Author Bio Essentials to Benefit Your SEO Campaign

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I’m surprised that I see so few articles about writing a great author bio because it really is one of the most essential aspects of a guest blog post. It might not be the most important thing you do to get your article accepted, but before it’s posted I hope you put in some quality thought ahead of time to benefit as much as possible.  Let’s take a look at a few basic tips and some other broad marketing campaign suggestions to make sure you’re addressing the key components of what goes into your author bio and why you do it.

Short And Sweet

No matter what blog or website you try to get your article submitted on, they are not going to want you to have an extremely detailed author bio explaining your life story.  If the article you’re writing is about facts and you are sharing knowledge with a sense of expertise it does help to back that up with some references, but keep it concise.  50 words should be more than enough to share your name, your experience, your interests and your links.

How To Link

How do you link? Duh! It’s a hyperlink, not rocket science.  Wrong! Creating a link is easy, but how you use that link for marketing purposes is where the skill comes into play.  If you’ve simply determined that the anchor text of your hyperlink should be “computer software” because you have a website that sells software, you’re not getting as much value as possible.  I say this because unless you are a massive computer software company, good luck fighting your way to the top of the search results for that keyword search.  Instead, try focusing on longer, more specific keyword searches such as “macbook pro laptop software.”

It’s Part of the Bigger Picture

The anchor text you use to link back to your website should be part of your larger Internet marketing campaign. Determine the most important and easy to compete keyword searches and have individual “landing pages” within your website that focus on those specific keyword searches. Now that you’re in the blogosphere taking the time to write quality guests posts you can really benefit by linking back to certain pages within your website that are focused on searching better for a few specific keyword searches.

How Many Links Should I Use?

Again, check the author guidelines within each specific page for this question, but a general answer would be 1-3.  If you’re allowed more than one, you might as well take advantage by linking to your different landings pages or to multiple different sites if you have them.  Most blogs just don’t want the author bio to look spammy or trashy, so as long as you’re within the author guidelines and everything looks professional I’d use as many links as you’re allowed.

Bringing it All Together

The main point of this article is to point out that your link building campaign is part of a larger marketing strategy.  If you realize this and put effort into making sure they are working together instead of separate entities, the benefits will be exponential.

  • Indeed, make it short as you show your personality. An interesting photo also counts!

  • Great tips, Cooper. It can also be applied to your resource boxes in article marketing campaigns or social media sites. Thanks for sharing!

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