Business Blog Logo Redesign – 19 Tips to Make a New Logo for your Blog

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Recently, several well-known companies have tried to revamp their brand by creating a fresh, new logo – and as you learned from companies like The Gap, it’s not always perceived well by their customers.

Many advertising professionals advise against changing your logo unless you absolutely have to. That’s why it’s important to take several factors into consideration before entering into a full redesign. Ultimately, it comes down to your choice – after all, you know what’s best for your business and your readers.

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9 Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your Logo

  1. Ask yourself “why?” – Before engaging in a redesign, ask yourself the following questions:
  2. What is the business rationale behind the redesign?
  3. Am I unhappy with my current brand?
  4. Am I doing it to expand to a new market?
  5. Will this help me gain more readers?
  6. Will it provide SEO value?
  7. How will this affect my readers? How will they feel about a new design? Ultimately, whether or not your new logo is successful comes down to your readers and if the new design matches their perception of your brand.
  8. Do I want a full redesign, or just an update to make the logo more current?
  9. Engage the people that matter – Don’t be afraid to ask the most important people – your readers Some experts recommend using a social tool like Facebook to survey your readers about a redesign, as they can shed light on their perception of your brand.

6 Tips for a Successful Redesign

Deciding you need a redesign is only the first step of many, as there are several factors that could make or break your new logo. Consider the below tips for a successful redesign:

  1. Make it memorable – Hopefully, this is the only redesign you’ll ever need to do, so make it memorable and something that will last for years and to come.
  2. Stay away from trends – Just like fashion trends, design trends come and go. When redesigning, stick to design basics such as the ones you learn in a digital art program and don’t follow something that’s popular only right now. Who knows what could happen in the coming years?
  3. Listen to your readers – As we mentioned above, don’t be afraid to ask your readers what they’re looking for. Is there a certain part of your logo – the font, the colors, etc. – that is especially valuable to them? If so, this should be the anchor of your redesign.
  4. Work with a professional – If you have the budget, work with a graphic designer or design firm to recreate your logo. Make sure the person understands your business needs, your personality, and most importantly, how you want to be perceived by your audience.
  5. Avoid drastic changes – Unfortunately these are sometimes necessary but if you can, avoid drastic changes at all costs. Your loyal readers may be alarmed or feel alienated by such a change. Instead, try to leave a few elements the same to help your readers feel comfortable.
  6. Be patient – A new logo design takes time; don’t expect it to happen overnight. Be patient with your designer and don’t settle for something that’s just “okay.” You want your new logo to be perfect, so remember to be patient.

4 Common Blog Platform Logo Design Restraints

Stick to the correct measurements – Many blogging platforms have certain size restraints and pixel requirements to stick to. Read up on these before designing to save yourself time and stress:

  1. WordPress – As with Tumblr, the optimal logo size varies based on the theme you choose. Many designers recommend an image between 400 and 500 pixels wide, although you should do specific research based on your theme.
  2. Blogger – One of the ways Blogger lets you customize your site is to add a “favicon,” which appears to the left of the URL bar. To add your logo as a favicon, create it in .png and .jpg format at 16 x 16 pixels.
  3. Tumblr – One of the greatest benefits of Tumblr is that as a user, you have endless themes to choose from. However, optimal logo size changes with each of these themes so don’t create a logo with a certain measurement and expect it to work with every theme. Before creating a logo, research the specific size constraints for that theme.
  4. Posterous – When creating a Posterous blog, you can choose from several different themes. After deciding on your theme, read the user forums to determine the best size for your logo. Also keep in mind that your logo may look different on other peoples’ screens based on which browser they’re using.

The above tips can help pave the way to a successful logo redesign that not only helps build your brand, but is also something you and your readers will love.

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