Is Blogging The Future Of Seo?

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The question of whether blogging is the future of SEO is quite an interesting one and by the future I mean is blogging both on your own website and on other websites going to be a bigger ranking factor for search engines than it is today.

What Lies Ahead?

A company that blogs regularly on their company news section and submits their content into social bookmarking websites such as Delicious, Digg and Stumble Upon will not only have more inbound links by doing this they will also have a better flow of referral traffic. This is why it is very important to make sure you produce quality content because the better the content, the more referrals you will get because people want to read what you have written.

Link building is a hard task and to do it effectively it can take a lot of hours on the computer contacting other web masters and working out how to get a link from them in an organic way. One of the most popular ways is to guest post or guest blog for them. This way they get a nice original bit of content on their website and you get an anchor text back link to your website from theirs. Again it seems that blogging is a very good and effective method of SEO and in my opinion one of the best ways to acquire links from new websites.

Blogging is very important not just for a websites main keywords but for all keywords a site might want to rank for especially the long tails. For example if a website was selling sailing clothing then they should use their websites blog to write about other aspects surrounding sailing clothes with titles such as ‘where to buy sailing clothes’, ‘getting the best deals online for sailing clothes’, the best brands for sailing clothes’. Over time there website would become a resource for all sailing clothes search terms because search engines would see it as the most relevant resource available.

At present one of the most important aspects of SEO is link building which is the practice of getting other websites to link to your own. Link building is abused by some people who spam thousands of links and essentially trick search engines into ranking them higher. Search engines are constantly looking for these spammers and when they find them they will devalue the spammers website in the rankings.

This is one of the reasons I see blogging as the future of SEO because it is much harder to fake good original content, where as link building can be automated, spammed, bought and sold, however good quality content on a websites blog not only pulls in traffic but it also attracts links naturally.

I think search engines may start placing less value on links and more on original quality content simply because it is not easy to fake good content. Sure you can spin articles quite well but that will only pass duplicate content filters, it certainly won’t read well, meaning it won’t attract visitors or links.

I personally believe quality blogging on company websites is a huge part of good SEO and this will only increase in importance in the future.

  • I think the argument you’re trying to make is that the future of blogging involves SEO, not that the future is SEO. SEO is a tool. Saying that Blogging is the future of SEO is like saying houses are the future of nails. There’s more than just blogging that SEO can be good for.

  • Nice article. Thanks for sharing!

  • No question! If a company doesn’t utilize blogging as a mean to get better search rankings and traffic, then they’re probably being retarded. These days, its almost not effective anymore to do old things like submitting to web directories, article marketing but what’s still effective is creating compelling content that readers would love to link to.

  • Yes…Future of blogging involves SEO.

  • It’s really more like the present of SEO in my opinion.

  • Great point there James . Blogging for me is to share my work and contribute something to the world and yes using SEO as a tool is the best way to attract people to read and check my site.

  • It would be nice if search engines placed true value in the content in the future, I would like to see that happen. You never know what might happen in the future in terms of Seo.


  • when google will become a semantic search engine then what SEO will do? I think everything will depend on blogging

  • I disagree with James. All websites use SEO, being a general term to optimize their business. The author here is trying to say that blogging is an effective way of search engine optimization (SEO) because it brings traffic by way of links.


  • Hi John,
    Yes, search engines motors like good relevant blog text with links to relevant pages. Google finds often those with 10 or more own blogs who just writes and links to themselves.

  • google gives blogs preference over other websites

  • Inward links from high PR sites are still an important factor in Google SEO rankings, perhaps same as unique content.

  • This is definitely the trend we’re seeing. SEO really needs blogging to survive now, and many companies utilize blogging to promote their products and services.

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