6 Poor Reasons For Starting A Blog

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Blogs take time, effort, and a whole lot of content. While having one isn’t a bad thing, they can quickly become detrimental to your brand if started for the wrong reasons. A blog started with the wrong intent is almost guaranteed to fail.

Although blogging is the cornerstone of online activity for many people, there are still companies and businesses that misinterpret their intentions.

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The following are 6 poor reasons for starting a blog.

1. Competition

Do not start a blog simply because your competition has one and you feel intimidated. The reasons for starting a blog should be your own, derived from the progressive behavior and marketing strategy of your own brand. Remember that what works for one company, may not necessarily work for the other.

Do not let your actions become reactions of your competitions’ behavior. Think before you make the commitment to start writing. If you are blogging just because you think you should, there’s a high probability that you won’t dedicate the time needed to make it successful.

2. SEO

Adding a blog to an existing site is a great way to consistently attract a fresh stream of visitors and increase traffic and exposure. With that said, if the main motivation behind wanting to start a blog is to optimize search engine results, then stop while you’re ahead.

While a blog can deliver better search results, it can only do so with quality, optimized content. Ensure that the initial launch of your blog can be executed with the ability to continuously provide this type of content.

3. To encourage feedback

Admittedly, applying what you learn from feedback to help critique products and services of your company is a great reason to create an online presence. On the other hard, not only are there other facets of social media that perform better for this function, but remember that feedback can be both positive and negative. Ensure that your business is prepared to face both before launching a blog.

4. To generate content

Do not start a blog because you think that someone else will be made responsible for generating content. The most crucial aspect of a blog is that it needs an author that understands exactly what your niche subject area is, and have plenty to say about it.

Whether you believe it or not, the passion you have for the subject will be reflected in the writing. In turn, readers will feel the excitement or lack thereof, making it evermore pertinent that you write your own content when launching a blog.

5. Cutting corners

Do not assume that just writing a blog will bring you visitors. It is a terrible decision to start a blog if you are not willing to back it up with any other marketing.

A blog will never take the place of good ol’ fashion marketing strategies like press releases and research groups. It will only ever work as an extraneous entity of your marketing efforts. Do not utilize it for more.

6. Broadcast marketing

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a blog is just a digital form of broadcast marketing that you control. Again, a blog will never take the place of the marketing strategies you already utilize.

If you can’t market your business without a blog, a blog is not going to save it. A blog is a great way to get more out of social networking and expanding your brand’s presence online, but you need a brand first.

While this may seem negative, it is only because blogging is not simple and requires a lot of thought and patience. Take the time to think through and determine whether starting a blog would be the most effective move for your company. If it is, then do some research and best of luck.

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  • What are the reasons for starting a blog?

    For me, it’s about engaging users and for giving myself a platform to easily express myself. It’s about self publishing and about sharing my experiences.

  • blog is easy for the reader to read. hence there must be a blog for every service and company. it helps in communicating with your customer

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  • the mentioned points are great.

  • Much like a company’s internal newsletter, blogs that accompany a static website should be kept up-to-date and provide valid information of the company. This post has some very valid points that should be followed. Starting a blog for the wrong reason results in old, out-of-date information that will soon be swallowed up and never be read.

  • That’s an interesting article. I started my blog more like a hobby. With time, I got many regular readers and comments. That motivated me to blog regularly.

  • A lot of them think that by bloggin, it’ll initially generate income therefore they start to blog but they just do not have the patience and dedication therefore they will see no results

  • blogs started out of passion can survive and last long .

  • Now that is arguably one of the best articles about why not to start up a blog I’ve ever read! It makes some very important points; namely, that a blog in itself is not a business and a business does not necessarily need a blog. And it’s spot on that a successful blog has to be driven by someone (or someones!) who are genuinely both passionate and knowledgeable about the niche/subject/audience interest. Passion expressed eloquently and inexhaustably is the engine and the fuel of any successful blog – don’t forget it or at best you’ll only have something that looks like a blog and isn’t. A really great post. Thanks so much.

  • I truly agree, every blog needs the best content. You can only generate the best content if you have the passion for that particular niche. So being a blogging is not only generating money but its also sharing good ideas to everyone.

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