run, not walk, to the blog so include a link that will take them there right away and some enticing language that explains what it’s all about. I say this because in some rare cases I’ve gotten feedback from people on my email lists saying they did not know what a “blog” was and decided to skip it in case it was a virus. Strange but true! The lesson is this: Make sure the language leading to your blog is clear and enticing. Give clients a reason to go to the blog, and when they get there, give them a reason to stay.

Linking to your blog from an email blast will generally always give you a spike in traffic, the trick is to sustain that spike.

No. 2: Invite visitors to your blog to subscribe to your newsletter.

This will grow your list for all email marketing initiatives directly related to materials covered in your blog, but it will also be a great way to pull visitors back in and sustain traffic growth. This is an essential strategy for high-traffic blogs to maintain growth.

One hand washes the other: traffic to your blog will grow your list of email addresses, and links to your blog from email blasts will help sustain traffic growth.

If you have a blog you should be updating it regularly. In your emails offer a quick rundown of blog updates since the last email blast. You want it to be interesting and accessible, so include the titles of a few posts and a sentence describing each one. Again, links to individual articles available in the email body will generate more traffic than telling recipients about the blog without offering a link and expecting them to get there on their own.

Your blog provides a place for people to interact with your brand in a real way. Make sure you foster an environment of sharing, conversation and participation. Each post should be pointed directly at your audience and available for commenting. Encourage and respond to comments to draw people into the conversation. There are readers who simply like to read and rarely respond to content, but the better that content is, the more likely people will chime in just to express praise.

A blog with great content and an active community enhances email marketing by giving recipients of newsletters a place to deepen their relationship with your brand through participation. Conversely, email correspondence advertising the blog will generate more traffic, help readers stay in touch and create results, whether that is page views, clicks or sales.

  • i regulrly ask my readers to subscribe to free newsletter . so far going good with this strategy

  • Hi Thomas thank you very much for your article. Do you use any pop up plugin to asking your reader to subscribe your news letter?

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    This article is very informative and useful. In my part, like sourish I do like that so that to maintain the relationship and give and take process.

  • Linking to other blogs will get high traffic and can get lot of readers into the blog. Thanks a lot for given up here 🙂

  • Great information, thanks for sharing. Email marketing combined with other blogs is a great way to not only generate traffic but to build your email base with new and loyal customers.

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