5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Media Presence

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Part of why the internet is exciting and sometimes addictive is because of the social and networking sites available. People are able to catch up with what’s happening with our friends and family as well as meet new people. These sites have consolidated a global community that we all want to be part of. As we enjoy the benefits of global social networking, most of those in the corporate world have not harnessed the power that they have.  These websites have the power to increase or dip your profits. However, there needs to be an understanding of how these websites operate. Let’s look at the mistakes often made.

Don’t end up failing by making these mistakes

1. It Doesn’t Happen Miraculously – Building and influencing a sizeable following on the social networking websites does not happen overnight. We often hear of the success that these websites and other companies are enjoying but what we do not know is that it demands takes time, effort and strategy. Patience is another quality that we need to employ if we are to see the fruits of the effort that we put in these sites. Let no one deceive you that it is easy pizzy. Nothing happens without strategic investment.

2. Avoid Spamming. In case you haven’t noticed, spamming is such a repulsive habit on the internet. People hate it. Spamming will get your idea blocked before you even have time to explain. This will surely tarnish the image of the company that you are working on behalf of. By all means, avoid it. Actually, spamming reflects a lack of strategy on your part and quite frankly it’s bothersome and invading. It will not do you much good.

3. Redundant Fans.  An unresponsive following is absolutely worthless if you intend to drive a corporate agenda. You of course need an active correspondence from whom you can gather useful information that is going to improve your product or service. So, it is completely pointless to employ spammy software that creates inexistent followers so that your profile appears busy but it really isn’t. Also employing web bots to respond to your tweets might be a self defeating strategy. Take time to build a real audience. It will be worth it in the long Haul.

4. Don’t Seek Instantaneous Results. In this instant and fast paced world, it is not un-usual to expect immediate results. We want results manifesting as quickly as the problems are. Refrain from this mentality. Keep away from systems and ideas that promise instant results. Every worthwhile endeavor is brought forth by investing time and effort.

5. Hysteria Doesn’t Guarantee Results. We always have the tendency to equate profit with hype. Nothing could be further from the truth. You may need to create hype for attention but ensure that you have a strategy to exploit the potential that is in the hype that you are creating otherwise the whole exercise with be like pumping hot air then letting it whistle out. Employing a strategy cannot be over emphasized if you want to seize online opportunities. Research and hire professionals to help you out with strategy and its implementation.

Social media sites have absolutely revolutionized the way we communicate and approach the internet. They have definitely opened great opportunities for business and other activities. However they can also diminish the opportunities if we are not strategic in the way we interact with them. These 5 points should be considered by anyone serious about building a profitable following on these social websites.

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  • As you say, you can’t expect immediate results… so you have to be in for the long haul. Starting and stopping is no good. Since many people are being pushed by old school thought, they revert to the easy route, paying for fans (Google or Facebook ads), gaming Google, SEO, etc. I think the short answer is that there just is no singe easy route in social media!

    The other piece that I might add (in terms of errors) is not working in concert with all other parts of the communication/marketing/PR team. Social media marketing is given a specific name today because it is still relatively new. In the near term, Social Media Marketing will be called, simply, marketing.

    • Hello Minter. That point right there could save many start-ups a LOT of heartache. Tops for me on this list (in addition), is spamming is a no-no. Losing fans is easy that way. And then there’s redundant fans, there are tools to get those off your account 😉

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  • helping article. thanks for sharing

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  • Hi Kaushal, I agree with your points here. Patience is crucial to online success and I believe that this is where many people fail. Spam is another thing that is sure to lose people business and again it is pressure that causes people to spam.

  • After reading this article i realize that i have done lots of mistakes into social media behavior and i will try to remove them. Thanks to point out.

  • Nice tips, you forgot the fact that one must continuously learn and keep themselves informed. I’m not saying you have to listen to every advice you find over the internet but don’t think anyone could make it in this “club” you must remain determinant and smart.

  • I particularly like tip #5. It seems that some people think social media is all about going viral.

    Yet 95%+ of the time, “going viral” really does not accomplish any real business purpose.

  • Unfortunately, I think that spam comments are the biggest problem currently in the Social Media, both for bloggers and commentators. Bloggers should not allow so much spam comments as they do, nobody wants to read an article by 100 spam comments afterwards.

  • I think it’s important to remember and remind people that the internet is just like any other marketplace and people rarely, if ever, succeed overnight. Great article.

  • A great tip not to spam- its a very easy habit to fall into and feels like you are progressing quickly but you are only wasting your own time and other peoples.

  • Creating a big Twitter following his been a major pain for me. It’s harder than one thinks!

  • i can point out my mistakes with the help of your article …….thanks for sharing with us…….

  • spamming by far is the worst. totally hate it

  • Social media sites will be more helpful to communicate with all people in the wide and its great opportunities for all business too. So, i would like to say thanks for given up here 🙂

  • Good post, Kaushal. It is wise to tread carefully, especially when making initial forays into social marketing and be patient. A lot of companies approach social media the wrong way and create a bad first impression which can hurt them in the long run.


  • Thanks for sharing this post now i realized the mistakes committed by me and i make sure that it won’t be repeated in future again.

  • Ganeshan Nadarajan

    Part of why the internet is exciting and sometimes addictive is because of the social and networking sites available. The tips are useful.

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    Think is nice.